Complaint Against A Cheater United States

Untamed Transportation

Sherry L. Veteto (DOB 1982) Sherry L Ford, or Crystal (Meth) High is an aboslute CON! She tries to drum up business hauling horses, livestock, pets, etc. using a fake name because everyone knows her in the animal world. She had hundreds of animals seized from her due to starvation and neglect, been arrested for drugs, theft, has stolen horses, let an Arabian die in transport (Peace of Mind Equine Rescue) you name it! She is NOT legal to haul. ALWAYS ask for the DOT/ MC number. She’s not authorized and cannot cross state lines. Her DOT is 2015949 and her MC number is 1148087. Her MC number is in process.

She will lie her way around everything, from break downs to who she is. Her DOT/MC will reveal the truth. If you care about your animals arriving at all or in one piece, do not use her. She loves to use Facebook to drum up business. She’s based out of Oregon now, but has live in Tennesee and all over the US. Shes always on the move so she doesn’t get caught! BEWARE!!

Country United States
State Oregon
City Halsley
Phone 541-657-8112
Complaint Against A Cheater United States

Arizona Department of census

In the past two months I’ve been harassed by the department of census 6 times they banged on my door and woke me up when I’m suffering cancer. I can’t even sleep because of the government harassing taxpayers.

They keep harassing American citizens who pay their taxes but they don’t harass the illegal immigrants that are in America collecting food stamps, welfare, Section 8 housing, free medical, free college, why don’t they count the illegal immigrants? and leave us taxpayers alone…. I’m tired of being harassed, why do they keep bothering me? I filled it out 1 time if it can’t figure it out? that’s just too bad? go back to high school and graduate.

Country United States
State Arizona
City Benson
Complaint Against A Cheater United States

The Last Chance Funding Group

Last chance funding will be nice when they are trying to give you money but the second you need anything, they will be downright rude and unprofessional. My husband and I were simply trying to get our balance and they denied giving me anything!! JEN, she said she gave that info and then contradicted herself saying she would have to go to someone else. After she said that she refused to talk to me further and hung up on me!!!!

ONE WEEK OF DAILY CALLING AND THEY ARE REFUSING TO GIVE US THE INFORMATION OF WHAT WE OWE!! Can you believe that?!?!?!?! I’m beyond furious and rarely write reviews but I want to save others the heartache I am experiencing with them. This is ridiculous!!!!!!!!! Plus, they charged us over 40%! Not for nothing but there are dozens of companies out there that will give me the same ridiculous rate so you would think they would at least TRY to keep my business! Save yourself the hassle and go with another company! Terrible customer service!

Country United States
State New York
Address 3000 MARCUS AVE SUITE 2W15
Phone 1.888.499.2939
Complaint Against A Cheater United States

Land Clients

I hired land clients to help me build my website and for “consulting services” after finding out they took $3000 from me AFTER winding down their business and focusing their energy elsewhere.

1. Still waiting to complete my consulting package

2. still waiting for my website to be launched

brandon will go days ignoring me and my messages after I sent him content time and time again for my website asking to complete our consulting package and for him to review my offering he refuses to answer. When confronted Elliott said I’m “impossible to work with” who talks to their clients this way???? So disgusted and disappointed literally have spent thousands on these guys and they aren’t delivering because they admitted to closing their company and focusing their attention elsewhere AKA not me. So why take my money??? SCAM ARTISTS

Country United States
State Indiana
City Indianapolis
Complain Aganist a Person Complaint Against A Cheater United States

Britney Bannon

Britney Bannon This piece of work agreed to sell me an extremely rare hard to find old bicycle. I agreed to pay full price. She kept me in limbo waiting to purchase the bike for 3 days. I’d passed up several as I’d committed to buying this one. Tried to meet with her and I kept getting the run around. She was in my opinion rude and an all around jerk. I explained that I really wanted the bike for my kids and I and when she saw that we are black she refused to sell the bike,blocked me out completely. I am sitting here baffled as to why someone would treat us like that. My husband served this country is now a disabled veteran.

