Complaint Against a Service United States

Austin Wood

No matter what you, do not do business with this con artist. The biggest liar that tries to you rip you off the second he buys an item. Will legally agree to terms and sign legal documents and then pretend he doesnt know them. He’s too stupid to read and follow procedures that have been sent to him 10x and displayed point blank in front of him. The first thing he will do is file a fraud dispute claiming he never got the item which he knows what the real shipment time frame is.

He will purposely violate your payment policies and then file disputes claiming the item is to arrive 3 days on a weekend. He will continue his lying scams with is past criminal records. When the credit card finds the dispute fraud and in your favor, he will contact his credit card company again and file yet another lying dispute trying to steal the item. The second you threaten him from getting him arrested he gets rid of the merchandise. He will then send you a letter with more of his bs lies.

Trying to hide and everything he did to rip you off, he will then try to blow smoke making threats, putting the blame on you, and not once admit he files fraud disputes trying to rip you off. This ahole is getting brought up on charges and lets see the next state he flees to when he got arrested in PA and then moved to MD. He will pretend like its not him and go that you dont have proof. Key in his email address that he placed on the actual sales order and find out :

Country United States
State Maryland
City Parkton
Address 1636 Rayville Road
Phone 570-764-7096