Complaint Against a Service United States

Assault Fitness

Sales rep was dishonest about whether they would have black friday deals and told me they would not. I messaged her back asking why I got an email that for purchasing an assault runner you’d get a free assault bike. She said she would look into it and it’s been over a week. I have called customer service and they said they were looking into it with management. I called to check in this morning and they’re screening my calls. I love the air runner but am upset I was deceived by the rep.

Update – they never contacted me back so I had to call them. Customer service stated they didn’t know they were having a deal until two days before black friday. At the time I had ordered they didn’t have enough room in the warehouse to store black Friday deals it was said. I repeated that regardless, I was not told something that was accurate by the rep – even if it was a change by marketing. So essentially – they denied honoring the deal because I hadn’t ordered within 2 weeks of the promotion. They likely knew they had too much inventory when I ordered and talked their sales reps into pushing the no black friday deal to clear it out. Then magically marketing does have a black friday deal they only knew about 2 days prior. Pretty shady business practice. The two weeks prior to black friday honoring of the deal was obviously to prevent more customer backlash because they knew they’d been deceiving customers. Shame on them.

Country United States
State California
City Carlsbad
Address 5803 Newton Drive, Ste. B
Phone 1 (888) 815-5559