Complaint Against a Service United States

Belva’s Real Estate, L.L.C.

I hired Belva’s Real Estate, being a Local company, to manage my rental house, when I moved out of the area. Since I Already Had a family interested in renting, there was Nothing for the Company to Do, really. Well, they proved to be Proficient at That!

The Agent met me and the renters at my house…chatted a bit…took No Photographs of the property, took No notes. There was No Report provided on Conditions or Concerns of the house. That should have been my First Clue that Communication was going to be a Problem!

A couple of months later, the tenants complained of Scorpions…something that is Unavoidable in Arizona, as I had seen a few in the house myself over the years. The Agent Insisted that I Pay for Treatment…even though the Contract Stated that Pest Control was up to the Tenant! I agreed to a one-time treatment, and was Assured that any Further treatments would be up to them. I also mentioned that it was Very Likely that the Scorpions Came With the Tentants, as they Do like to hide in cardboard boxes.

A few months later there was a Deduction from my rent check of $85 for…Pest Control! No Discussion, No Mention to me before…and when I complained about it, I was Assured that the $85 would be Refunded to me. Over the next Year Plus, I was told Repeatedly that I would receive that refund! It Never Happened!

There were no real issues for the remainder of the first year, with these Renters. But…the Next Renters! It turned out that this was one of the Company’s Vendors! He had actually replaced the AC unit in my house a few months earlier!

Before they moved in, the Agent called me to complain that there was No Dryer in the house, only a Washer. Again, there was No Report, No Photographs of Anything! I explained that the Previous Renters had their Own Washer and Dryer when they moved in, and that My Set had been moved to the garage…until Their Dryer died, and they moved Mine back in and used it. So, Actually what she Assumed was a Washer was a Dryer.

Oh, but That was Fine, since the New renters Had their own Washer…and they could just use My Dryer!

I was told by the Agent that they would be at the house to sign the lease and take the keys…and I drove out there (70 miles) to meet them that day and sign my copy. No One Was There! I Called and was told that they had done it the Day Before!

In the Second month with the new renters, My Dryer Died!! (NOW it was an Issue!) (Later, I would be Told that it was in the Contract that the Washer and Dryer were to be provided by Me….it Sure didn’t seem to Matter when the Agent saw One Machine there, and Assumed in was a Washer!)

In order to save time and inconvenience to us all, I agreed to a Replacement Dryer, at a cost of $400. If I had lived Closer, I would have bought a Used one for Less and taken it there.) My next month’s statement had a ‘General Repair’ deduction ….of $662.63!!

I Immediately called and Refused this Unauthorized Expense, as it was Not what I Agreed to! I suggested that it be Returned, and that I would then provide a replacement, OR that the renters could Buy the Dryer (since they Didn’t have one!) and I would Credit Them $200 of the cost. Neither of my suggestions was ever done!

On that Same Statement were ‘General Repairs’ of $50 and $253!! Again, with No Explanation! It was Only at this point, after Insisting on knowing the Details of all the ‘General Repairs’ that I was Finally sent Receipts….and found that the $253 was for Replacing Smoke Detectors and Installing a Carbon Monoxide Detector…something that I would have done myself…for Half that Amount…had I been Told about it!

The next month, was a Plumbing charge of $130, and Another one the following month of $310…apparently, they Didn’t Fix it the First time!!

At this time, some rotten neighbor kids in the house behind had Shot a Window and Patio Door with BB or Pellet gun!! I was told, several times, that the Mother of the little darlings was taking responsibility, I was sent a screenshot of the Police Report, and follow-up emails and texts said that it was up to the Tenants to handle it, and that if the Neighbor did Not pay, They would be Liable and would probably use their Renter’s Insurance to take care of it.

That month, there were Deductions from the Rent of $178.93 and $335.20 for Glass Replacement!!!

That was when I Finally Fired this Horrible Company!! I sent letters to the Agent and the Owner of the company…I did Not receive a response to either. My Second letter to the Owner finally got a response, but all I Ever got, from Day-One, were Lies, Incompetence and Theft!!

Even now….I signed an agreement that the Owner sent, to put this whole nightmare behind me, agreeing to a settlement of $500. It has been a few months and I have Received Nothing!!


Country United States
State Arizona
City Florence
Address 150 N Main St
Phone 1 520-868-3520