Complaint Against a Service United Arab Emirates

Galadari Motor Driving Centre [GMDC]

Its been 1 year since I opened my file in galadari driving institute and i have had the worst experience ever with them. They say that they are the ‘cheapest’ driving institute in dubai but that’s just a way to lure customers in. They have at least 10000 hidden charges that you will get to know about later.
The whole institute works on bribes and connections/reference. I know so many people who have passed their road test because they have given bribes to the order examiners.
Driving a car is not rocket science. Its the most easiest thing in the world if you know all the rules and regulations and the basics of car yet they fail people again and again to get more money.
As a student who works part time in dubai. This has been so difficult for me to afford even after the ‘student discount’ which was like 200 AED. How are they gonna judge my 1 year of driving in 5-10 minutes. If they want to judge they should ask my instructor to see how i drive. Literally they will fail you if you breathe in the wrong way. They will be like ‘No you need to breathe 10 times a minute not 12 times’. I know this sounds ridiculous but believe me when i say this that they will fail you for no reason.
I had the road test and instead of letting me drive the examiner is purposely putting her hands on the steering wheel and then she failed me because she was ‘helping’ me drive. The other reason she failed me because I didn’t do a line change IN FRONT of the signal. Like that doesn’t even make sense.
The instructor will tell you something else and the RTA will tell you something else. It hard to please them at all.
Not to mention the extra charge of 713 AED if you fail a road test. You have to take 2 classes even if you failed for a small reason.
I have my test again next week and i swear to god if i fail again I am going to complain about this institute to the Dubai Police Traffic Department because of how they are taking bribes and gifts to pass people and how unfair the institute charges are.
Under the customer protection law no. 24 of 2006. I have the right to express my opinions and i will do that.
I have attached some pictures of an article posted in the news about how a examiner was asking for gifts.

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Complaint Against a Service United States

This company is adolutely a scam, they do not do any replacement, they do not have cranes, they only take your contract, they use another company and after cheating you, they charge you 350 dollars for the work, they add invented charges of percent on the value of the car, then you cannot claim anything or the Do you pay or it is never again the car they are vulgar thieves we have to stop them I have a car dealer in Miami and they robbed me

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2519 Park Dr.
Nashville, Tennessee
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Complaint Against A Cheater Spain


2020.8.06 My flight from Tokyo Narita Airport to Busan Gimhae Airport was canceled, but I did not receive a refund. Please take care of it as soon as possible.
I went to the airport because I didn’t have a word or email in advance, but when I heard that the flight was canceled at the airport, I was very upset and in a bad mood. I’d like to charge you all the time and money until you go, but I won’t. I want to get a refund really quickly, so take care of it.

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Complaint Against A Cheater South Africa

I register 2017 NQF level 4 I got my everything which I did and send my assessment, some come back for redo which I did now the problem . 1 .I need my certificate from college because I paid them I’m done with that course .2i work at school as assistance practitioner they want that certificate or they will find someone with qualification .I phone college I emailed them nothing I want to enrol for next level but I can’t .I never see a private college like Intec their service its very poor and they talk with they way they want .They will also asked for student number they they will say We will come to you …forget they will never .For now what I’m asking from Intec College It Is My Certificate Only .I will never advice anyone to study with this collei never😭

Complaint Against a Service singapore

London Weight Management

I joined member for last 10 years ago at Puchong IOI mall. In the beginning the consultant was good and thereafter they keep changing the consultant with different service level provider. I’m actually not satisfied and they did pursue me. Ok then and I did get a try again. But I’m still find what I hv pay for the value was not justify what I gotten.
The consultant has been called me for few time and saying that I still hv treatment to do. I did mentioned that I don’t like the service and I wanted to get my refund. Seem so many year nobody called and reply me.
I wish the London management will take it seriously and follow up of my messages here.

