Canada Cheaters Complaint Against a Service

They advertised a special offer order 3 bottles and receive 2 free on 1st order for only $49.99 The website is Canadian. They billed in USD and they charged a total of $199.25 USD they also started dropshipping and sent out another 2 bottles for which they charged another $99. If a one month supply is one bottle why would you send another 2 bottles within 2 weeks of the customer receiving 5! Company is shifty and dishonest when customer service was called they said oh that was per bottle. It still doesn’t add up, they were willing to negotiate and only offer a partial refund of approximately half and said you may have unknowingly enrolled in our dropshipping program when you placed your order if you didn’t read all the details.

I should have taken a screenshot as the name has changed in a few weeks, on the link a few weeks ago it was hemp max labs now the same link takes you to try canadian extracts. and all the information is different now on the website. They say they are an American company but are located in Canada and that is why billing is in US Funds. I shoulsd also add they emailed order number out , however no invoice with price in the email or with the product when it arrived.

Country Canada
City Downsview, Ontario
Address PO Box 1127
Phone 1-833-400-0035
Cheaters Complaint Against a Service United States

Greenwood City Police Department

They tried to get these reviews taken down, now here it is for all to see, for all time:

Homeless two and half f*cking years living out of my goddamn car. Nearly f*cking robbed, assaulted and raped three different times; all occurring in f*cking greenwood village county. And the only f*cking thing these worthless stupid dumba*s f*cking swine can do is further f*cking harass me for how much f*cking time Im spending in a goddamn f*cking public restroom owned by the f*cking city on a f*cking public trail.

And these f*cking idiots have the f*cking balls to bang on the f*cking door and then come in and f*cking INSPECT the goddamn f*cking bathroom asking me what the f*ck Im doing in there. When I have goddamn f*cking Summers Eve in my goddamn f*cking hands!!!!!!!

And then had the f*cking balls to f*cking bi*ch about how much time I was spending in there all because a worthless f*cking stupid dumba*s f*cking s**t of a w***e bi*ch who doesn’t know her f*cking place has the gull to f*cking complain. News flash you stupid f*cking worthless a*s f*cking dumba*s pieces of sh*t-including the f*cking w***e whose going to have a lot more to worry about then how much time I spend taking a piss if I get my f*cking hands on her! Its a goddamn f*cking public restroom owned by the f*cking city and open to everyone a*s f*cks!!

And if I feel like sitting my f*cking a*s in there for as long as I f*cking feel like it and not coming out until Im d**n good and ready-I can! You stupid worthless dumba*s f*cking dumba*s f*cking stupid pieces of sh*t! And the next motherf*cker who thinks they’re balls enough to come and pull that bullsh*t again is going to f*cking get it and they’re going to f*cking regret the day they ever thought to even f*cking look at me wrong! Think Im lying? Try me!

And the f*cking kicker? I call their f*cking number to make a complaint about the blatant f*cking harassment I was put through by one of their worthless stupid dumba*s Sergeants and got told that their Corporal was going to be giving me a call back only for the stupid f*cking idiot to f*cking ignore it! Whats the matter? To afraid to to get your f*cking a*s reamed cowards???!!!!!! Or to afraid to own up to your f*cking mistakes???!!!! It doesn’t take much a*sholes. And its something that real f*cking adults know how to do!

If you want more information about the other events that have taken place here in GWV-look at some of my other reviews. Specifically the ones for Wallace Park and International Christian Church! That ought to tell you everything you need to know about how GWV really is.


These worthless stupid dumba*s motherf*cking a*s f*cks seriously f*cking thought Id let this sh*t drop and just “let it go.” Heres another update for your worthless stupid dumb f*cking dumbas*es!!! Not to long after this report was posted, I was at the f*cking public outhouse not to long after that using it to wipe my a*s after taking a dump. It was after hours when no else was there and these worthless stupid dumba*s ignorant a*s f*cks don’t even have park hours or anything else literally even posted and therefore not even mandated and its still publicly funded and therefore free for anyone to use.

