Complaint Against a Service United States

Adam Draizin

Beware of Adam Draizin. He pretends to be the nicest guy who is looking for love. He talks about his five failed engagements. Engagements that he calls off because he leads women on and then dumps them after wedding invitations arrive. He talks about how much he loves his ex fiances four kids… But Adam Draizin is a complete mess. He has significant commitment issues, and he lies about almost everything. He can’t even commit to his dogs.

He’s purchased two and then has given them away because he can’t be responsible or committed enough to care for them. Adam Draizin has a long list of women in different states that he keeps on the back burner. He leads multiple women at the same time and will lie about it. If you are dating him, you will never know about all the other because he calls them when he travels or goes into investor meetings.

Adam Draizin is a man with many issues. Don’t get fooled by Adam. He will never change.

Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles