Complaint Against A Cheater United States

This site is fraudulent. They stole over $500 from us and sent us nothing. They input a false tracking number that we found out was for someone else’s package, not even anything sent to us, and they did this just to avoid us disputing the charge long enough to take the money and run. Their address and contact info are all fake. They are really in China, not the USA. They offer Bose and Apple products for half off retail or less and they just steal the money and change domains after one is shut down or exposed. They used to operate under Bossairpod and scammed many people there, then just switched to almost the same site under now.

They may also take your name and info and use it for fraud and set up another fraud site using your contact info, or they may try to access your accounts or bill you fraudulently if you entered any info on their site, because they also install malware onto your phone or desktop.

Country United States
State Alabama