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Thousand Trails — customer service

I have been trying for two days to make a reservation I have been disconnected several times no one calls me back I’ve missed making a reservation at a campground that was almost booked up and then by the time someone called me back it was completely booked up, a customer service is beyond ridiculous I am going to make sure that I tell everyone I know not to join thousand trails if I don’t get some Kind of satisfactory response, I have been trying to reach someone to help me since Friday it is now Tuesday this is beyond frustrating I’ve been put on hold for hours on end literally! I’ve been a member for almost 3 years now in the beginning I was satisfied and very happy with the membership I don’t know what has happened lately but it is the worst now ! The next time I happen to get a live person on the phone I feel that it’s necessary to take their name down right away so that when I get disconnected (again) I can report them for not getting back to me. I am about to cancel my membership I don’t even know if I can get somebody live to talk to to ask them questions about how to do that, I would ask that somebody contact me but I know it won’t happen, my cell phone number is [protected], I plan on doing some research on other camping memberships

Complaint Against a Service United States

Thousand Trails — issues

Phone service sucks they said little over 10 mint’s now over 40 minutes. Yous are always about money. And the park manager at circle m always lies. Yous don’t investigate that park. First two year’s was fine 3rd year what an issue we only do this for are kids or we definitely would not. We will keep telling people how are exsprens is with you. And they messed are reservations up so many times. And we were lide on at times. They were not always friendly at times. Thousand trails

Complaint Against a Service United States

Thousand Trails — Customer service is awful

Customer service is awful, called to see if we could get a different spot as the spot they have us on at Topics in Florida is absolutely horrible we can’t get level, we can’t reach our utilities. The manager said there is nothing she can do as they are full that I would have to call TT and when I did Tiffany was rude disrespectful and when I asked to speak to her supervisor she said she was at lunch. Well I called back an hour later and asked for MS Cooley as Tiffany said that was her name I was told Ms Cooley doesn’t take calls from members. 1400 miles from home and stranded this sucks.

Complaint Against a Service United States

Thousand Trails — Trails collection and zone pass

I purchased a membership over two years ago because it gave me a 20% discount on my stay at an Encore park over the winter. This year they dropped my discount and still want me to pay for camping I seldom use. To top it off, all parks are now closed but they still want me to pay. I cancelled my card and will not pay but they keep hounding me to buy out my contract for $250
Like I’ve got unlimited funds to finance these aggressive telemarketing people so they can keep trying to collect or sign me up for more of their scams. I ask to speak to a decision maker and get placed on hold until I give up.
Don’t get involved with this marketing scam

Complaint Against a Service United States

Thousand Trails — Vandalism

Year before our Motor home was broken into and people stayed in it using the bathroom and eating the food in the cabinets. We were told they had been caught and was not the norm since it is fenced all the way around. We decided it was safe again so this year I just picked it up and found the battery dead but had just driven it 2 weeks ago to get the inspection done. Jumped it off and it sounded like a tank. Come to find out the catalytic converter was cut out. our windows were broken into and latches destroyed my rear pullout was damaged. My stairs were out and do not work now. You will see a person working on them in the pictures below, When I told them, they sounded SO surprised.
Then I called in to get a police report and the officer stated they had several calls about the converters being taken. I then called them back and asked why they sounded so surprised!!! The person said she had only heard of one other one. These people lie so good it is scary.
The dock is destroyed and the electric system is so compromised that they have several of the best sights shut down. They always say there is a new person here that will have it fixed this year but they lie about that as well. Stay away from there if you value your belongings.
The sound it had to make to cut all these convertors out must have been horrendous yet not one person there heard 1 thing??? They are part of the gang if you ask me. All in all, a terrible dilapidated place to stay.

TT has fallen in the past years. So sad to see how new ownership can destroy a good thing so quickly.

Complaint Against a Service United States

Thousand Trails — Extended contact for fy 2020-2021 or refund for two months of contract unable to use during the virginia virus.

