Complaint Against A Cheater United States

Amerigo Vespucci Jerome Bethea

At the time of this writing, amerigo vespucci jerome bethea, is 29 years old. Early 2014, without ever appearing on the lease, amerigo aka rico, had simply moved in with his girlfriend, desmond rene smith, who rented a condo from us in high point nc

Amerigo’s girlfriend, desmond rene smith was supposed to make monthly rent payments by means of bank deposit to our bank account, but amerigo must have misunderstood, because by 07/15/20 there was a charge to my bank account for his purchase at williams and fudge for usd 213.00

We have not heard about amerigo again until they moved out, only days before we were going to file to evict them. They left our condo trashed and vandalized, each light fixture, each door and each wall – busted. The entire place reeking of weed, neighbors suspected drug trafficking due to ongoing in and out traffic when these two occupied it. While amerigo vespucci jerome bethea and desmond rene smith left lots of trash behind, they made sure to take our washer and dryer with them.

Once moved out, amerigo vespucci jerome bethea and desmond rene smith, took our bank account on a wild ride and charged several hundreds to us for uber rides. We recovered from uber, but were forced to terminate the bank account. The unpaid bill for electricity to duke power doesn’t really concern us, since the debt stays with amerigo vespucci jerome bethea who was on the account, and not with the property. Only god knows if amerigo had at least figured that much by now.

If you consider leasing to desmond rene smith, be aware that there is a chance that she will move amerigo vespucci jerome bethea in with her, off lease. Google amerigo vespucci jerome bethea’s name and you will figure out why. Better yet, if you consider renting a property to desmond rene smith, look up our report of our experience with her as a tenant, posted here on chance are, after seeing the images of how these two vandalized and trashed our property, you will reconsider.

Country United States
State Alabama
City High Point