Complaint Against a Service United States


ABM is not a licensed auto dealer or broker. They buy copart cars (just like you can) and load on hidden fees. Then sell em to you. They avoid dealer fees, bond, insurance by running DMV title & reg thru random fly by night dealers

They use a non-binding, unenforceable Terms of Service and Hidden “Rules” to bludgeon you… to think its legit.

((Wish I’d known))

Won a bid for a motorcycle for $2k. Clear title. Normal Wear. Low miles. With fees? about $2.7k. Cool. With hidden fees? $4k! Ok. Bad. Bids are binding? I’m a man of my word. I take the hit. No complaints. Stupid.

Bike is in so-so condition. Repairs, Parts, Tires, $1k. Meh. almiost 3 months. No title. “Lost in mail”. No tracking #. Yeahsureright. Feels sketchy. I ask questions. ABM discloses: Clean Title? is not even salvage.!! ACQ. Inspections. Lotta fees ($1-2k+ more). Very bad.

Bike’s value? cut in half. d**n. Couple weeks later, ABM refuses to process paperwork until I sign a “bill of sale/Purchase Agreement”. Uh-Oh It’s actually an unconditional release & waiver, stating I agree to all the misrepresentations, terms unknown to me at time of sale, indemnify ABM forever, Waiving all rights. It’s draconian. Sell my soul? HA!

It’s a federal offense to do that sh*t. So. I try sending real, legit transfer forms and a DMV Bill of Sale, ABM won’t budge. Crunch I try and register anyway…Find Unreported collision history & the engine number on bike doesn’t match DMV records. Ouch CHP wants to impound “stolen bike”. Nightmare.

I posted on a .gov consumer protection site and ABM outright lies in rebuttal and says they can’t process my ownership papers because I “refuse to submit” my CDL {!) they already have it, since beginning. And the delays are all my fault!!!: “Mr. L***** refuses to upload his identification, as required by law* and as repeatedly requested by AutoBidMaster” “Any delays in his receipt of title is due to his failure to comply with our required procedures.”

See how they do it? The precision and craft is almost enviable, The legal language is perfect. Forces the reader to a conclusion.. Totally misleading but legally accurate. Brilliant. Leaves no doubt that their wrong-doing is intentional and blatant. And the “half-nelson” pressure to sign their “release & waiver” continues. I know that there is no condition that a seller can legally withold Title transfer like this. But tell ABM that.

Meanwhile, I don’t think a reg262 will help me now. I wait to see if my purchase is a “stolen vehicle”, will or won’t be returned, no refund, no support from ABM. They’re too busy trying cover their asses, screw people over, and get away with it. Disgusting. If you haven’t done business with Autobidmaster, don’t start! If you you’ve been snared, don’t accept anything at face value and be prepared for shady tactics.

* it isn’t

** motorccycle currently under investigation

Country United States
State Oregon
City Portland
Address 6807 NE 79th Ct Ste B
Phone 1 (503) 298-4300