Cheaters Complaint Against A Cheater

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Cheaters Complaint Against A Cheater

Darren Ambler Cherry Hill NJ/ Sex addict/ Drug Addict/ Mentay Ill/ STD Carrier/ Pervert/ Internet Abuser/ Pornography addict/ Incompetent Father:

It is critically important to continually update articles on Darren Ambler..aka Darren Scott Ambler. Mr. mbler resides at 12 Westbury Drive in cherry Hill Township NJ. He is a known Sex addict, compulsive Liar, Prostitute, Drug addict and pusher, Pornogrphy addict and deepy psychotic.

Darren Ambler fell heavily into sex addiction around 2015 2016. Sex addicts do not change especially when they do not seek help or admit wrong doing. Whoch Darren Ambler “NEVER” admits wrong doing of any kind. He has abused, raped, threatened numerous females and was known to engage in occasional sex with males. Darren is no good, has no morals, scruples, etiquette or conscience. Mr. Darren Ambler is a mentally ill person witk sick addictions and fetishes. He abuses many drugs such as pot, cocaine, heroin, speed and numerous pills. Darren Ambler is a registered Pharmacist in New Jersey and Pennsylvania which gives him easy access to drugs.

Darren Ambler has openly engaged in prostitution, bondage, sex orgies and other sick pornographic acts, he would screw anything that moves out of desperation and sexual need. Mr Ambler also has a vulgar mouth and Zero MORALS. Darren Ambler has also physically abused many women. Megan Bentzley, Mindy Murray, Angie Parsons, and George Parsons are just a few of his sexual exploits from the past. Behavior like this does not change.

Darren Ambler is known to have STD’s. To date it was verified that he infected several sex partners. He may also have illegitimate children. prostitution is illegal no matter what Darren Ambler thinks. Spreading STD’s is criminal and pushing drugs is also illegal. Mr Ambler is an Excellent LIAR and very SHALLOW. He cares about HIMSELF only. He has two children that should be taken away from hi due to his Drug abuse, Prostitution lifestyle and for simply being incompetent.

Ambler’s last known employer Express Scripts/ Medco in New Jersey. He will have SEX with anyone of any age . Darren Ambler has also enjoyed SEX with males and he enjoys BONDAGE and other Sick Immoral SEX activity. BEWARE of this Predator. Darren Ambler is very unattractive and has Breath that would kill a horse. He is full of infection and possibly other SEXUALLY related diseases. If you value your life stay away from this PREDATOR he is NO GOOD. EVIL, Rotten to the core. Mr. Amber is insecure and desperate. He has screwed Grandmothers, teenagers, and anyone desperate to have him. BEWARE:

Darren Ambler beat one of his former SEX partners so badly she went running into the street screaming for help. Of course, Mr Ambler was HIGH on drugs at the time and on a SEX BINGE which is common among SEX and Drug addicts. Darren Ambler is also an INTERNET abuser and according to information found he was reprimanded for previous INTERNET abuse and Harassment. Has also frequented various Dating and SEX based web sites looking for his next Sick SEX encounter.

Cheaters Complaint Against A Cheater

Jim Pryal

This homely fuckstain is Jim Pryal. He is known for sticking his d**k in anything. If contacts you run as fast as you can, he is a psycho and will make your life h**l and he has multiple STD’s.
He can’t keep a job. He had to move away from Escanaba to Crystal Falls into low income housing because he can’t get or keep a real job. He studied computer network systems & security in college but can’t land a job in his field.
He knocked up a junkie, and has been a half a*s deadbeat dad to his daughter since the day she was born. He has defaulted on child support and allowed his daughter to live and grow up in a drug house. He has had CPS called on him multiple times for neglect.
Stay as far away as you can from him. He has a small p***s and a huge abusive temper. Every word he says is a lie all he wants is s*x, he is an addict himself.
He prays on the women he thinks he can manipulate and will use them for every dime they have. Trust this haggard looking short fat disease infested little d**k man at your own risk
He lies all the time, he will try to say that all these articles online about him are false. Ask any woman he has been in contact with and she will confirm everything said here is true. He has incredibly low self esteem, he’s unstable & manipulative. He has multiple complaints against him with law enforcement.
He refuses to use a condom, when you sleep with him you are sleeping with dozens of drug using women and you will end up with an many STDs.

