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I have had a BOA account for several years. I opened my account when I lived in Missouri. I now live in TN and have been for 4 years. On 9/18/20 BOA Closed my account without any warning because I was receiving unemployment from Tx. The company I worked for is in Tx and paid our unemployment to that state. I have called many times trying to resolve the issue and get my money back. I have proof that my unemployment is a legitimate claim, and told them that I can provide it to them. I have my furlough paper work and last years taxes to show them where I worked and that unemployment was being paid to TX. They are still holding my money and said they can do so for 120 days. Everything I had was in that account including money from auto insurance policy where my daughter had totaled my car. I no longer have a way to pay my bills or replace my car. they said they are going to send it to unemployment. They are still holding it. I have called Unemployment many times checking to see if it has been sent to them yet, and it has not. Unemployment said they will return it to me when it does. I had over $13, 000 in my account. I need this money now. Because of the pandemic each time I call unemployment I am on hold for at least 2 hr just for them to tell me it hasn’t come yet. I am sickened by how BOA has treated me as a criminal!

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