Complaint Against a Service

Bishop Equipment

Long story short my furnace went out Tuesday AM. I spoke with Edie and she arranged for George to come out to determine the issue. George explained the issue (inducer assembly) and quoted me a price/estimate for the repair ($461.00).

During the same conversation, I asked if he had changed the filter and he stated no that he figured I would want the winter service and that can be done when they return for the repair.

I was OK with that. I spoke with Edie Tuesday afternoon and ordered the part. Edie called me promptly Wednesday morning and arranged for a noon install. Ben arrived at noon and completed the task.

Before Ben left I simply asked him if he had replaced the filter and his response was no because he was not sure if George had replaced it on Tuesday. My response was don’t worry about it, I will just do it myself and save the $80.00.

Well, when I removed the panel to replace the filter there was a bundle of wires and a transformer laying on top of the filter. I have changed the filter many times and this was never the case.

I called back to Bishop and attempted to explain to Edie what happened and she was very short and cut me off saying that she will call Ben and have him return. After a minute Edie calls back again and tells me Ben is on his way and that I had asked him to “replace the filter” and he explained to me that was not included in the price of the repair.

I attempted to explain to her that this was not the case and I had discussed the Winter service with George. She did not even give me a chance to explain and immediately cut me off by saying that “There’s always something with you” and “Next time you can repair your own equipment”.

I feel that she has probably been there forever and feels that she can treat customers anyway. Needless to say, I will not be using Bishop again. I do not need to pay for poor customer service and will take my business elsewhere.

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