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Hi I am posting here to make people aware of this company (dublin shed company) in rolestown swords co dublin there sales rep brenden has been taking deposits of people including my mother for log cabins and has not supplied them. When we contact the company owner brian gleeson he told us that brenben did not work for him that he was just renting out his yard we told brian it was his website that we seen the cabins on and his yard we visited he told us that brendan was gone and would not be back. The other day I went to the yard to see what was going on and to my surprise there was bever log cabins selling cabins from the same yard this is not over yet I will be taking this further.

Cheaters Complain Complain Aganist a Person

Jim Pryal

This homely fuckstain is Jim Pryal. He is known for sticking his d**k in anything. If contacts you run as fast as you can, he is a psycho and will make your life h**l and he has multiple STD’s.
He can’t keep a job. He had to move away from Escanaba to Crystal Falls into low income housing because he can’t get or keep a real job. He studied computer network systems & security in college but can’t land a job in his field.
He knocked up a junkie, and has been a half a*s deadbeat dad to his daughter since the day she was born. He has defaulted on child support and allowed his daughter to live and grow up in a drug house. He has had CPS called on him multiple times for neglect.
Stay as far away as you can from him. He has a small p***s and a huge abusive temper. Every word he says is a lie all he wants is s*x, he is an addict himself.
He prays on the women he thinks he can manipulate and will use them for every dime they have. Trust this haggard looking short fat disease infested little d**k man at your own risk
He lies all the time, he will try to say that all these articles online about him are false. Ask any woman he has been in contact with and she will confirm everything said here is true. He has incredibly low self esteem, he’s unstable & manipulative. He has multiple complaints against him with law enforcement.
He refuses to use a condom, when you sleep with him you are sleeping with dozens of drug using women and you will end up with an many STDs.

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Web Blogger Darcie Lorena From FOX 8

 Nik, please expose Darcie Lorena. She is a web blogger for Fox 8 news from Ohio. She has no followers and no friends. She comes from a white supremacist family and she’s a racist bigot. In 2015, she received a tip from white police officers and posted an article on the Fox 8 news website about an interracial couple who had a minor domestic dispute like many Caucasian couples have in the area on the Fox 8 news website. She placed empathize on the couple and tried to shame them, because the male partner is a black man, and the woman is white.

Sounds like keep it on the DL must secretly love the Purple Crayon inside of her. Actually, I think 98.3% of women do… they all want to walk like John Wayne the next morning.- nik

Cleveland Complain Aganist a Person

Legal Notice From Rick Humphrey: Physical Assault, Blatant Defamation And Suicide

On 08/31/2017, I walked out the front door of my house and was jumped by 3 people, they said I was a rapist and they read about me on your website, THEDIRTY.COM. On 9/1/2017, I walked out the door to my car being vandalized and more people screaming at me.

Never heard of you before, so I decided check out the site, googled my name and found an article on me (direct link). I’ve also included my photo I.D. and the images of me after the attack that took place as an attatchment… Now, I want to let you know directly from me the following…  I HAVE NEVER RAPED ANYONE, that’s in your published content.  I’M NOT MARRIED, that’s in your published content.  I DON’T BEAT WOMEN or FORCE THEM TO DO THINGS, never have and never will.

You guys have my HOME ADDRESS published on your page, your directly responsible for sending people to my house through your visitors and it’s only getting worse. As I type this I’m in my home living in fear to go OUTSIDE. I do have a sex case and it’s from a girl who lied about her age when I was 21 and she was 15. Her name is Catie Fawn Sagges and she got 5 OTHER GUYS the same god damn charge by doing the same god damn thing.

Now… I want you to know I am being assaulted, physically, threatened and am very depressed from this.  My car is destroyed and I have no intentions of pursuing illegal charges. I just want it to be noted in my inbox that I sent you this email in advance letting you know what you guys have allowed to happen to me, if I get hit one more time or keep having people threaten to kill me like they are, I will KILL MYSELF and the world will go on, but this article is 70% false and it’s causing people to assume the worst of me and believe F*CKING LIES!

Please take it down so this will stop… Please….

No.- nik

Cleveland Complain Aganist a Person

Toothless Mother Of The Year

Nik, got a real dirtbag here. Amber Horvath, the girl has seen more Greg then most urologists! A known local drug addicted p4p that used to be featured on Backpage for many months under the alias of “Sage.” She uses dentures at the age of 24 because she has smoked so much crack that her dentist had to remove all of her teeth. This piece of trash used to live at Motel 9 in Elyria, Ohio a 2 star motel known for prostitution, bed bugs, and drug use.

Amber had her, at the time, 3 year old son staying with her. A run down disgusting motel is no place for a child, but this mother of the year gets even worse. Amber openly admits that she doesn’t even know who the father of her son really is. She has also admitted to waking up from nodding out on opioids to her son playing with used syringes and spoons. Child services should have taken this child away a long time ago. Amber’s mother has custody of her child since Amber can’t get her awful life together. Hopefully that child will never have to endure a future with such a horrible mother.

