Complaint Against A Cheater United States

Brian Regan

Brian seemed like a nice enough guy when I met him. He worked at a vitamin shoppe that I frequented when trying to deal with a chronic illness. I never said that I was interested in a serious relationship with him. He was much older than I was. However we had a dating relationship for about six months. I still like to know who I am dating even if I don’t plan on anything serious coming out of it, I want to know if the person that I am seeing has a criminal history for example.

I don’t want to be a victim of anything like domestic violence or have a guy steal from me for example. I asked Brian things about himself, like why did he move from Portland Maine to cape cod. He told me that he used to be a police officer and was retired now and retired because his job was very stressful. It didn’t make much sense at his age to have retired because police officers have to put in enough years to retire and get a pension, and he wouldn’t have been able to retire at his age and collect his pension. It was also apparent that he didn’t have a pension because he was working at a vitamin store and living like a pauper, not the princes who get to collect their pensions and don’t have to work at all for the rest of their lives. So that was red flag number one. It seemed like brian was trying to hide something from me though I didn’t know what.

Brian was very into working out and bodybuilding, something I thought was kind of ridiculous that he referred to as a hobby. You can call it a hobby but it affected his whole life. He was constantly in the gym, only able to eat certain things that weren’t very appetizing, and he had to have two shoulder surgeries because of this “hobby”. He also claimed that he didn’t take steroids, but was pretty muscular for not just his age but in general. It was apparent that he did take steroids. He admitted that he was taking some drug called clenbuterol, which is an illegal stimulant that bodybuilders use to drop weight.

At this point it also became apparent that Brian was very shallow, because he cared much more more about his appearance than his health. I started to suspect that he was taking steroids because of his behavior too. Brian is shorter than average. One day he became infuriated that some random guy told him that he had a Napoleon complex and wouldn’t stop talking about it. He also became very angry that A friend of his saw me meeting with an older male friend for drinks one night, and sent me text messages saying “we could have had a great relationship”. I thought he was acting out of line because we weren’t in a relationship and Brian had lots of female friends that he went out with and hung out with, but he was angry with me when the tables were turned.

I had never googled this guys name during the time we were dating because I didn’t really suspect him of anything criminal, and also because I didn’t see it going anywhere with him, but just for kicks I did once we stopped talking. What came up was shocking. He had told me that he quit his job as a police officer, and also told me that he had been married before but that his wife was crazy and at times almost physically abusive too. What I saw in this article was the opposite of what he had told me. It said in the article that he was demoted from a detective to an officer for assaulting a person who he had already handcuffed. Then he was fired once he had new domestic violence charges involving his wife. It said that he had discharged a firearm in his home after his wife had attacked him. His wife had physical injuries.

He was claiming self defense, yet anyone with half a brain can figure out what happened here. Brian is a huge guy. Even though he is short, in what circumstance would he need a gun to defend himself from a woman? Even if the woman was attacking him with a knife, does it make more sense to grab a gun and try to shoot her or to just leave the house and call the police? Who would even have the time to go and get a gun in that instance? No what makes more sense is that this guy was a shitbag cop, who like many other cops assault women. There was a study done showing that police officers have the highest domestic violence rates among any other career. The fact that Brian abused his power to attack a person who was handcuffed, even if the person was a shitbag themselves, showed that Brian thought he was above the law as a police officer and this is the problem with many police officers in our country. He then went on to abuse his own wife, because once again he thought he was above the law and could get away with it. Otherwise, why wouldn’t he have told me about these things? Instead he flat out lied about these things. Because he lives in a different area I was afraid that maybe he would just end up hurting another woman. But I didn’t know how to really warn anyone about this guy. Now I learned about this website and decided to write a report. I hope this helps someone. I am attaching websites where you can see for yourself Brian’s arrests in Portland. I am sure that once he knows the cat is out of the bag about this stuff, he will paint a different picture of himself to anyone who asks about it. But don’t be fooled, he was demoted as a police officer and then fired for a reason!

here you can see that the other officers were acquitted, but it is very rare that police officers are brought to justice for crimes they commit. The entire justice system protects them, to create an illusion that police brutality isn’t a problem. Otherwise there would be complete anarchy and chaos going on and there would be police protests all the time, not just during this “black lives matter movement “.

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Hyannis