Complaint Against a Service United States

All Seasons Roofing And Home Improvement L.L.C

Do NOT hire this company. They stiffed us for over $10k and walked off the job. The owner was rarely on site and when we complained about one of his workers sitting around and smoking, he basically told us we were wrong – even though he wasn’t there to see what was going on(!) and because it was our money paying for him to sit around. When we said something to the worker because his boss wouldn’t, they walked off the job. But, they said they did what they did because we wanted them to do what we wanted them to do from the very beginning which was to edge the deck.

The owner determined rock in between the joists would help with drainage. Something we learned from our new contractor is completely wrong. Also, the joists weren’t spaced properly, even though we said something to him about that more than once. Furthermore, he wouldn’t draw up a contract, despite multiple requests, some of which are in writing. We drew up a contract for him to sign. He never asked us for an addendum to that when we reminded him we wanted the deck framed, something we said and have in writing to him from the very beginning.

Nor did he present a contract addendum for us to sign for any other reason. Nor did he ever ask us for a penny more than what he quoted!

We paid him $10,200 (which includes a tool we paid for for one of his workers, gas money to drive around to pick up his crew and materials for the deck – yes, at that point we knew we were in trouble – and $600 we lost because he needed to hurry up and get the top boards which caused us to lose our military discount), and what did we get? A complete mess. He was supposed to build us a deck. Btw, he told us this is his second go-around at a construction business. Beware!!!

Country United States
State Ohio
City Batavia
Address 4625 Elmwood Rd
Phone 1 513-237-9459