Customer Service

Complaint Against a Service South Africa

On the 1 March 2020 I bought a phone at sportscene in Canal walk, Nokia 2.3 for R2000 Cash

On the 13 May I took back the phone because it was freezing and had lines on the screen so they took it to Vodacom for repairs but one of the managers said the phone was not supposed to be sold it was for display, when we got to Vodacom the IMEI number of the phone was not matching the one on the sim slit, they said they took the phone to Vodacom before selling it because it had a problem with the software that’s where the slits were mixed, to cut the story shot …I only got the phone on Monday (August) and was not fixed

I’m disappointed and I regret the day I bought the phone, they can’t refund me and can’t give me another phone
The phone is still under warranty

I feel like I went there to give them my money for a second hand

Customer Service

Gateway Theatre Of Shopping, Gateway, Umhlanga Rocks
South Africa
Complaint Against a Service United States

Activision Publishing

I am unable to make my clan tag MAGA (Make America Great Again) because it is considered profanity. I would like to know what is profane about a patriotic slogan, especially for a war game where America fought. MAGA is not an acceptable clan tag yet BLM is? It seems as if one side is being silenced while the other is able to be expressive so I would like this issue to be fixed as it takes away my freedom to express myself and my love for the country.

Customer Service

3100 Ocean Park Boulevard
Santa Monica, California
United States – 90405
Complaint Against a Service

Kansas Department of Labor

I was terminated because a fight broke out in the store where I worked that I had no knowledge of. One of the persons in the fight was a disgruntled ex and he lied and said I was yelling at him. There were 3 witnesses that were there that saw it all. I was not rude and did not yell at him. The company didn’t even investigate it, they just fired me on the spot.

Customer Service

1800 292 6333 (Unemployment Contact Center)
+1 785 296 5000 (Customer Service)
+1 785 296 0901 (Communications / Media Inquiries)
+1 785 296 4386 (Industrial Safety and Health)
+1 785 296 5042 (Information Technology)
+1 785 368 6285 (New Hire Outreach)
+1 785 296 4000 (Workers Compensation)
+1 785 296 3609 (Unemployment Insurance Asset Recovery)
+1 785 291 6100 (Unemployment Insurance Benefits)
+1 785 296 1800 (Unemployment Insurance Appeals)
+1 913 596 3500 (Unemployment Contact Center, Kansas City)
+1 785 575 1460 (Unemployment Contact Center, Topeka)
+1 316 383 9947 (Unemployment Contact Center, Wichita)
205 S 4th St J
Manhattan, Kansas
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Complaint Against a Service United States

Avas Flowers

Avas Flowers
Avas Flowers

On July 31 I placed an order for sympathy flowers. The product description stated all white lilies, white roses, and white carnations. The recipient sent me a picture of what was delivered, I was mortified. The arrangement did not have any of the flowers and looked nothing like the picture. I have been calling Avas, sending emails since Monday. On Tuesday their customer service representative, Jen, stated that a replacement order would be delivered on Tuesday. She said she would call me back when the order went out. It was never sent. It is now Thursday, and trying to reach a supervisor is next to impossible. After being on hold for 35 minutes, the customer service representative said she was transferring me to a supervisor, the call was disconnected. Below is a picture of what their website shows the flowers look like, as well as a photo of what was received. This is FALSE advertising, and AVAS won’t resolve the issue.

Customer Service

300 Corporate Drive
Mahwah, New Jersey
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Complaint Against a Service United Kingdom

Sky Sports

I have been holding back about this for about three or four years, but here goes.
Reporters but especially Nasser Husain.
I don’t understand but they seem to have one set of judgement criteria for the England teams performance and another set for whoever we are we are playing.
I have lost count of how many times we(England)have got scores just over 300 in the 1st innings only to hear(without waiting to see what the other side do in their 1st innings) we is standard for the cricket community to be fair.
Then and today is a case in point Pakistan manage to accumulate the sum of 326(all out) and out of that one of their batsman has a blinder and gets 156 then another 69 and another 45 so three get 270 and the other 8 get 56 so then according to the cricketing sage Nasser Hussain this is a fantastic score and England got of lightly. So please have a chat with him to help him understand he needs to be fair to both sides.

Customer Service

+44 844 241 1411 (Customer Service)
+44 333 100 0333 (Switchboard)
Grant Way, Isleworth
London, England, Greater London
United Kingdom – TW75QD