Complaint Against A Cheater United States

Animation Feast

I received an advertisement email onlne for an animation commercial for small businesses. So I called the number in March of 2020 and ask to speak to someone about hiring their company for a 7 minute 3D animation movie. We worked out a deal for $3000 for a short movie. After I paid them they jacked the price up on me 3 times and raised it to $12,000.

Also as part of the agreement the movie was supposed to be done in 30-45 days. It has been over 6 months and they still have not handed me a movie. They have not done anything and refuse to refund my money. But they give me excuses when they have called me. But everytime I ask to speak to a manager they keep giving me different people to speak with and that person promises to refund my money but then he doesnt. Then they ignore my calls and emails everytime I try to ask for my refund. They have excuses every time they call me. They have said they will give my money back but then ignore my calls and never respond.

1. They are scam artists. 2. Internet fraud. 3. Ripoff. 4. They have lied and scammed me out of money forcing me to pay up to $12,000 but I stopped paying at $8500 since they refuse to show me any real production. 5. They have made me lose business by not having my 7 minute movie done for production companies to view it for marketing and consideration. 6. False adverstisment they told me they were aprt of Pixar the big anmation company and that they would do a great job.

I hired them in March/April 2020 for $3000 they took my $3000 and then told me I had to agree to $12,000 if I wanted the movie made. They said it would be done in 30-45 days they promised no longer than 45 days in the agreement. its been over 6 months. They did not complete the movie and they refuse to refund me my money. I have paid a total of $8500 and thats what they owe me.

I will now take legal action in the upcoming weeks and find an attorney. I will sue them for false advertisement, breach of contract, scamming, fraud and attorney fees. Their compnay is a joke, they are scam artists and I will do all I can to let every consumer know not to hire them.

Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Address 910 S Los Angeles St
Phone 1-213-770-8029