Cheaters Complaint Against A Cheater

Tricia Bock
Summit Association Management and Patricia bock
by Someone should look into this person on 7/23/2020

If you have had any dealings with this company. Please check your finances.
9101 E Kenyon Ave Ste 1200
Denver, CO 80237-1854
(303) 459-4919


Unprofessional, disorganized, wreckless, disrespectful, unresponsive, and most of all dishonest. This HOA management company is a menace to the neighborhood with their disorganized business practices. They’re rude and defensive when asked questions. My experience is that they have poor communication and documentation of the HOA rules and processes. I run a multi-national award winning fortune 200 training organization and I would not hire anyone from this company as an intern. The lack of professionalism and void where customer service should be is offensive. They make me ashamed to own a home in this community.

Patricia Bock, Tricia Bock, Patricia Bonnette
by jiwinow338 on 7/6/2020

TranJen- All you said is right on. This person as you can see, has changed her looks entirely, facelift, veneers… I think John should be worried – they hit their 10 year anniversary next year. John should get away while he can.

Where do you think this person got all this money for personal repairs??? Undoubtedly scam
Abandon all hope ye who enter here
by tranjenifer2010 on 6/6/2017

I will drive to the next town to get my spirits before going here or I will stop drinking. I know this from personal experience- the new owners are not people worthy of your hard earned money. The new owner Patricia Bock is sneaky and deceitful in my personal opinion. There is a lack of communication on all fronts and an ignorance is bliss structure. From my experience there is no information that is safe with her. In the short amount of time that I have known her I have noticed a few things. Personal information shared with her will be repeated to anyone who will listen. She is the type of owner that focus’ on the gossip and banter of employees rather than focusing on strong business morals. In my personal experience, she created or spread rumors and fired a co-worker of mine due to allegedly being bipolar and as well as informing new people of this person sexual orientation. I am not sure if it is illegal but I am certain that it is frowned upon. her gaps in knowledge will be blamed on anyone that she can blame it on, but never herself. I am shocked, no appalled, that someone her age still acts in this manner. Facts are not facts with this type of individual and loyalty and respect will get one no where. Now- I do understand that this does not have to do with the products that she carries but I, personally, would rather have my hard earned money spent at an established with trustworthy people. Especially since I can get the same exact thing right up the road at McCutters. From this experience, I vow to never spend another penny at an establishment who tarnishes reputations and fires hard working individuals due to a rumor. If you would like to hear the recordings of this individual slandering names of her previous employees as well as informing a third party about their co-workers mental well-being please feel free to reach out. Please remember that this person is unaware of the difference between fact and gossip and blissfully ignorant to her own faults. People like this should be stopped, and educated or should at the very least, not be supported. We live in a time where this


Cheaters Complaint Against A Cheater

HARRY TZIANAKIS attacks asians in brooklyn ny for no reason

This is a new racist assault at the time of writing involving HARRY TZIANAKIS. During late July 2020 An Asian American used to be verbally assaulted by way of way of HARRY TZIANAKIS in Brooklyn, New York simply a few days ago. The sufferer says he used to be riding alongside seventh Ave, between 58th-59th St when a bicyclist thru the locate out of HARRY TZIANAKIS flipped him off after the sufferer had given him a reasonable honk to let the bicyclist understand he used to be in the again of him. HARRY TZIANAKIS had allegedly been swerving in the center of the road.

After Tang honked, HARRY TZIANAKIS brake checked him. The sufferer says he then proceeded to get out of his automobile to take a show up to be at to see if HARRY TZIANAKIS was once as soon as as soon as alright, inform him to use the bike lane and ask why he used to be as soon as swerving in and out of a two way street. According to the victim, HARRY TZIANAKIS commenced out shouting slurs at the sufferer and his non-English speakme uncle. He says HARRY TZIANAKIS referred to as them “yellow b*tches” and educated them they shouldn’t be in his country. HARRY TZIANAKIS noted Asians had been the weakest race on the planet and persevered to title them whores, f*ggots and inbreds.

HARRY TZIANAKIS allegedly moreover made unprompted racist remarks about Black people, calling them r*tarded and the use of the n-word severa times. Now solely if HARRY TZIANAKIS knew whats going to come out of this. The sufferer tried to stroll away three cases then once more stopped when HARRY TZIANAKIS proceeded to punch his car. At that point, he took out his smartphone and commenced recording HARRY TZIANAKIS for evidence. HARRY TZIANAKIS insulted the sufferer a few increased instances formerly than calling 911. During the call, HARRY TZIANAKIS allegedly claimed that he was once as soon as injured and that there used to be a “dead man” on the scene. The police, furnace department and paramedics all arrived after the bicyclist regarded as 911. When the paramedics arrived HARRY TZIANAKIS stopped claiming he was once as quickly as injured on the exclusive hand stated he appreciated the sufferer arrested. The police filed a file citing that there used to be as soon as no harm to the man’s bike.

