Complaint Against a Service India

Archaeological Survey of India — Mothi Darwaza – Golconda Fort


I am writing this to bring to your notice that a portion of Mothi Darwaza which is one of the entrance of Golconda Fort collapsed due to heavy rain few months back. And till date no one took any action to renovate or restore it. As tons of tourists comes through this gate to visit the historical Golconda Fort monument i think its cleanliness should be a top priority as well . People are dumping garbage in and around this gate which is not a good thing to notice by tourists who come here from around the globe. And i think it will look great if we just use the empty space next to Mothi Darwaza to create a small play/walk area for the kids/people around this area. One last thing i would like to bring to your notice is that of illegal constructions happening right next to the boundary walls of this great monument. Golconda Fort is our pride and would like to see it in a great condition for many many years to come.

I appeal to you to look into the gravity of the situation and take necessary action as early as possible. I hope you will look into this matter and do your level best to maintain this important part of our cultural heritage.

Yours Truly,