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With the current economic situation, job seekers (of which there are many) are prime targets for scam artists like Sam Oke.

When you post your resume to a job board, expect to see a deluge of junk mail; everything from fake work at home schemes to sketchy job “opportunities” to incessant calls about your car warranty. That’s all part of the game and you’ve got to be able to sort these things out. Personally, I think that people who profit off the misfortunes of others are one of the lowest forms of life out there. But then you might just get a note like this:

“________, have you ever thought about what it feels like to work with the topmost developing companies in the world? Have you ever wondered how well-paid are the employees of the companies that thrive every minute?

Well, here’s your chance to lead your way towards working with the greatest of all time.

My client, Devin Nesmith, a Sales, Operations, and Human resources Leader, landed a job with the utmost reputed Amazon. He now works as Human Resources Business Partner with Amazon. Exciting, isn’t it? Amazon is known for being the most extensive online retail website in the world. The most astounding thing about its founder, Jeff Bezos, is that he has been a billionaire for almost 20 years now! Now imagine the perks of having one of the richest men on the planet as your boss!


Devin was having a pretty difficult time managing his work and personal life during the Covid-19 pandemic. Well, and along came the expenses which couldn’t be carried out well by the salary he received from his previous job. With my help, he got his resume re-written and grabbed the golden opportunity of working with Amazon. You could be the next!

Please check his re-written resume (along with his full contact information)


I’ll make sure you stay ahead of your competitor job seekers. Only submit your current resume.

I will deliver the re-written documents in 1 day!

If you want a high salary job in 30 days, just click here to order your Resume. If you do not get a job in 30 days I will refund your money.

Resume + cover letter + linkedin profile + blog of your choice = $147

Let the magic begin!


To your future career success,


Sam Oke

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Sounds awesome, right? For only $147 you get a full resume re-write, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and blog (there are other more expensive packages). I fell for it and sent my money to Sam. A few days later, I received a resume full of typos and bad cut and pastes including information from someone else’s resume. The cover letter was laughable. The LinkedIn profile was just about as bad as the resume. The blog consisted of instructions on how to create a blog. Then there was a whole bunch of “bonus” material which was random career materials plucked from the internet.

I took what was salvagable from what Sam sent, which wasn’t much, and used it, keeping in mind his 90 day guarantee (see above). Did not get a single interview, much less a job offer. Keep in mind, I am a very senior person who has been the President and CEO of multiple companies, and I’m applying for positions accross the whole spectrum of titles and roles.

At the end of the 90 days, I wrote to Sam and asked for a refund under his guarantee. Crickets. His web site has been flagged by some of the security programs as being fraudulent. The phone is never answered.

Then, just when you’ve given up on the whole thing since it is only $147, along comes another letter from Sam offering to redo your resume, etc., etc. for only $147. And I keep getting them every time I sign up on a new job site.

So, to summarize, Sam is a scam artist; he delivers a marginal quality product with an outstanding sounding guarantee. He does not honor his guarantee. He retains no information about his previous “clients” and continues to solicit them. And, the worst offence by far is that he is scamming the people who can least afford it. He and all his ilk need to disappear and stop harassing and giving false hopes to people trying to find a job.

Country United States
State California
Address 340 S LEMON AVE #9710
Phone 877-468-8119