Complaint Against a Service United States

Bennion Deville Homes Palm Desert San Pablo

I leased a guesthouse/casita from Michael Peet-Paduano who is a real estate agent with Bennion Deville Homes located in Palm Desert CA.

Shortly after moving into the furnished studio casita, I began getting bitten by something during my sleep. I started to get red bite marks at my ankles, legs , wrists and arms. I began itching as well. I went to see my doctor at the Urgent Care in Palm Springs and was informed that these were bed bug bites.

I immediately went back to the casita and alerted the real estate agent and owner of the property about the bed bug issue. At first he was reluctant and unavailable to meet with me. Eventually he met with me at the casita and agreed to have a bed bug inspection done. The inspector came out fairly quickly and concluded that in fact the casita was not only infested with bed bugs, but “the worst case of infestion he had seen in his career as an inspector. I was told I needed to move out immediately!

I had to pack all my belongings very quickly and move to a nearby hotel.

The agent/owner agreed to pay for onlt two nights at the hotel. He took full responsibility and I was told the previous tenant must have brought the bed bugs in. However, the inspector told me the bed bug infestation was so bad that it was in the drapery and even paintings on the wall. He also told me it was an ongoing issue to be of such great proportion.

I stayed at the hotel and flew out a few days later, however I was never reimbursed for my damaged bed bug bitten clothing or medical bills for the bites.

I am seeking damages for my clothing and medical expenses and for the inconvience of having tyo move ASAP, as per the inspector’s findings.

I have receipts and documentation for the destruction of my clothing and I have the medical report from Urgent Care that treated me.

Country United States
State California
City Palm Desert
Address 44-530 San Pablo Ave #101
Phone 1 760-340-9253