According to the victim, HARRY TZIANAKIS has a documents of harassing the Asian regional in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, many of his victims have been older Asian immigrants who ought to now no longer apprehend his racist remarks or defend themselves due to the fact of the language barrier. HARRY TZIANAKIS works as a tradesman for volmar improvement in brooklyn and they choose to be contacted for his behavior. We can not hold this going for splendid no rely where he works. HARRY TZIANAKIS is of greek basis and may additionally be forty six or 48 years historic at time of writing. HARRY TZIANAKIS ought to look up his lesson.

Cheaters Complaint Against A Cheater

AMANDA TENENZAPF sleeps with some of the top industry leaders in entertainment for career benefit

AMANDA TENENZAPF aka AMANDA MARIE TENENZAPF aka AMANDA TENEN is a manufacturing worker and model in new york metropolis that makes use of sexuality to get her way in the industry. If you are working on movie units in new york town as an extra, retain away from her if you are in a necessary position. If you have no want then once more to come to new york city, then pay pastime there is corruption with AMANDA TENENZAPF aka AMANDA MARIE TENENZAPF aka AMANDA TENEN and others in the enterprise organisation and they fail to strive and be silenced. And with all the media hobby to corrupt actors I would count on about the fact AMANDA TENENZAPF aka AMANDA MARIE TENENZAPF aka AMANDA TENEN can proper this on the different hand for sure, they aren’t.
AMANDA TENENZAPF aka AMANDA MARIE TENENZAPF aka AMANDA TENEN is no exception. She sleeps with producers and principal people in the industry. Oddly, I did now now now not at first try to go away a consider then as soon as extra no rely what i did staying quiet via way of no capacity in reality normal this impolite corruptness of crew of humans like this individual. AMANDA TENENZAPF aka AMANDA MARIE TENENZAPF aka AMANDA TENEN is a headache. This besides a doubt make an extra suppose about difficult about what they will deal with, on the different hand its a buried away trouble with corrupt manufacturing crew of human beings trying to retaliate each and every hazard they got. AMANDA TENENZAPF aka AMANDA MARIE TENENZAPF aka AMANDA TENEN ought to be careful.
Complaining AMANDA TENENZAPF aka AMANDA MARIE TENENZAPF aka AMANDA TENEN of this shape of habits did now no longer do anything. There was once as soon as as soon as as quickly as as shortly as nothing that can be carried out to give up bullying of every different at work.In fact, they have one manufacturing employee named AMANDA TENENZAPF aka AMANDA MARIE TENENZAPF aka AMANDA TENEN who I would label a bully herself and due to the fact of the way quality matters work in the enjoyment gadget AMANDA TENENZAPF aka AMANDA MARIE TENENZAPF aka AMANDA TENEN thinks herself as bullet proof in the the the front of her pals on set then tries to act like she is sorry after like via way of some potential that is all ample after the truth when it in no way was.
Some movie extras was as soon as once as rapidly as self harming as a give up stop end result of what used to be as rapidly as as soon as going on and the manufacturing groups would now now now not do some issue to help one of a range then useless complaints. she complaints intensified the hostility in each situation. AMANDA TENENZAPF aka AMANDA MARIE TENENZAPF aka AMANDA TENEN does now now no longer apprehend this at all now, does he?Also, After retaliating one time AMANDA TENENZAPF aka AMANDA MARIE TENENZAPF aka AMANDA TENEN has managed to furnish me an body of thought after the whole thing, performing tough with the aid of way of the utilization of her set buddies for nothing.
When i sought to complain, AMANDA TENENZAPF aka AMANDA MARIE TENENZAPF aka AMANDA TENEN used to be as shortly as petty, abusive and in fact left barring any constraints as how she dealt with the movie extras. Yelling at them, performing challenging as soon as extra and searching out for revenge due to the truth she used to be noted for behaving that way. As a result, all of the particular movie extras on her issue and AMANDA TENENZAPF aka AMANDA MARIE TENENZAPF aka AMANDA TENEN makes use of this complete friend-zone with her one of a type buddies to her advantage. The man is evil.she has received a range of complaints over many years however in the stop do nothing due to the truth she has tenure. If you exhibit up depressed and tremendously forced after attending exercising or going to this town as a film greater I would spend time speakme with AMANDA TENENZAPF aka AMANDA MARIE TENENZAPF aka AMANDA TENEN if she is ever best splendid sensible i will file any different complaint. Many film extras will no longer discuss about about AMANDA TENENZAPF aka AMANDA MARIE TENENZAPF aka AMANDA TENEN for assignment their manufacturing assistants will (of course) bitch and the bullies (the special manufacturing assistants most in fact included) will flip on the movieextras in each and every and each and every and each and every way imaginable.
This is how the laptop is run due to the truth even if you in no way have expert dealings with AMANDA TENENZAPF aka AMANDA MARIE TENENZAPF aka AMANDA TENEN, the manufacturing personnel are blanketed in a wonderful deal the equal way. If you are a very pretty precise man or female and are her buddy you in all likelihood would perhaps now no longer have any troubles with AMANDA TENENZAPF aka AMANDA MARIE TENENZAPF aka AMANDA TENEN. AMANDA TENENZAPF aka AMANDA MARIE TENENZAPF aka AMANDA TENEN carelessly hit me the location it hurts the worst and now now not even chosen to forestall behaving that way.
It sickens me how things are executed with AMANDA TENENZAPF aka AMANDA MARIE TENENZAPF aka AMANDA TENEN and her uncontrollable behavior, and I have spoken with a director who is area of the manufacturing years in the past and referred to they went through way of comparable matters so none of this is new suitable now. You have been warned about AMANDA TENENZAPF aka AMANDA MARIE TENENZAPF aka AMANDA TENEN and I pick out each and each man or girl warned me previously than turning into a member of the film extras work.
You have preferences extremely good then this job too out of doors of the industry, so stay vigilant and be conscious of these troubles of working with AMANDA TENENZAPF aka AMANDA MARIE TENENZAPF aka AMANDA TENEN in the film and film manufacturing industries, they do no longer care. And the first signal you see actually take them out and bitch gorgeous away. Trust me here, I pick I had carried out this on day one. And proceed to be away from AMANDA TENENZAPF aka AMANDA MARIE TENENZAPF aka AMANDA TENEN!
This is an handy assessment on AMANDA TENENZAPF aka AMANDA MARIE TENENZAPF aka AMANDA TENEN as a man or girl and a manufacturing employee. This is to inform clients of her behavior and her expert whereabouts on how acts at work. More proof is deliberate to be uploaded as the cases boom as we rush to gather all proof on this and in view that there are many witnesses on troubles with AMANDA TENENZAPF aka AMANDA MARIE TENENZAPF aka AMANDA TENEN we will add greater rapidly very shortly!

