Brunei Darussalam

Surabaya to KL / Missing Luggage

As I arrived KL on the 11th of January, upon arrival, we proceed to collect our luggage and mine is not there. waited and asked for assistance from AirAsia Lost and found Dept and they couldn’t care less.

just said they will get back to me on the matter and told me to fill in the report for missing luggage. Now it is still and ongoing matter and they say they will keep me posted on tracing the luggage but I havent heard a single info from them. I’d have to constantly check in with them on a daily basis.

My thoughts are, its a goner for my luggage, but I want my compensation back. How can i get that done just to prepare myself after 14days not able to trace the luggage. Its the 2nd time Air Asia have lost my luggage, 1st time they managed to locate my luggage. Now 2nd time, I really hope for a miracle.