I hate that he served protecting thoughtless idiots like this. is a fake piece of trash is my opinion of her because she pretends to be some beacon of her little community and it appears to be all for clout. Here I was willing to buy some used hand me down and wrecked bike for $350 which is more than what the bike was new to begin with and she treated not only myself but my entire family who was willing to drive 90 miles for it. I am completely disgusted, beyond outraged and disappointed. I am not one to say someone discriminated against me that usually does not happen. I give very good business to a lot of people, have a 100% feedback rating out of several hundred transactions on eBay alone I didn’t need or deserve that and sure I could let it roll off my back as I‘ve ordered a brand new bike now but I want everyone to know what kind of evil nasty person this is.

She cheated 2 disabled kids, 2 disabled parents and an entire black family like she’s something so d**n great., in my book she’s lower than dust and can kiss my tail and I feel sorry for the fact that no one gave her a good home raising and now she decides I guess amid covid to be this this money hungry hard up racist. I will get another purple tricycle and it will not be someone’s wrecked damaged trash. She’s got the nerve to be in health care and grooming someone dog. Yikes just disturbing. I have some choice words for this girl but I am going to keep it to myself because you aren’t with the attention but I will say you clearly pissed off the wrong bear you can keep your worthless decade old bike I can buy and sell you if I wanted and I will paint the new bike I’m getting purple. You aren’t special and pat yourself on the back for acting like a complete loser.

Country United States
State Indiana
City Shelbyville
Phone 317-642-6821
Complaint Against A Cheater United States

Kirin Hobby

Back in April of 2018, I preordered 2 figurines set to release in July. However, July came and went, and nothing ever shipped. I attempted to email, and call them, but never received a response. This seems to be a common theme with this company, people place an order and they take the money, but never ship it. Tons of complaints from the BBB about them.

If you ordered from here, it’s best to call your bank and get your money back. I also filed a complaint with the BBB, FTC, Their domain provider GoDaddy, and their web host Total Choice hosting. Yet somehow they’re still online, likely taking people’s money and never shipping any product.

Country United States
State California
City Newark
Address 6167 Jarvis Ave #313
Phone 510-477-9103
Complaint Against A Cheater United States

Barbra Shafer

Do not do business with a cannabis grower named Barbra Shafer a.k.a. Barbra Morton of Chico California. I write this with deepest sadness, on the the grounds that i knew and did business with this person for five years. In the past, we would do a simple transaction, she’d send my tracking, and my item would arrive. On friday August the 14th, i would reach out to Barbra, in an atttempt to good business as usual. She got back to me,unfortunanatly i forgot her for a few days.

Barbra would later reach out to me on Friday the 21st with an attractive deal for which i made a purchase. I Made funds availlable via Moneygram as usual on the morning of Sat August 21st. I would recieve a text that the funds where taken at 10:29am. Under normal circumstances Barbra would send me a tracking number to close here end of the deal. At 7:05pm i would text her asking for a tracking number? Instead i got a B.S. excuse that the post office closes at 12pm. It was at this point i knew we were going to have a problem.

She said she would send my package on Monday. I sent a text to see if we were on for Monday, and her response was, I was at the doctors office, i’m headed there now. Still no tracking#. When i woke up on Tuesday morning, i started to google Barbra Shafer a.k.a. Barbra Morton only to find more info than i needed. I reached out to family members, who told me Barbra has went from grower to meth addict, and that doing business with her was a bad idea. I told them to let here know, if she didnt hold her end, i would be forced to put her on

When Barbra finally reached out, she indicated her car broke down. In my mind, i’m thinking… What the hell does that have to do with our business? Asumming i made the post anyway, she said she would re-direct the package? It’s now Thurs and i have not recieved a tracking, a pacakage, nor have i heard from Ms Shafer since Tues, therefore i decided to write this sad report. In the meantime i hope this info is a clear warning not to do any business with her. In conclusion, i have informed Ms Shafer that if she does the right thing, i’ll be happy to remove this post. She has yet reply.