Cheaters Complaint Against A Cheater

Vermont Law School VLS Reviews Scam Ripoff Financial Money Troubles Finance Tuition JD South Royalton VT Dean Thomas McHenry AAUP sanction ABA Racists

Vermont Law School (VLS) is a total scam and the ABA (American Bar Association) should revoke this joke school’s accreditation ASAP! Vermont Law suckers naive people into going to this bottom-ranked garbage law school only to churn out law grads who end up unemployed, depesssed and with no future. Vermont Law routinely misleads the ABA and embelishes their public disclosure data with numbers that are misleading. Over 92% of VLS JD grads DO NOT get jobs even after 10 years of passing the bar! No respectable employer wants to hire Vermont Law grads. VLS fired its best faculty which got the school into the sanction list by the AAUP and the ABA. Former professor Craig Pearse even called Dean Thomas (Tom) McHenry a tryant and a hypocrite, a view that is shared by many. And Vermont Law School’s financial troubles are all over the news for anyone to see! VLS accepts JD students with enticement of scholarships only to rescind it later in their lame attempt to balance their budget. And let’s not forget how VLS expelled law student Sissy Bradford because she spoke out against the law school’s racist, discriminatory and predatory behaviour towards its students and she also questioned the school administration’s financial mismangement. Vermont Law School is headed for failure! It’s not a matter of ‘if’ but rather ‘when’ Vermont Law will close and shut down for good like other failed law schools. After all, Vermont Law School’s founder Anthony Doria was a long-time mobster and a convicted criminal with many felony convictions! Stay far away from this toxic institution!!!

