Complaint Against a Service United States

A New Life Charitable Foundation

We were suppose to be refunded for the sale of a dog we returned 12 hours later. We still haven’t received the payment from returning the dog as promised. The dog was returned because it was unfit, improperly described, and unsafe for our home. They have the dog back and are now reselling her for the amount we paid and haven’t received back.

The nonprofit animal rescue told us we could take her on an overnight since we had a new puppy and a young child. We were mislead to believe she was a Retriever Weimaraner breed that was a friendly family dog that would get along with other dogs. Things started out fine and then hours later she started showing signs of unsafe behavior. It started out with rough housing with the small puppy and then she started to heard and nip at it. When I picked the puppy up she jumped up and nipped at me. I had to separate them because the dog kept going after the puppy and was acting aggressive. I then found out she was labeled as the wrong breed. Her breed was actually a Catahoula leopard dog. That specific breed is known for inter dog aggression, intolerance to strangers, hunting, controlling cattle, and often time going after small animals.

Not only were we deceived by the description listed but also when we spoke with Lucy she told us that this dog was great with kids, dogs, and people but she was just a little shy.

When I called her the next morning to tell her the overnight did not go well and we felt it was unsafe. She tried to encourage us to extend the overnight. I told her that there was no way I could do that because it was unsafe. I explained the aggression and behavior. She continued to try to persuade us to keep the dog. She then requested that I bring the dog back with all the vaccination papers and then I would be refunded because we were an unsuccessful match. I brought the dog and papers back as requested. When I arrived at Petco Unleashed her partner picked up the dog. Her partner made a comment that the dog has been through several homes and that the dog doesn’t do well with other dogs. These were things that they lied about to get the dog adopted.

I waited for my payment to be refunded and didn’t see it come through so I sent a text to remind her. She said once the dog has been checked in with the foster the payment would be returned. I waited hours and noticed that the dog was listed again for sale by the same rescue group A New Life Charitable Foundation. I have made several attempts calling and texting about my refund and have had no response back. That is why I am requesting to dispute the $400 charge for a sale of a returned dog under the UCC Provisions.

They finally got back to me I explained the situation and told him about her saying it was okay to do an overnight He then said he would break the contract and give me half of my money back. I declined because not only did this non profit lie to my face but they also then have the nerve to keep half of my money. I can’t believe what a shady operation they run and I hope other people watch out A new life charitable foundation.

Country United States
State California
City San Diego
Phone (858) 354-8919