Complaint Against a Service United States

Anitra Frazier

Anitra Frazier, you should be ashamed of yourself for abusing me and apparently other innocent pet owners who came to you for help in very stressful times when their cat was either dying or very ill.

This report is long overdue but needs to be written to show respect for my beloved cat who was dying of Kidney failure and I was shell-shocked, panicked, and given no good information to work with from the conventional Vets we trusted at the time.

I contacted Anitra, and all I got in the consultation was verbal abuse with berating my efforts that were enshrouded in fear and really needing a loving and guiding hand to help. Instead, Anitra was rude and belittled me via the phone conversation and told me to “buy her book” to learn what to do for my dying cat.

I told her she was critical and although I would buy the book I needed immediate help.

Anitra ignored my plea for immediate help and had me tell her how I had prepared her “recipe” she had given me [which NO cat ever liked] and then she continued to hatefully patronize and criticize my efforts to help my cat.

I called an out-of-town Holistic Vet after this horrible interactiion and he said that Anitra can be difficult and rude to people. How dare you, Anitra.

This complaint is well founded and Anitra had the audacity to berate a kind woman who looked to her on a day whe she needed helpful guidance and a little compassion. Most people are desperate to help their beloved best friend either heal or to be comfortable and out of pain.

Anitra, you are a wretched and hateful individual with no heart whatsoever and you really only care about selling books over helping people care for their pets who need immediate care. A book in the mail is not going to help when someone’s beloved cat is critical.

I threw this book into a bon fire because of the bad energy that Anitra herself chose to behave with. Horrible.

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Phone 212-663-0122