And at f*cking 7 o’clock at night after just finishing wiping my a*s these motherf*cking stupid dumba*s worthless ChoMo incompetent a*s f*cks actually had the f*cking gull to bang on the goddamn f*cking door yelling, “its the police! Come on out!” And seriously even threatened to actually break into the bathroom if I didn’t come out! And when I did and started going off on them (rightfully so); they seriously had the balls to actually start acting like they were going to f*cking do something to me.

Threatening me that if I came back and spent anymore time in there-they would seriously arrest and cite me with “trespassing” for using it “after hours.”

When they seriously didn’t even f*cking put up f*cking signs until after I chewed their f*cking as*es out!! And even more so! These worthless stupid dumba*s ignorant a*s f*cking bastards actually had the gull to actually f*cking act like they literally had anything stating “we’ve been watching you.” “We have notes on you in the CAD system.” Of what? Me taking a dump? Did you also get a note of what the smell was and the ever soft texture too????

As if that sh*t (literally) would have even stood a f*cking day in court! Ha!

And then just to add to it;

The f*cking “Corporal,” or whatever the worthless stupid a*s f*cks name is actually had the gull to try and call me with his “special report,” about how these worthless stupid dumba*s ignorant a*s f*cks “did not violate any code of ethics” or such other worthless f*cking horse sh*t. If I had been black I probably even have a broken neck!

You bastards best get ready. Cause if you don’t think I intend to deliver on everything Ive been saying. You really have another thing coming. Thats right Natalie. You know who’s coming.

Suck it bi*ch.

Country United States
State Colorado
City Greenwood Village
Address 6060 S Quebec St
Phone 1 303-741-5960
Cheaters Complaint Against A Cheater

Ramses X Rosa HI

Ramses X Rosa lives in Honolulu, Hawaii and works for Honolulu Ocean Safety. He is 57 years old. He is a liar because almost everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. He is a cheater because he cheated on his current wife and at least 2 ex-wives. He cheats behind his wife’s back even with her friends and send them pics of his c¤¤¤.

When he meets a new woman he says he has never married or lived with anyone his entire life! He is a loner and he might be single for the rest of his life. Surprise! Public record shows he was divorced at least twice in Hawaii and ex-wives shared the same address. He says he married a Swedish woman to help her with Green Card. He says his last name is Rosa Franco to make it sound more Spanish but his real last name is Rosa Mercader and he is a Puerto Rican. He says he is a gentleman but he is NOTHING but!

He loves to talk about his ex-girlfriends and they are his best friends but no one actually speaks to him. In fact he talks about his current wife to his new girl friends as if she was his ex girlfriend a long time ago. He doesn’t wear a wedding band, either. He says he was born and raised in Spain and moved to Puerto Rico when he was 13 but he was born and raised in Puerto Rico. He says he graduated from a university in San Diego but he can’t even spell the most basic English words. He says travelled 50+ countries for water sports competition, work and pleasure but it’s all b.s. He says he is an entrepreneur and used to own a cafe and a night club but he didn’t. He says he owns 2 condo units but he doesn´t. He says he is retiring very soon to PR to open a cafe but he has been saying that for the last 15 years. He says he is a single owner of a property in PR but he is not. He says he is an animal lover but he is not. He thinks he is a good lover but he repeats the same move every time! He spreads herpes!

He is a loser who has no respect, dignity or class!!

Cheaters Complaint Against A Cheater

Angeth Malual 🐟 FISH CUNT 🐟 Melbourne, VIC – Australia

Angeth Malual is a scamming filth pig who cheats on whatever she gets her claws on. She is a race baiter who constantly gripes and won’t shut the F up. She’s jealous of hot women and she really hates white girls.

