Cheaters Complaint Against A Cheater

Angeth Malual 🐟 FISH CUNT 🐟 Melbourne, VIC – Australia

Angeth Malual is a scamming filth pig who cheats on whatever she gets her claws on. She is a race baiter who constantly gripes and won’t shut the F up. She’s jealous of hot women and she really hates white girls.

Angeth is a 20 year old African queen who spreads her legs for all the dπŸ† out there. She has been fooling around since she was eleven. Her half brother busted out her cherry, and she has been going nonstop ever since. This pig has got the big, sucking lips, but her vagjayjay stinks like rotting fish and pure s#it!! You can F her raw in her vag, bust a nut in her a-hole and not know the difference, because both holes are huge and smell the same. Angeth does not believe in washing her rotting crotch! If you can stand the smell of her stinky vag, get your homies to run a train on her. She’ll take it all up her dirty snatchtrap! Angeth Malual is a cheater from hell!

Β cheaters

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