Complaint Against a Service United States

Billing Solutions, LLC.

Very similar to other reports filed here involving “Billing Solutions”.

I logged in to my bank today to find a check was cashed in the amount of $32.32 which I did not recognize. The check image showed it was paid to “GLOBAL PORTION INC” (never heard of them). The check image also showed “NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED”, and underneath “This check has been electronically autorized (sic) by voice or electronic verification by your depositor”. The image further showed “MEMO: xxxxxxx”, followed by “CUSTOMER SERVICE 877-230-6038”.

I first called the customer service number, but after waiting on hold for 5 minutes, I hung up and called my bank instead. They put a stop on the check and told me to expect a refund in a few days.

I then called the customer service number again and after waiting for 15 minutes, a woman answered. She said that they were just a payment processor, and after asking for the reference number printed on the check, she said they would refund the amount, delete any payment information they had on file, and recommended that I close my bank account because someone had my routing and account numbers. I asked for the name of her company, which she said was “Billing Solutions”. She proceeded to give me an 8-digit “refund confirmation number”.

This all seems very suspicious and based on other reports filed here, it appears the same outfit has been doing this for a number of years.

Country United States
State Arizona
City Prescott
Address 6752 Inter-cal Way
Phone 866-749-6578