Angeth is a 20 year old African queen who spreads her legs for all the d🍆 out there. She has been fooling around since she was eleven. Her half brother busted out her cherry, and she has been going nonstop ever since. This pig has got the big, sucking lips, but her vagjayjay stinks like rotting fish and pure s#it!! You can F her raw in her vag, bust a nut in her a-hole and not know the difference, because both holes are huge and smell the same. Angeth does not believe in washing her rotting crotch! If you can stand the smell of her stinky vag, get your homies to run a train on her. She’ll take it all up her dirty snatchtrap! Angeth Malual is a cheater from hell!

Cheaters Complaint Against A Cheater

marva ahmad aka marva yasmin an online and offline scammer and abuser and time waster

Marva Ahmad is a man or woman and abuser from Barrow Alaska and can also additionally be residing in East Elmhurst, Queens. I at first met Marva Ahmad and that led to organization as it grew. She fashions and I consider she is an actress. She is in all likelihood 24 years historical at the time of the posting.

Marva Ahmad is all about business. She would make pals with you and later on favor to lease you when she sees you are an professional at something. She would choose that shape of appreciation from me and others then leave them excessive and dry later on.

Marva Ahmad doesn’t care about your side of the deal or how to aid you in return. She is in it absolutely to benefit. She can additionally even use you to be in fee of property then keep you to blame if some thing goes wrong. Marva Ahmad Doesn’t even care if it is an inveonceineience for you to go all the way to meet her. She can additionally educate you to meet her then bait and swap you to doing some difficulty else. she with the aid of no functionality reimbursed me one time for some aspect and doesn’t care how it financially affects me.

Marva Ahmad Is a thirst entice to many enterprise men so it is recommended to be careful when dealing with her when it comes to employment and or some trouble else to do with her.

I labored with Marva Ahmad too! She is now no longer have self assurance worthy. Marva Ahmad will have a appear at your business and replica it and does not care of repercussions. Get mad at Marva Ahmad? She will threaten you with criminal movement to silence you. She is too much.

I labored with her too on the east coast. Marva Ahmad aka Marva Yasmine or Marva Yasmine is now not to be trusted. She is too friendly and its a gimmick actually to examine from you how to make cash online. To hire you or to partner up with you is a complete giant gimmick certainly to get from you whatever you be conscious of in business. Marva Ahmad aka Marva Yasmine or Marva Yasmine intends to steal commercial enterprise agency change secrets and techniques and strategies even if you go all the way to each and each specific u . s . a . absolutely to meet up for personal alleviation consisting of private things with no upfront payment. I gave her many instances to clear it all up however she has no longer even admitted to doing anything. Things can get all cleared out she blew these probabilities too. Anyone that wishes to work with Marva Ahmad aka Marva Yasmine or Marva Yasmine beware!!!

Also Marva Yasmin or (real name: Marva Ahmad) scammed my buddy in a advertising commercial enterprise thought taking him to many hotels and areas all on his dime now no longer on her dime. Marva Yasmin or (real name: Marva Ahmad) solely intends to rip money off of you. Marva Yasmin or (real name: Marva Ahmad) of route will now not care if you are restricted on cash however as quickly as she finds out she will go away you for more profitable human beings in any enterprise she works with. Marva Yasmin or (real name: Marva Ahmad) is now now not trustworthy. Marva Yasmin or (real name: Marva Ahmad) fails to contact me to unravel this so i will maintain giving updates as rapidly as i have them on the Marva Yasmin or (real name: Marva Ahmad) issue.

If marva ahmad aka marva yasmin or marva yasmine wishes matters cleared she will contact me thru digital mail or smartphone to make it right. I have now now no longer in my opinion spoke to her on the grounds that early 2017. I have contacts marva ahmad aka marva yasmin or marva yasmine desires to speak with however she is loosing acces to them until she chooses to accept as true with me again. She is aware of who i am and i did speak with her in my opinion until early 2017.

marva ahmad aka marva yasmin has exceptional matters coming. I used to be the intern for marva ahmad aka marva yasmin. And she even an internship in rego park queens even one point had me do a go for her in newark, new jersey with her particular need for the use of uber. Not buddies with her as of 2017 even have given her chances to available things up. I sooner or later misplaced money and got screwed over. Now that she is aware of who i am she have to contact me to make it right.

