Complaint Against a Service Regina

Pacific Money Exchange

Terrible customer service at Pacific Money Exchange, and very strange and confusing business model. Yesterday I stood in line behind 4 customers who exchanged yen for dollars.

When I got to the window and showed my HI state ID (to get the posted kamaaina discount) and asked to exchange dollars for yen I was curtly told that they were out of yen, and that I needed to make an appointment.

When I pointed out that the previous customers had just exchanged yen for dollars, the teller rudely interrupted me, waived a piece of paper with some scribbles in my face,

and told me that maybe I should come back on Sunday when it was likely they would have “extra” yen to exchange me.

I know many people who have exchanged money here no problem and WITHOUT an “appointment”. Bottom line, there are plenty other places to exchange currency on-island and I suggest going elsewhere.

(808) 924-9318
339 Royal Hawaiian Ave Honolulu, HI, 96815

Canada Complaint Against a Service Regina

Cheryl Mae Fernandez – Winnipeg, Canada

Cheryl Mae Fernandez – Winnipeg, Canada is a cheater & homewrecker. This girl is an average girl at the [redacted] and I work with her. She told me the other day she cheated on her long distance relationship and made a joke about it.

The guy she was with was a hot guy who was a sweet heart. But she cheated with her ex James because they were up all night doing pepsi. Guys beware of this girl she’s drd positive and doesn’t have sex safe.