I have placed three phone calls to Thousand Trails Member Services. My first two calls your agents were polite and gave me information (to their best of knowledge) regarding my contract being extended or a two month refund (March-May 14 2020). Your agents were not sure at that time which way the supervisor would handle my case. Each case was to be handled individually. I paid the entire yearly contract in for $460. Our State of Virginia just released camping effective May 15th. Both agents did say we would be getting a email from Thousand Trails regarding their standings. We have not received any correspondence as of today.
Now today conversation with your TT agent was a rude, unprofessional and hateful. She indicated to me that TT was not going to refund or extend the contracts. The contract states just because we are not able to camp does not mean we are due any type of adjustments including the Coronavirus.
We are in our third year of our contract. Like I said we paid in full yearly. The third agent kept on discussing other campers late fees and passed due invoices. This is none of my business. I also requested to speak to a manager and was denied the opportunity. Your company has serious customer service problems.
I have always given TT a great review but now I can see why people are suing and canceling their contracts.
I would appreciate receiving the email that was suppose to be given to us I would appreciate receiving some type of response to my complaint. I also would like to know how much it would cost us to cancel our contract for FY 21-22.

Complaint Against a Service United States

Thousand Trails — Membership access

The Medina Lake Texas park has continually refused to allow members to use boat ramp. They (site managment) claim the Covid restrictions from corporate say no day use. Though they would allow me to bring my rv trailer and use one of my 14 days of members use. Then I could bring the boat and use ramp. ..essentially they are changing the terms of the member use agreement to avoid allowing day use.

Complaint Against a Service United States

Thousand Trails — Cancelling my auto-renewal membership

I am currently 45 minutes on hold for customer service to answer my 5th call to them regarding an unwarranted balance on my Thousand Trails account. After being a satisfied member for about a year, I called TT in early March 2020 to let them know that I would not be renewing my membership (April 1, 2020 renewal) due to the current Corona crisis. This was before I discovered buried in the 20 page membership agreement that they have an auto-renewal clause that I was Completely Unaware of.
I am Permanently Disabled and on a low fixed income and have to make every dollar stretch. I was assured the balance would be taken care of. After several weeks, and still seeing a balance of over $1, 100, far more than my initial annual membership fee, I contacted them again. Again, I was assured this balance would be taken care of and that things were taking longer due to the crisis. Again, after several more weeks and no removal of my account balance, I called again and was told to “ignore” the balance that showed on my account.
(NOW it is July) I just spoke to another customer service agent and was AGAIN told this would be taken care of and that there were thousands of cancellation requests and very few employees that were working on them. I voiced my complete disbelief and unhappiness about this taking way too long, but was assured it would be, and I would receive a letter in the mail stating it had… Still, Totally Unacceptable!!
I’m posting this complaint to warn anyone who is considering joining Thousand Trails. This delay is very unprofessional and it really seems like I’m being jerked around.
Happier Trails Everyone

Complaint Against a Service United States

Thousand Trails — Membership terminated and banned for life!

Our vacation was planned and we decided to stay in Show Low, Arizona for a period of 6 weeks. We made our reservations through our membership and an agent who we called on the Thousand Trails reservation line. We have never used our membership for more than 5 to 7 consecutive days as we both work and are not full time RV people. We also use our membership approximately 15 to 20 nights per year, we do not take advantage of the membership.

While making our reservations we asked the agent of Thousands Trails if we could pay for the 2 weeks between the 2 reservations we were making under our Membership, so that we would have 6 consecutive weeks at the Venture In RV Park. The agent told us yes, but that we would have to pay regular rates for the middle reservation, of which we gladly paid so that we would not have to leave the park and then re-enter 2 weeks later. In that instance we paid full price for the following 2 weeks as a non-member. We then booked with the same agent the final reservation, for an additional 2 weeks under our membership. All of which was approved and confirmed by the Thousand Trails reservations agent. I asked the same agent if it would be possible to have the same RV Site so that there would be no need to move sites. He stated that it would be best to contact the park directly as they have a better opportunity to assist in this request.

We did exactly what was asked by the agent and contacted the park.

When we reached out to Venture In we were immediately scolded by the manager, Eileen for attempting to circumvent the rules and told that not only could we not make consecutive reservations or have the same site, but that they no longer had availability for us! We were very professional in our approach with Eileen, but unfortunately, we were met with a very temperamental lady who seemed to think we were trying to cheat the system. I reminded her that we asked and were told by the booking agent that we could pay for the 2-week period in between our 2 reservations. At this point we stated to Eileen that the reservations were made and approved by the Thousand Trails booking agent. We then asked Eileen to reach out to Thousand Trails to confirm what we had done. Eileen reached out to Thousand Trails and a couple of days later we received a call from Donna Dickerson, a representative of Thousand Trails. She confirmed that the 2nd reservation was made in error by their agent and that even though we were paying in full as a non-member, we could not do so because of the membership rules. We agreed and made reservations at another park for the period between the 1st and 3rd reservations.

We received an email cancelling our 2nd reservation and our deposit was refunded.