Cheaters Complaint Against A Cheater

Donte Bouyer aka Mr Donte Bouyer rude production assistant in new york city

Donte Bouyer aka Mr Donte Bouyer is a manufacturing assistant and inspiring film maker grew to be Second Unit Director or Assistant Director in new york city. If you are working on movie units in new york city as an extra, and have a desire whether or not or not or now now no longer to work as an larger in new york city or each and every and every different area, choose out a pinnacle notch area.

If you have no want however to come to new york city, then pay hobby there is corruption in the business enterprise and they fail to try and be silenced. And with all the media activity to corrupt actors I would believe about the truth they can right this then again for sure, they aren’t. Donte Bouyer aka Mr Donte Bouyer is no exception.

Oddly, I did now now no longer at first try to depart a think about then as soon as more no endure in mind what i did staying quiet through using no capability without a doubt constant this impolite corruptness of crew of personnel like this individual. Donte Bouyer aka Mr Donte Bouyer is a headache. This barring a doubt make an larger reflect onconsideration on hard about what they will deal with, on the distinct hand its a buried away hassle with corrupt manufacturing crew of humans trying to retaliate each and each and every hazard they got. Complaining to manufacturing organizations of this structure of habits did now no longer do anything. There used to be as quickly as as soon as nothing that can be carried out to cease bullying of each one-of-a-kind at work.

In fact, they have one manufacturing employee named Donte Bouyer aka Mr Donte Bouyer who I would label a bully himself and due to the reality of the way first-rate matters work in the enjoyment gadget Donte Bouyer aka Mr Donte Bouyer thinks himself as bullet proof in the the the front of his buddies on set then tries to act like he is sorry after like by using using workable of way of some capability that is all adequate after the fact when it in no way was.

Some film extras was as soon as as rapidly as as rapidly as self harming as a quit quit result of what used to be as rapidly as as soon as going on and the manufacturing companies would now now not do something to resource precise then vain complaints. The complaints intensified the hostility in every and every situation. Donte Bouyer aka Mr Donte Bouyer does now now now not apprehend this at all now, does he?

Also, After retaliating one time Donte Bouyer aka Mr Donte Bouyer has managed to furnish me an u . s . a . of concept after the whole thing, performing difficult via way of the utilization of his set pals for nothing. When i sought to complain, Donte Bouyer aka Mr Donte Bouyer used to be as shortly as petty, abusive and truely left barring any constraints as how he dealt with the movie extras. Yelling at them, performing tough once extra and searching for revenge due to the fact he used to be mentioned for behaving that way. As a result, all of the distinct movie extras on his facet and Donte Bouyer aka Mr Donte Bouyer makes use of this total friend-zone with his one of a type pals to his advantage. The man is evil.

He has received a range of complaints over many years however as a result do nothing due to the reality he has tenure. If you show up depressed and tremendously burdened after attending exercise or going to this city as a movie higher I would spend time speakme with Donte Bouyer aka Mr Donte Bouyer if he is ever brilliant particular clever i will file any exceptional complaint.

Many movie extras will no longer speak about about Donte Bouyer aka Mr Donte Bouyer for subject their manufacturing assistants will (of course) bitch and the bullies (the specific manufacturing assistants most in fact included) will flip on the movieextras in every and each and each and every and each and each and every way imaginable. This is how the device is run due to the reality even if you in no way have professional dealings with Donte Bouyer aka Mr Donte Bouyer, the manufacturing personnel are included in a exceptional deal the equal way. If you are a very extraordinarily super character and are his pal you likely would perhaps no longer have any troubles with Donte Bouyer aka Mr Donte Bouyer.

