Complaint Against A Cheater United States

Aaron & Dana Olson, LLC.

  • Oct 31, 2020
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I found Aaron and Dana Olson on Facebook. Or they found me. She sent me a friend request and their page seems friendly so I accepted. Then she invited me to their facebook group. Everything was okay, she seemed sweet enough.

But once I started to buy their products, nothing was enough. At first its 3k a month. But before the first month is over they are already asking you for $500 more here or there and she can help you! It’s such a scam. Always just around the corner another game changer.

These two individuals do not know what they are doing. They are not a legitimate business. They are not registered with the Secretary of State or I would have been able to submit a complaint there. They are scam artists. Try to find a legitimate review. The only reviews are those that they have edited and put on their website. Zero truth in advertising. It’s also disgusting how they use their kids in their facebook ads to make you think they are good people!

All they do is show you how to sell coaching or whatever to unsuspecting victims. In one of our “trainings” she told me that all you have to do is find someone who is a little newer than you. Your ideal client is someone who is just a year behind where you are now. Yuck!

Country United States
State Utah
City Draper
Address 138 East 12300 South – Suite C-515