Country United States
State California
City Chico
Phone 707 687 8115
Complaint Against A Cheater Germany

Jessica Limphi Parker

Back in early March I was reached out to by Jeasica Limphi Parker. Her username was trade_with_jess. I was telling her about my pervious experience with another scammer for bitcoin. So I started to invest with her. I was told that my mining period would be about 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks were over, I was told I had to be for a fee to withdrawal. So I went ahead followed the procedure and paid the fee. Going on for 3 months of excuses. I reached out to the company for help.

They told me to reach back out to my broker. I was hesitant about it because I have been experiencing problems every time for a withdrawal. Eventually I demanded the company to look into it. Turns out she was redirecting funds into her personal account. Over $16000 was sent to her personal account. So I had my small initial investment and that it. Now, mind you I have asked, begged, and pleaded with them to do an investigation a month ago. Now the “company” said they took over my account. I could NEVER get a name or number as to who is now working on my account.

I was told my remaining balance is $1000 to receive my funds. So I broke that into payments. I sent over $3000 and recieve the confirmation of “payment sent”. A day goes by and I was told now to send another $2000 in a matter of 5 days or else they would close my account. I fought, begged, pleaded, showed valid proof of them stating payment sent and what was the purpose of me sending $3000 to be “considered” for a withdrawal instead of just sending it.

Country Germany
City am Main
Address Mainzer Landstrade 50
Phone 324 602 15204
Complaint Against A Cheater United States

Grace Atieno

I needed to buy some Bitcoin to pay an invoice. It was a gift I was buying for my daughter. Found this seller on Had a decent interation and decided to proceed. Explained that it was my first time buying Bitcoin and she seemed very gracious. Once I sent my money her attitude completely changed, then she disappeared completely.

In hindsight I should have known better, but my gut feeling was to trust this person. Her actions have given me a bad taste in my mouth so if I can’t pay for something using the normal payment methods, I’m not going to buy it.

She needs to be stopped and I’m hoping this report will save others from becoming victims.

Country United States
State Alabama
Complaint Against A Cheater United States

The Indexer

Visit for more info about Mathew Charnay Scam.

Mathew Charnay Wanted by LAPD for stealing from companies and individuals.

On January 9th 2014 LAPD officers entered the 23rd floor of the 10250 Constellation Place in Century City, CA 90067 to arrest Mathew Charnay but once again he disppeard from the law.

Be aware and do not do any kind of business with the conman and scam artist Mathew Charnay. Be aware and do not do any kind of business with iNDEXOR, Inc. International Development Expansion Organization and also with the iGROW Global Commerce Summit that are run by the conman Mathew Charnay.

If you have been a victim of the scam artist Mathew Charnay and if you have any information about where

Mathew Charnay is, you should contact Los Angeles Police department at 818-623-4016.

LAPD special detective is looking to arrest scam artist Mathew Charnay.

The following company name and phone numbers has been used by the conman Mathew Charnay.

iNDEXOR, Inc.International Development Expansion Organization

United States Headquarters

Constellation Place

10250 Constellation Place, 23rd Floor

Century City, CA 90067


+1 (310) 770-4836

+1 (310) 579-2199 CENTURY CITY

+1 (917) 447-9160 NEW YORK

+1 (888) 342-5202 FAX



International Development Expansion Organization


Paris, France

31 Boulevard de Grenelle

Paris, Île-de-France, 75015, France


+33 9 77 19 88 04 PARIS

and also

iGROW Global Commerce Summit is one of Mathew Charnay’s scams.


Country United States
State California
City Century City,
Address 0250 Constellation Place, 23rd Floor
Phone (310) 579-2199