Australia Complaint Against a Service

Harvey Norman — Electrical- rangehoods | Harvey Norman

We bought an oven/stovetop/range hood in February but due to COVID was not able to get our kitchen done until now being October. We were advised that the rangehood that we got wasn’t very good so I tried to get a refund and was promptly told that we could not get one. We as a customer have always shopped at Harvey Norman over the years and Have spent thousands with them and can not believe that this was so easily dismissed. I will not shop there again and will ensure that I let my family, friends and aquaintances know not to either (also Harvey Norman customers). I am Extremely disappointed with how a loyal shopper has been treated.

Customer Service

+61 130 046 4278 (Australia, Store Enquiries)
+61 297 636 899 (Australia, Online Enquiries)
+64 800 464 278 (New Zealand)
+64 800 258 741 (New Zealand, Photo Centre)
+385 15 566 200 (Croatia)
+386 15 855 000 (Slovenia)
+60 130 088 5200 (Malaysia)
A1 Richmond Road
Homebush West, New South Wales
Australia – 2140

New Zealand

Private Bag 94035, South Auckland Mail Centre, Wiri Auckland 2240


Brent House, Swords Business Park, Swords, Co. Dublin


Velimira Škorpika 34, 10000 Zagreb


Airport Road 3D, 1000 Ljubljana

315 Outram Road № 01-01/02, Tan Boon Liat Building, Singapore 169074

Australia Complaint Against a Service

Hunter Express — Failure to provide cards or delivery on order xv233518 | Hunter Express

I have been waiting on a delivery for almost two months from Hunter Express.

My consignment number is: XV233518

My name is Margaret Jane Murdoch
3/160 Carlisle Street St Kilda 3182 Victoria, Australia
Phone [protected]
Email: [protected] OR [protected]

When I check the tracking consignment online the courier claims to have left cards or attempted delivery. This is not correct! I have been in lockdown (strict) for 7 months. I am home and I am waiting on a (very expensive) rug.

I have received an email from the Hunter Express company but every time I email back (I have email records) the email is “returned to sender” and the address invalid. I have tried to telephone the company numerous times but have not been able to speak to anyone IRL.

This is the email address I have been (unsuccessfully) trying to reach:
[protected] au

Customer Service

+61 297 804 099 (Bookings & Customer Service)
PO Box 242 Villawood
Sydney, New South Wales
Australia – 2163
Australia Complaint Against a Service

Imperial Tobacco Australia — Champion Ruby 15g | Imperial Tobacco Australia

Good day. I’ve purchased a 15g pouch of Champion Ruby today and it’s most definitely not the same tobacco that’s inside the 25g pouches that I usually buy. About a month ago I bought a 20g pouch of Champion Ruby and had the same problem. Upon closer inspection of these products I noticed they are made in Netherlands. The 25g and 50g pouches, which I consider to be the genuine product, are made in New Zealand. The product from Netherlands is too finely cut, the colour is different and it does not taste like the Champion Ruby that I am used to. It gives me a sore throat too and I actually never finished the 20g pouch. I have only had two small cigarettes from the 15g pouch that I bought today and already I have a sore throat. I probably would not smoke more of it. What is very disappointing is the fact that I paid $36.95 for this product.

Customer Service

121 Winterstoke Road
Australia – BS32LL
Australia Complaint Against a Service

Acton Applecross

Complaint against ACTON real estate in Western Australia and John Coleman.

I had been forced to deal with this company through a commercial property I have been leasing for many years now.

Their customer service is appalling, they make decisions without considering long term tenants, they ignore emails, they don’t respond to maintenance issues even if they are a safety concern and they only engage in dialogue when it is important to them.

They don’t know the value of a commercial relationship, their approach to tenants is abrupt and dealing with them is exhausting.

Taking issues to Senior management does not work either and they clearly don’t hold their team accountable for any poor and unacceptable customer service.

If I had the choice and could turn back time, I would certainly not use nor recommend this company for any of their services.

Save yourself from massive heartache, Avoid and Stay away from All ACTON offices in Western Australia, they are all trained to be professional compulsive Liars.

Stephen Dawson

Customer Service

13 Kearns Crescent,
Ardross, Western Australia
Australia – 6153
Australia Complaint Against a Service

Gap Studios

I saw the Gap studios “Who I Am ” project advertising that they offer a free shoot and picture with the intension of promoting positive self image for teenagers. We drove 4 hours to get there. The shoot was beautiful and then the viewing was with the big salesman who spoke on and on about following your dreams and if you want something in life you go for it. He then played the video of all the beautiful shoots overplayed with positive affirmations from friends and family. Very emotional. Then comes the sales hit. Totally unexpected. Which ended in my daughter and I just feeling depressed that we can’t afford to pay $2000 for the photos. Emotional blackmail sales technique which was horrible. Do not fall for it. There intention is definitely NOT about promoting positive teen self image. It’s about making money. Shameful.