Amber Horvath is a known p4p that has clung onto known drug dealers and traded sex for drugs, has had hundreds of johns who have seen her. Sold herself for $40 and sold herself for a place to stay. $40 would be on the high end of getting time with Amber. This behavior was to all feed her addiction and she continued this until she contracted a diseases known as endocarditis, a heart infection which is only found in people who use and share hypodermic needles. This disgusting floozy couldn’t even use clean needles? Amber almost died from this disease, but what does she do after she begins recovery? She goes right back into using drugs again, even while in the nursing home that she was at in Avon, Ohio, she went as to far as to have her drug dealer bring her drugs into her room and one night she even overdosed from using in the care of the nursing home.

This addict needed help and instead of getting it, she got involved with Richard Humphrey, also featured on The Dirty. Overdosing and being left to die did not make changes to her life. She continued her behavior and continued using. All the while, this mother of the year never saw her son. Quick to always defend herself for not being an absent mother, she spent more time defending herself seeing her son then actually seeing her son.

Amber was arrested in early 2017 while staying another disgusting motel in Elyria, Ohio. She had moved to pimp who pistoled whipped her and played “Russian roulette” with her. All this was posted by her on her own Facebook. Amber craves the attention and always wants to be portrayed as the victim. Consumed with the desire to continue her drug use and p4p, she got involved with her now “husband” Richard Humphrey. This man was arrested for promotion of prostitution and is a tier 3 sex offender. Amber and Rick are both living with her mother Patricia Wright in Lorain, Ohio. Patricia knows what Amber has done throughout the years and even has asked for and accepted money from her daughter’s p4p. What kind of mother would accept money from her daughter selling herself? The apple doesn’t fall far from the disgusting tree.

So the husband and wife duo started using the internet to sell her vagina, sites likes backpage had her ads up every day. I’ve been told by someone who used to have Richard as her pimp, that most of the pictures used were taken at the pimps mothers house in Strongville, Ohio. These ads are still easily found by googling “Sage” and “Ohio escort.” She also announced on her Facebook that she was pregnant and claims that Richard is the father, but in reality, she isn’t sure who the father is. Sounds like a familiar behavior?

Amber needs help. She has reached out about her current situation to several of her friends, myself included. She has to use an app on her phone to communicate with people and deletes it every day. She is being controlled by Richard and has yet to be able to escape him. I’ve known Amber for years and it’s sad to see her and how excited she was to find out she was pregnant with her son to the horrible mother she still is. She’s been used by people claiming to be her friends. She doesn’t understand how much and effect this will all have on her son in the future. That child is doomed to repeat this floozies mistakes. Even though Amber is a diseased toothless floozy, she can change, get away from the dirtbag, and begin he worthless life without him.

Am I really supposed to read all this?- nik

Cleveland Complain Aganist a Person

Watch Out For Darryl P Jones Of Cleveland

 Nik, on the outside Darryl P Jones is smooth as silk and sexy af. Even though he may be a little short. But get involved with him and you will find out what true heartbreak is. He will tell you exactly what you need to hear to get anything he wants from you. Anything. I was a fool.

Protect your heart and, if you’re smart, just bang him and leave him alone. Oh and if you plan on banging him, then don’t plan on him letting you be in control at all. And he switches up positions so much good luck on gettin yours. ? but he will last as long as you want him to. Hell he will try anything too! Get crazy!! Just for God’s sake protect your heart no matter what he says. He’s a liar and will lead you to believe that he cares. But he doesn’t. Trust me. I know. Watch out ladies. Short mixed with a bald head and tattoos.

WTF? You just probably got this guy laid without love 15x over after this submission. That’s like every dudes dream.- nik

Cleveland Complain Aganist a Person

Stay Away From Tiarra Hawkins Of Cleveland, Ohio

 Nik, watch out ladies, this girl is the definition of a human mattress. Her “specialty” is going after taken or married men. She knows that they are in a relationship and doesn’t care, she bashes the girlfriend or wife, talks the men into meeting up with her and in the end gets upset when the guy wants nothing to do with her nasty fake ass. (Do you see the trashy fake eyelashes?) Tiarra will fu*k anything that has a Greg.  Has zero respect for anyone but herself and in the end she’s just a filthy horribly unattractive person who is looking for validation by trying to get men that are taken to choose her. Who could ever love this appalling pathetic excuse for a human being? -Cleveland ladies you have been warned!

Cleveland Complain Aganist a Person

Amanda Werling Of Cleveland

 Nik, this chick Amanda Werling right here is not to be trusted. She will screw you and give you DRD. She likes men that are in relationships and/or married. If you know her, I suggest you unfriend her. Unless you like DRD or your man cheating. The choice is yours.

Cleveland Complain Aganist a Person

Rachel Huseman Of Cleveland, Ohio

 Nik, Rachel Huseman is the worst friend! She can’t keep her boyfriends from sleeping with other girls, so she contats her “friends’” boyfriends and asks them to come over for sex… Wanna be a floozy? FINE! Wanna be a crappy friend? No thank you!

Cleveland Complain Aganist a Person

Courtney Erb Of Cleveland, Ohio

 Nik, everyone needs to know about this bish Courtney Marie Erb! I mean everyone! Warn your neighbors! This floozy is the nastiest thing walking around Cleveland. She calls herself an exotic dancer. Bah! Nasty stripper is more like it! My dude that got a lap dance from her… She’s got real problems and will take anyone that gets in her way down with her. She cuts her wrists just to get attention and she’ll do anything to get her a drink and that snow. I mean anything or anybody, so if you got what she needs, you can find her at Key Bank on Tiedeman. Have fun but bring protection with her DRD-havin ass. Eeew!!!