We then received a voicemail from a Thousand Trails representative who stated that our 3rd reservation was cancelled and that Venture In, no longer had availability.

We contacted Donna Dickerson as we were well into our vacation and asked how a cancellation could occur just days before our check in? We had made significant plans including flights to and from Show Low as well as prepaid for golf. We also had family arriving and staying at the same park as part of our vacation. Donna was excellent in her customer service and fully understood our situation. Through significant efforts on her part, she was able to re-reserve our site for the period we had requested. Donna spoke directly with Eileen of Venture In and she will attest to the challenges and lack of professionalism on the part of Eileen.
Donna went as far as to apologize for the misunderstanding and then offered us a 1 year free membership for our inconvenience and the challenges we were met with by the Manager Eileen of Venture In.
We enjoyed our time at Venture In and never once spoke with Eileen during the 3rd reservation.
We are now traveling in August with 3 other couples (4 couples in total) in 4 motorhomes. We made reservations at Venture In for August 17th, departing on the 21st. Each couple making their reservations independently. There were no sites available for Thousand Trails memberships so we booked and paid for our site like the rest of our group. All our group was booked and confirmed. 2 days following we received a cancellation of our reservation by email. Only our reservation was cancelled, the remainder of our group were not. We called the reservation line and the booking agent said they had no information as to why it was cancelled.
We contacted Donna and asked if she could assist as we felt Eileen may have had something to do with the cancellation. Donna again was excellent in assisting us and made the reservation for us. 2 hours later, we were notified by email that the reservation was cancelled again. We contacted Donna again and she along with us were shocked by this and escalated our concerns to her supervisor. She called us back and confirmed the reservation once again and stated that she had made notes in the reservation that the reservation was not to be cancelled as per instructions of her supervisor. Two days later Eileen cancelled the reservation for the third time.
I contacted Donna again and she was very apologetic for what was happening and stated that she was going to escalate this to senior management as the circumstances of our reservations were beyond anything she could manage.
Two days later we received a letter from Customer Service revoking our Membership and stating that we have been banned from all Thousand Trails facilities now and in the future. They cited that we had 2 policy infractions, the first that we made multiple reservations under several names to intentionally stay beyond the 2 week reservation period and secondly that our conduct and way with which we conducted ourselves to staff and management was inexcusable and would not be tolerated. Both accusations are false and Thousand Trails did not even contact us to better understand the situation.
Donna Dickerson was extremely helpful through this entire process, but at the point when she was equally as frustrated, she reached out to her superiors for assistance. It is my understanding that they spoke to the Manager, Eileen at Venture In and this is the story that she presented. All of which is false!

I can assure you, we have never breached any rules of Thousand Trails. The one time we ask if we could pay to stay for 6 weeks we were told yes, the agent took our reservation and charged our credit cardt and we are cited for breaching the membership policies. As far as conduct goes, my wife and I are extremely caring individuals and there is no chance that either of us would raise our voice or be disrespectful to anyone. Donna would be able to attest to this.
In all of this, there is obviously miscommunication and certainly information that is not consistent for Thousand Trails to revoke or cancel our membership with the accusations that are stated.
I highly recommend that someone from Member Services or a Senior Management Representative reach out and discuss the content of this letter by speaking directly with us.
I am surprised that a letter cancelling a membership without hearing both sides of the story would even occur.
Donna Dickerson can confirm the timeline and actions which took place during our stay and the way we were treated by Eileen.
Respectfully submitted,

Lloyd & Tannis McBean

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Thousand Trails — Selective harassment and rule enforcement and poor site management

This complaint is file under fear of retaliation from thousand trails pio pico management.

On a january 22nd, 2021 while at thousand trails pio pico campground we received a “friendly reminder” regarding the following park rules “selling items from your site is not permissible” issued by ranger terry b. When I spoke to ranger manager sheila who has been employed in that capacity for only 4 months advising her for months site members rv, that if we can’t sell items they shouldn’t be able too, and to go after the old violators then the new (like us). She replied that she has only been in management for 4 months. I advised her that if we can’t sell other members should receive a notice today as we received one and that we were submitting a complaint to corporate today. She replied that she has only been in management for 4 months and mentioned no action she would take on other violators and reverted by to the rule, even mentioning what kind of flags (us flag, etc.,) can be demonstrated by site members which I could not find in the rules. Can we put a us flag upside down, giving that our country is in distress? Can we put flags of other countries? Can we post flags connected to religion up? This needs clarification.