Customer Service

+61 294 533 887 (Head Office)
+61 288 829 154 (Bella Vista)
+61 738 540 018 (Brisbane)
Forest Central Business Park, Unit 2, Building 5, 49 Frenchs Forest Road East
Frenchs Forest, New South Wales
Australia – 2086
Bella Vista

T1, Unit 116, 14-16 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista NSW 2153

Unit 3, 34 Florence Street, Teneriffe Qld 4005

Australia Complaint Against a Service

Boutique Homes

Boutique Homes
Boutique Homes


I’m Mark Winter and my partner, Kyunghee Lim own Lot 152 – 36 Miranda Cresent, St’Leonards, Victoria.

Boutique Homes are building a new home on the block besides our block and in that execution have caused considerable damage to our block.

I have raised before this concern of accessing our block without the due communications before. In that compliant and from a Boutique Home Stage 1 Supervisor, Julie [protected]) was told that they would no longer be accessing our block and the damage to the land would be rectified. The front street concrete plinth has been repaired. Boutique Homes Contractors never less have continued to access our block and the land has sustained further damage as result of my request not being duly communicated.

The contractors have pulled down fencing, continued to drive on the block, stored rubbish and had machinery bogged on our land.

On Friday 17th July 2020, I asked the Stage 1 Supervisor to ask the person in charge of the erection of the home to contact myself but have had no reply. My neighbours are in regular communication about the state of my land.

I certainly would appreciate receiving a phone call from a Boutique Homes Representative to address my now real unease for the condition of my block and written confirmation that Boutique Homes will start the rectification of our block. Due to the COVID-19 effects, I wish to put my land on the market and in present condition am unable to do this or personally travel down to resolve our issue.

My contact details are
Mark Winter
Personal Mobile [protected]
preferred phone [protected]
email: – [protected]

Can my request be followed through and my current unease and disappointment be addressed here.


Mark Winter

Customer Service

+61 390 087 403 (Customer Service)
+61 396 744 554 (Warranties Assistance)
81 Lorimer St., Docklands
Melbourne, Victoria
Australia – 3006
Mon 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Tue 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Wed 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Thu 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Fri 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Sat Closed
Sun Closed
Australia Complaint Against a Service

Chris Parker

Chris Parker is the director of Michael Roberts strata and he has been contacted regarding some damaging allegations that someone is his office has edited bills , used money from trust and tried to bill me to cover costs . Basically committing fraud . He was told that we have evidence of it , and was asked to make contact to provide the evidence to prove it .

Any credible director would be concerned and want to resolve it . Chris Parker has chosen to ignore it , with the hope it will disappear. We will continue exposing him and what his company does until he acts in a credible manner , takes responsibility and makes attempt to resolve it . They are capable of committing fraud definitely do not hire them .

Country Australia
State New South Wales
City Hurstville
Address Suite 7, 11 Forest Road
Phone 8567 5900
Australia Complaint Against a Service

Dan Murphy’s

I filled out a survey for Dan Murphys now I am getting at least 2 calls a day from health insurers i have so far blocked 11 numbers!!!

It appears marketing agents etc are calling also.

Did you sell on my information? Never ever will i be associated with this brand

If this does not stop I will be forced to report this to the ombudsman



Customer Service

1300 723 388 (Australia)
+61 293 240 100 (International)
PO Box 8000
Baulkham Hills, New South Wales
Australia – 2153
Mon 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Tue 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Wed 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Thu 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Fri 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Sat 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sun 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Australia Complaint Against a Service

Couriers Please

19/6 picked up Sydney
2/7 transferred to country courier
8/7 BACK in Sydney

I cant believe how bad Couriers Please service is. Dont blame Covid-19 as I have had previous deliveries that have never arrived or gone to wrong address.

I have sent through an enquiry but just get a generic response re international deliveries taking so long. Well this is a delivery within the same state. Probably not even 2 hours away.

Customer Service

Rosehill Industrial Estate, Building C South
5-7 Shirley Street, Rosehill
Sydney, New South Wales
Australia – 2142
Australia Complaint Against a Service

Hungry Jack’s Australia

I recently visited your Keilor Downs Store in Melbourne. I placed my order via the drive through and went home. I arrived home to find that one of Whopper burgers for my husband was missing. I then had to drive back to the store and ask for the burger in store. By the time I arrived home the rest of my meal was cold. If this was an isolated incident I would not have minded so much however, this has happened on numerous occasions at the same store and quite frankly I am tired of paying for a meal that I ultimately eat cold.
My name is Cathie and I can be contacted on: [protected] or via email:

Customer Service

1300 852 326 (Australia)
The J.M. Smucker Co., 1 Strawberry Lane

Orrville, Ohio
United States – 44667-0280
State Office (NSW)
Unit 16, Riverside Centre, 148 James Ruse Dr, Rosehill NSW 2142