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Maybe you think you need to try to improve your small automotive repair business in some way, realize more profits, attract better customers, hire better employees, or even try to keep from working 60-70 hours a week in it. The Automotive Training Institute (ATI) advertising program hammers it home, and even guarantees, that you can have all these things if you just sign up.

Before you know it, youll be out over $60,000 bogus training fees and related expenses and there is nothing you can do about it. By the time you realize that ATI training is a scam, and you try to complain, Chubby and his gang simply blow you off while they laugh all the way to the bank.

You soon realize that your business is in worse shape that when you started the ATI program. Chubby will refuse to answer your phone calls, emails, or letters, and his lower staff responds in like. You are simply screwed!

The first hint is the Shop Owners Course manuals. They are large binders full of cheap, sometimes even illegible, poorly photo-copied pages that the instructors rarely even follow. These sloppily assembled manuals are used as props to make you think you are getting something for your money. Classes are boring, the training causes problems instead of providing solutions, and you will soon find your key employees quitting leaving you in a lurch. The ATI consulting secret is to get you to hire people as cheaply as possible, buy the cheapest parts, and overcharge the customer. Is that worth $60,000-plus to find out?

You will soon find your assigned consultant is poorly trained, lazy, and is usually someone who has failed in the automotive real world. When you try to address specific problems in your business, your consultant will provide shady, unproven solutions that fail when you try to apply them. If you complain about your consultant, you are told that you have not given the relationship enough time. You are told to be patient. You are told you are doing something wrong. It is always your fault.

You will find the ATI marketing program a swindle, too. Their glossy advertising products claiming to fill your bays with customers are over-priced, produce far less than expected results when they do work, but mostly do not work at all. Just another Chubby Sting to help him buy popcorn and movies for his home theatre and gas for his fishing boat trips.

The entire culture is counter-productive in that ATI trains large dealerships, enormous franchise chains, and little mom and pop shops. The real losers are the small shops. They soon find larger competitors using the identical methods to run their businesses and the same marketing approaches to fill their bays. The smaller shops simply do not stand a chance against these larger adversaries.

And then there is the ATI Guarantee! What a con that is! Basically, if you do not do well, you get more of the same training for free! Gee whiz! What a deal! More of the same crap that did not work the first time? ATI is banking on the belief that you are stupid.

So, after exhausting yourself trying to get satisfaction directly from ATI, you go to the Maryland Better Business Bureau (BBB) to file a complaint. You will find that the BBB kicks your complaint out because you are an S-Corporation or a C-Corporation or a limited partnership or that you have signed a contract with ATI. You are told the BBB only accepts complaints from individuals. The ATI report with the BBB looks so good because most of their clients are under contract, incorporated or partnerships and any such complaints are concealed from the public. Isnt it amazing that ATI has an A-plus score on the BBBs website!

Since ATI is fraudulently protected by the Maryland BBB, you then try the Maryland Attorney General. Same story here! The Attorney General will ignore your complaint for the exact, same reasons. You become even more frustrated realizing that the very organizations designed protect you are actually protecting criminals! Is there any wonder now why ATI is located in Baltimore, Maryland?

This is why scamion has become invaluable. No politics here! No state lines! Just the plain and simple truth. The money that Chubby Frederick has stolen from me is gone. As an unsatisfied former ATI client, it will cost me a fortune to take him to court. And, guess what? I will have to take him to court in Maryland! Do you think I stand a chance of getting a fair hearing there? Chubby had plenty of opportunities to satisfy me, but chose to ignore me. When this complaint hits the net, he will have wished that he would have done the right thing.

If you are looking for automotive shop training, Automotive Management Institute (AMI) offers excellent programs that are much less expensive (and legitimate) compared to ATI. Local community colleges offer superior automotive shop training programs that are much more reasonable (and legitimate), too. Your local jobber even offers legitimate, excellent, and inexpensive training programs as well. Even your local library offers better management training for free!

The bottom line is to avoid ATI, Chris (Chubby) Frederick-CEO, Richard Menneg-President, Bryan Stasch-Director of Client Fulfillment, and all of the other ATI con-artists. Remember, when it comes to your money, crime dont pay and neither does Chubby!

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