Donte Bouyer aka Mr Donte Bouyer carelessly hit me the vicinity it hurts the worst and no longer even chosen to give up behaving that way. It sickens me how things are executed with Donte Bouyer aka Mr Donte Bouyer and his uncontrollable behavior, and I have spoken with a director who is region of the manufacturing years in the previous and referred to they went via similar things so none of this is new desirable now. You have been warned about Donte Bouyer aka Mr Donte Bouyer and I pick every man or girl warned me before becoming a member of the film extras work. You have preferences one-of-a-kind then this job too outdoor of the industry, so remain vigilant and be conscious of these troubles of working with Donte Bouyer aka Mr Donte Bouyer in the movie and movie manufacturing industries, they do no longer care. And the first sign you see in reality take them out and bitch proper away. Trust me here, I choose I had completed this on day one. And proceed to be away from Donte Bouyer aka Mr Donte Bouyer!

This is an sincere assessment on Donte Bouyer aka Mr Donte Bouyer as a man or lady and a manufacturing employee. This is to inform clients of his conduct and his professional whereabouts on how acts at work. More proof is planned to be uploaded as the conditions development as we rush to acquire all proof on this and because there are many witnesses on issues with Donte Bouyer aka Mr Donte Bouyer we will add greater shortly very shortly!

Cheaters Complaint Against A Cheater

Ramses Rosa Honolulu HI (808)722-4700

Ramses is a 57 year old Puerto Rican who lives in a smelly studio in Waikiki. He is the biggest cheater and liar in Honolulu. He calls himself Franco, but his real name is Ramses Xavier Rosa Mercader. He has been married since 2008 to the same woman, she moved to Puerto Rico after he screwed her best friend in Honolulu. He works for Honolulu Ocean Safety and chases after women on Tinder and tourists in Waikiki. He even hits on his wife’s girlfriends behind her back. He will say and do whatever to get laid, can’t keep it in his pants. Spreads herpes!

Ramses says he is a bachelor and a gentleman, he is nothing but. When he meets a new woman he says he is a loner and has never lived with a woman his entire life, and he might end up single for the rest of his life. Surprise! Public record shows he has been married at least three times, and his current wife + at least one ex- wife shared the same address. He is /has been married to foreign nationale women only, who depend on him for their visa status in the US. He doesn’t wear a weeding band. Ramses travels to see his wife in Puerto Rico every second month, while he also dates several women in Honolulu simultaneously. When he visits his wife and tries to get back with her, he tells his Honolulu squeeze/s that he must do property maintenance in PR. Every Saturday afternoon when he is off from work in Waikiki he will hike up Kuliou’ou Ridge trail with a different Tinder date. He sometimes has more than one Tinder date on the same day.

Ramses lies about most things in his pathetic life, as a matter of fact he has to lie to get laid. He says he is from Spain originally to sound more exotic, but he is Puerto Rican only, born and raised. He says he graduated from a university in San Diego, truth is he is uneducated and can’t even spell the most simple English words. He says he traveled 50+ countries for water sports competition and work, that he sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, climbed the Mt. Everest, traveled in Africa – all bs. He says he is an entrepreneur and that he is the single owner of a property in PR, he is not. Says he owns two condo units in Honolulu, he does not. He talks about his current wife as if she is his friend only, he even uses a photo oh him and his wife together on Halloween 2014 on his Tinder page, claiming that she is his best friend. When he gets caught in the lie he will say they remain married only so she can get a green card in the US. He has no friends because no one can stand him anymore and no one talks to him. He sends pics of his **** to his wife’s girlfriends.

Ramses X Rosa is a loser with no respect, dignity or class.

Cheaters Complaint Against A Cheater

Randy Cook / zr0skilz | COLORADO PEDOPHILE

He is [currently] a thirty-one-year-old pedophile who never quite grew out of his teenage phase. Immature and manipulative (but can’t lie to save his life), he prefers to spend his time online grooming underage teenage girls and having them send their underwear to his house.

