Complaint Against a Service United States

Brian Gollinger

Brian Gollinger aka Brian David Gollinger, aka Brian D Gollinger

Beware! This stupid looking goofy guy is a thief! I met him at a local bar where I discovered later he is well known by everyone to be a drunken sh*t talker and has even had his a*s kicked several times. I hired him for pool cleaning and he ripped me off, stole some supplies I guess he thought I wouldn’t notice. He did a perfunctory job of pool cleaning and was a complete slob befouling the air with his body odor. I’ve asked around about him and he has a reputation of being a know it all. NO ONE LIKES HIM! I spoke to two of his previous employers who also told me similar stories of his bad attitude and being ripped off. He has his own route and working for a company called Cal Sparkle Pools. If you run across this mental midget just go the other way, he is mental and not playing with a full deck! I’m out hundreds but it could have been worse!

Country United States
State California
City Long Beach
Address 46 W 49th St
Phone (714) 818-0940