Complaint Against A Cheater

Tri State Trash: Mindy Murray and Khloe

This here is the #1 walking disgraceand toxic waste of human life in the tri-state, none other than Mindy Murray. This lying, stealing, drug using, cheating, drd filled POS needs put down and put away for good. She loves dope, loves to lie and manipulate, loves stealing from elderly people when they aren’t paying attention, screw over good people, and cheat on boyfriends so she can be a lesbian for her own benefit, while carrying and passing drds in the process. We’re talking about a saint that has 19 mugshots, one receiving stolen property and five thefts on her record, while she sleeps with every single male and female in the tri-state she possibly can, giving them every drd imaginable. she will go ghost and block good people on social media so she can surround herself with wastes of filth. Mindy never learned how to be truthful and has no life morals because she would rather live “that life” instead of being a mother to her daughter, someone she cares very little about, while blocking people on social media to mask her callousness, something she truly loves doing. One of the proud pathological liars, thieves, criminals, pedophiles, and sloot bags you will ever meet and will drive you crazy, and need to be put down and out as a result so the tri-state can just be outright toxic free once and for all.

Complaint Against A Cheater

Emma Goldstein Boston MA USA

Emma Goldstein of Boston MA is a f*****g idiot. She smokes crack all day and it shows in the quality of her work. At her best her intelligence exceeds that of circus ape. Usually she sits at home crying about her drug overdoses.

Complaint Against A Cheater

John Miller — New York

John Miller of NYC is the ultimate gang-stalker and harasser in chief of any and all New Yorkers who happen to not be either white or Jewish.

He is the scourge and face of evil, and literally has no qualifications to be in his current position as NYC Counter-terrorism/Counter-intelligence Chief, other than that he used to be a bottom-feeder “journalist” covering NYC mob guys, and married into a super-wealthy Jewish banking family with ties to Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs, and is connected to Frank Costello, Boss of one of the 5 Italian Mafia Families of New York City.

His only claim to fame is that he once briefly interviewed Osama bin Laden who later has been revealed to be a CIA Operative the whole time. Other than that he never had any formal education or training in law enforcement counter-terrorism or counter-intelligence, but apparently now he teaches this s*** at local NYC colleges. This con-artist is the “Zelig” of counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence agencies, because he is always at the right place at the right time, taking photo-cps with REAL law enforcement, counter-terrorism, and counter-intelligence figures, while pretending that his pudgy white a** is James Bond. Never has a bigger con-artist been spawned, as he literally gives life to the phrase “fake it ’til you make it.”

He is New York City’s version of former Soviet Union’s secret police and KGB chiefs, Lavrentiy Beria and Felix Dzerzhinsky, probably engaging in the same level of abject criminality, corruption, gang-stalking, violating civil rights, breaking the criminal laws and other civilized behavior in his un-ending and unquenchable l**t and thirst for more power and money for him and his criminal mafia brethren, at the expense of everyone else and their civil rights in New York City.

Complaint Against A Cheater


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Complain Aganist a Person Complaint Against A Cheater

Ali Ghani Calgary — alberta pedofile


Ali ghani is pedofile and having sex with minor 16 years old boys. He also lives in california usa watch out for this pedofile in your neighbourhood. Who stole over 1800 investors’ money in calgary – edmonton alberta canada. Spends lots of money and that money is stolen from over 1800 investors. Feel free to rob him or do what ever you feel like to do with him. Please castrate this pedofile. Whatch out fot your children in your community and report this pedofile to fbi or your local police.

Ali ghani is a scammer who will sweet talk you into investing money with him for you to loose all your money to him. Beware of this scumbag that also sleeps around with a lot of women without a condom and spreads std even among little boys as he prefers young 14 year olds.


Australia Complaint Against A Cheater

Woolworths Australia — Misleading advertising

Today I shopped at Woolworths Upper Coomera (Coomera West I believe it is called). At the end of an aisle they had morning fresh dishwashing liquid on sale for 1/2 price. They only had 2 types on the display, original and ultra (both had numerous boxes of product). Both had tags in front of them saying half price.

I picked up the original type. When I went to the checkout I was charged full price – I explained that it was marked half price and the girl had someone check it out for me. The young girl came back and said it was only the ultra that was on sale and that the original was put in the wrong place. She said the tag did state ‘ultra only’. If I wanted it I would have to pay full price – I declined.

This is the THIRD time I have picked up something I believed was marked at a sale price and been charged the full price at the checkout (once was potato chips and the other time was another cleaning product). Both times they had tags in front of the product, both times I queried the price and both times was told ‘sorry, someone must have placed the product in the wrong spot.

It is obvious to me that this store is deliberately using misleading advertising/display practices to entice people to pick up more expensive items, and if anyone DOES notice the price discrepancy at the checkout they trot out the excuse of human error.

This type of practice builds a strong dislike of the Woolworths name.

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