His social media:

Cheaters Complaint Against A Cheater

If you’ve had any dealings with this person

If you have had any dealings with this company. Please check your finances.
9101 E Kenyon Ave Ste 1200
Denver, CO 80237-1854
(303) 459-4919
Summit Association Management and Tricia bock aka Patricia Bonnette


Unprofessional, disorganized, wreckless, disrespectful, unresponsive, and most of all dishonest. This HOA management company is a menace to the neighborhood with their disorganized business practices. They’re rude and defensive when asked questions. My experience is that they have poor communication and documentation of the HOA rules and processes. I run a multi-national award winning fortune 200 training organization and I would not hire anyone from this company as an intern. The lack of professionalism and void where customer service should be is offensive. They make me ashamed to own a home in this community.
I will drive to the next town to get my spirits before going here or I will stop drinking. From my personal experience, this company is not worthy of my hard-earned money. I have experienced a lack of communication on the consumer and corporate levels. I have noticed that there are confidentiality breaches; in a short amount of time, I have noticed personal information shared to leaders will also be shared with others. I have noticed that gossip/ banter is taken for truth and acted upon as fact. I have experience the creation and spread of rumors and understand that they implement actions without trial. I am not sure if it is illegal to inform one co-worker of another co-workers` mental state or employment status but I am certain that this happened here, to me, and it is frowned upon. I am shocked, no appalled, that someone could conduct business in this manner with even minimal success. Now- I do understand that this does not have to do with the products that this business carries but I, personally, would rather have my hard-earned money spent at an establishment with people that are more trustworthy. Especially, since I can get the same exact thing right up the road at McCutters or Johnstown Liquor and have more pride in where I shop. From this experience, I vow to never spend another penny at an establishment who tarnishes reputations and fires hard working individuals’ due to a rumor. I have recordings of the business owner slandering names of employees as well as informing a third party about their co-workers mental well-being to me. This type of behavior indicated to me that this business is unaware of the difference between fact and gossip; wrong and right. Businesses like this should be stopped, and educated or should at the very least, not be supported. Due to these reasons, I have personally vowed to boycott this business until better business models and principles are put in place. This business will attempt to say I am a disgruntled employee attempting to “lash out” but please understand I resigned from my position because I hold myself to a standard higher than what they can produce and I urge you to as well. Please contact me for any proof needed to make an informed decision of boycotting this establishment.

UPDATE: People that are leaving bad reviews are now being banned from the store. This further supports my decision in boycotting this establishment. Opinions are the right of everyone- not to be limited to those with funds.

Horrible business people. Dont support the new owners

  •  Scam
Cheaters Complaint Against A Cheater

Black Lives Matter Supporter Isaiah Jackson – Springfield, Ohio

Isaiah Jackson of Springfield Ohio is the name of this misfit, pig fucker who abused a baby, by crushing the baby’s neck with his knee. This Black Lives Matter following racist is a piece of shit! Isaiah Jackson is a baby killer and an abuser. His mother must be proud for raising such a worthless, violent scumbag. His mother is more than likely an obese, nymphomaniac whore with the neighborhood community pussy, who has had several kids to different baby daddies. Her wrinkly, stinky, old pussy must be filled with crabs and disease.

Isaiah Jackson was indeed raised in a fatherless home with a welfare whore for a mother. Every violent, outlaw negro out there is raised by loudmouth, attention whore single mothers, with no fathers. All these hoodrat single moms care about is dick and attention. They do not know how to raise their children! This is why these kids from these half assed households grow up so ignorant and violent.

This subhuman parasite, Isaiah Jackson needs to be locked away or executed. Everyone with sense prefers the latter, but unfortunately we live in a politically correct society where we no longer lynch these violent bucks. Do not get pregnant by this piece of shit! If he abuses babies, he will attack yours too. His coal burning girlfriend is a whore who allowed her ugly buck boyfriend to abuse her baby. Do not have anything to do with this trash! Do not fuck this loser!