Complaint Against a Service United States


One day, I got an email from NANCY, the one running this IT online training course for Career Points Solutions. She must have got my contact info from another failed IT class I enrolled in and they never completed the class via ( She said the class is an 8 weeks course and after almost 2 weeks of everyday email. I spoke with her that I hope this is no scam. She said no! I asked if I can pay with my credit card, she objected…she said just ZELLE. That is when I knew something wasn’t right. How can you be a training school and you can’t accept payment via credit card. Note that this is the middle of the pandemic when money is tight for everyone.

I send the payment to her Zelle account via her email:

The class started but was cancelled and postponed for the next 6 weeks. The Instructor Bhevin did had a loss of his father and therefore, the classes was not consistent. Almost 3 months later, I simply asked for refund because they have not fulfill the obligation of completing the class in 8 weeks. I was super patient with them because of the instructor’s loss. Later, they just stopped picking up my calls – Nancy’s number is 347 759 6111 and her email is¬†

When she decide to even reply, she put a drunken Bhevin on the phone to curse me out and that I won’t get a refund.

This is a scam job from both cons “Nancy” and “Bhevin”. They take money upfront and frustrate students with repeated cancellations. Bhevin has a full time job and Nancy is the side-chick running all the e-mail blasts getting new students everyday to join an ongoing class. The scam is that no one will graduate or complete the 8 weeks certification course. Watch out for her, she has an Indian accent and will lure you to sign up for a course that she will find you employment for $100k-$200K per year. That is the bait…con lady!

I wish these scumbags be caught and I will continue to spread their info online for someone else not to get scammed by them.

Shame on you NANCY! You piece of sh*t loser***

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Phone 347 759 6111