Complaint Against a Service India

Archaeological Survey of India — unauthorized breeding of cows in masjid of mubarak shah syed in kotla mubarakpur

Since one month nobody from ur side is coming for sweeping nor no security guard is appointed since this place was cleaned up by your authorities 4 months ago.

Now due to no maintenance this place have been occupied by local people for drinking alcohol, gambling and on top most for their cows to do cowdung and due to this whole place is stinking and people are facing health issues.

Request you to pls appoint permanent guard over here specially in night. And arrange to fine the person responsible for tying his cows overnight at this place.

Also request you for arranging CCTV camera to keep this place safe and under surveillance. I promise to help u in installing cameras on my wall and bear the electricity cost.

This place can become a tourist place with your little efforts.

Sharing you pictures and videos.

Thanks and regards