Cheaters Complaint Against A Cheater

Derya Abdullah is a prostitute who has sex with old married men for money!!! Toronto Windsor Ontario Canada Aneeqa Farid Sugar Daddy Instagram

Awww. Poor hooker skank Derya Abdullah. This freaky dude-ish looking dumb ho with pounds of makeup thinks Google is the only search engine (looool) out there and the dumb also think Google will do a worldwide search removal, hahaha. Hawww yeeaah son, this beeyootch Derya Abdullah be the biggest undacova prostitute takin after her bff hoe bag Aneeqa Farid. There be nuff photos of Derya Abdullah chillin’ and loungin’ with old grandpa suggar daddy mofos on her fukkk trips with Aneeqa Farid, Jasrina, Rabea, Amna n all dem hoez. Derya Abdullah got at least a 100 dude body count (thanks to her bestie Aneeqa) and most of dem homies be old geezerz ova 65 years old. we be postin photos of Derya Abdullah, Jasrina, Aneeqa with dem old fellas on their Vegas trip. Derya Abdullah be smashed by 5 old asf dudes for $2K a pop! Aneeqa’s sugar daddy Lester be poppin’ Derya Abdullah in the raw for 5 g’s and he also smashed Derya Abdullah from the back in her booootaaay hole. Derya Abdullah n aneeqa farid had sex with many dudes togetha chaisn’ clout n’ gettin’ paid to be dickked by old married MFers for dirty cash monay! Videos of Derya Abdullah partayin it up with skanky thot Aneeqa in greece and turkey be posted all ova youtube. Derya Abdullah always been a lowkey escort in Toronto Windsor. Derya Abdullah be lookin’ like a dude with no makup on… lol Derya Abdullah is a big time drug addict who sniffs coke does heroin… and she be a alcoholic who be boozin’ up 24/7/365. She be hella easy to bang n sex up on da a random. Derya Abdullah’s gyal Aneeqa’s been exposed as a sugar baby hooker who be gettin’ dicked by old granpas… now time 4 Derya Abdullah to be exposed y’all


Cheaters Complaint Against A Cheater


Ramses is a 57 year old Puerto Rican who lives in a smelly studio in Waikiki. He is the biggest cheater and liar in Honolulu. He calls himself Franco, but his real name is Ramses Xavier Rosa Mercader. He has been married since 2008 to the same woman, she moved to Puerto Rico after he screwed her best friend in Honolulu. He works for Honolulu Ocean Safety and chases after women on Tinder and tourists in Waikiki. He even hits on his wife’s girlfriends behind her back. He will say and do whatever to get laid, can’t keep it in his pants. Spreads herpes!

Ramses says he is a bachelor and a gentleman, he is nothing but. When he meets a new woman he says he is a loner and has never lived with a woman his entire life, and he might end up single for the rest of his life. Surprise! Public record shows he has been married at least three times, and his current wife + at least one ex- wife shared the same address. He is /has been married to foreign nationale women only, who depend on him for their visa status in the US. He doesn’t wear a weeding band. Ramses travels to see his wife in Puerto Rico every second month, while he also dates several women in Honolulu simultaneously. When he visits his wife and tries to get back with her, he tells his Honolulu squeeze/s that he must do property maintenance in PR. Every Saturday afternoon when he is off from work in Waikiki he will hike up Kuliou’ou Ridge trail with a different Tinder date. He sometimes has more than one Tinder date on the same day.

Ramses lies about most things in his pathetic life, as a matter of fact he has to lie to get laid. He says he is from Spain originally to sound more exotic, but he is Puerto Rican only, born and raised. He says he graduated from a university in San Diego, truth is he is uneducated and can’t even spell the most simple English words. He says he traveled 50+ countries for water sports competition and work, that he sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, climbed the Mt. Everest, traveled in Africa – all bs. He says he is an entrepreneur and that he is the single owner of a property in PR, he is not. Says he owns two condo units in Honolulu, he does not. He talks about his current wife as if she is his friend only, he even uses a photo oh him and his wife together on Halloween 2014 on his Tinder page, claiming that she is his best friend. When he gets caught in the lie he will say they remain married only so she can get a green card in the US. He has no friends because no one can stand him anymore and no one talks to him. He sends pics of his **** to his wife’s girlfriends.

Ramses X Rosa is a loser with no respect, dignity or class.

Cheaters Complaint Against A Cheater

Angeth Malual 🐟 FISH CUNT 🐟 Melbourne, VIC – Australia

Angeth Malual is a scamming filth pig who cheats on whatever she gets her claws on. She is a race baiter who constantly gripes and won’t shut the F up. She’s jealous of hot women and she really hates white girls.

Angeth is a 20 year old African queen who spreads her legs for all the d🍆 out there. She has been fooling around since she was eleven. Her half brother busted out her cherry, and she has been going nonstop ever since. This pig has got the big, sucking lips, but her vagjayjay stinks like rotting fish and pure s#it!! You can F her raw in her vag, bust a nut in her a-hole and not know the difference, because both holes are huge and smell the same. Angeth does not believe in washing her rotting crotch! If you can stand the smell of her stinky vag, get your homies to run a train on her. She’ll take it all up her dirty snatchtrap! Angeth Malual is a cheater from hell!