Complaint Against a Service

Von Paris Moving & Storage

Terrible. Dishonest and deceptive. If you want to risk using these movers, make sure that you get a guaranteed price. Otherwise, they will bait you in with a price they know is too low and will wait until it is moving day

when they have all your stuff in their truck before they give you the real price.  I moved cross country and, what with selling my home and moving my business, did not realize the contract they gave me was not binding.

I had a bid from another company for a price that turned out to be better (and honest) and Von Paris told me that the other company was ripping me off and that they would do it for less. I still feel guilty for not giving the other company my business.

(However, when I moved my offices, I did.) Anyway, after they had my stuff, Von Paris raised the price from $10k to $13k. I asked to speak to their “very experienced” estimator and they said he was unavailable and then said he no longer worked there. Bull.

This is just how they do business.  Do yourself a favor and find another mover.

(301) 864-6790
4318 Kenilworth Ave Hyattsville, MD 20781

Complaint Against a Service

Bishop Equipment

Long story short my furnace went out Tuesday AM. I spoke with Edie and she arranged for George to come out to determine the issue. George explained the issue (inducer assembly) and quoted me a price/estimate for the repair ($461.00).

During the same conversation, I asked if he had changed the filter and he stated no that he figured I would want the winter service and that can be done when they return for the repair.

I was OK with that. I spoke with Edie Tuesday afternoon and ordered the part. Edie called me promptly Wednesday morning and arranged for a noon install. Ben arrived at noon and completed the task.

Before Ben left I simply asked him if he had replaced the filter and his response was no because he was not sure if George had replaced it on Tuesday. My response was don’t worry about it, I will just do it myself and save the $80.00.

Well, when I removed the panel to replace the filter there was a bundle of wires and a transformer laying on top of the filter. I have changed the filter many times and this was never the case.

I called back to Bishop and attempted to explain to Edie what happened and she was very short and cut me off saying that she will call Ben and have him return. After a minute Edie calls back again and tells me Ben is on his way and that I had asked him to “replace the filter” and he explained to me that was not included in the price of the repair.

I attempted to explain to her that this was not the case and I had discussed the Winter service with George. She did not even give me a chance to explain and immediately cut me off by saying that “There’s always something with you” and “Next time you can repair your own equipment”.

I feel that she has probably been there forever and feels that she can treat customers anyway. Needless to say, I will not be using Bishop again. I do not need to pay for poor customer service and will take my business elsewhere.

(571) 351-2438
Serving Fairfax Area 2825 Dorr Ave Fairfax, VA 22031

Complaint Against a Service

Ewin Service HVAC

Had a problem with downstairs air a few and Ewin came out fixed it no problem.

Upstairs unit now on the fritz and I’ve left several messages and can’t even get a return call. Maybe he went out of business.

(301) 674-4757
Serving Frederick Area

Complaint Against a Service

DARCARS Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of New Carrollton

I avoid writing negative reviews about places because I understand sometimes issues are no one’s fault. This is a completely different case. I genuinely wish I could go back in time and never step foot in this dealership.

The experience started great, my car salesman, Herbert, was friendly and knowledgeable. He set me up with a great Jeep.  However, I have received terrible customer service since purchasing my vehicle and dealing with ANYONE else. In the three months since purchasing, my car has still not been registered.

Ken Wright, the finance manager, actively avoids phone calls and text messages and is never there whenever I have stopped by the dealership to talk to him.

I purchased the vehicle on July 11, and that was the last time I have had an actual conversation with him. I have been extremely inconvenienced due to his inability to do his job or at the very least, answer my questions about when my vehicle will be registered.

The last time I was at the dealership I attempted to speak to the general manager (Tim) as well, and he apparently wasn’t there either. It seems as though there are never any employees present to provide even the bare minimum amount of customer service. Employees need to be held responsible if they are incompetent or refuse to do their job.

There is absolutely no reason it should take over THREE MONTHS to title a vehicle. When I asked another employee what the issue was, I was basically told that it was my fault, because I initially provided a check in the wrong amount,

however, what the employee failed to acknowledge is that the reason it was in the wrong amount was that the finance manager doesn’t know how to deal with military members and tried to sell me a service he is legally unable to, resulting in him telling me the wrong amount.

You would think it is in his job description to know what he is and isn’t allowed to sell. And even IF that was the reason for the delay, I corrected that issue within two weeks (I was out of state on temporary military orders).

No one will give me a straight answer on how long until my vehicle will be registered, and apparently it will take long enough that I am being told I will have to turn the vehicle back in until the issue is resolved.

Completely unacceptable and unheard of. No other military member I have spoken to has ever had an issue like this, and I have purchased other vehicles from other dealerships with no delays.

This issue is STILL not resolved. I have actively been advising friends, family, and coworkers in the area to NEVER purchase a vehicle from DARCARS of New Carrollton.

(301) 459-6800
8100 Annapolis Rd New Carrollton, MD 20784

Complaint Against a Service

Spring Valley Exxon

This place is TERRIBLE. I took my car here to get a specific problem fixed. First of all, they lost my keys. Second, they could not figure out what was wrong with the car.

Third, they tried to get me to agree to pay them thousands of dollars to fix “other problems” with my car, even though they could not figure out how to fix what I actually took the car in for. These people are swindlers- I would stay far, far away.

(202) 362-2639
4861 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington, DC 20016 b/t N 48th St & N 49th St Spring Valley

Complaint Against a Service

Spectrum Services

HORRIBLE!!! We are sitting in a house in below freezing conditions. They don’t care that we are without heat.

A part needed to be ordered for the heat to work but they ordered it standard instead of rushed. It’s been over a week and

we still have no heat. I have called everyday to check on the part and still nothing. The representative doesn’t care either. She is very uncaring every time I speak with her.

No one has called us to give an update. Just overall horrible. I do not recommend using this company.

(301) 333-3007


Complaint Against a Service

Capitol Cadillac Buick GMC

At first, I was not going to write a review on this dealership but every time I try to forget my experience with them something else emerges. First of all, they care anything about the customers that are waiting for their vehicles to be serviced!

Their waiting room looks like it should be in a back alley garage, certainly not a waiting room of a luxury car dealership.  The chairs are hard and they don’t have any cushion left in the chairs.  The carpet is dirty and smelly!

Everyone in the waiting room was over of age and everyone was complaining about the waiting room. The service manager was sitting comfortably in his office (above deck), looking down at what was going on in the showroom.

My experience wasn’t so bad (outside of sitting in a dirty waiting room), the first time but the second time, I was quoted one price for the work that had to be done and after the work was complete, the bill was approximately $1,000 over.

Yes, $1,000! After much debate with the cashier, the service manager, the resolution was to remove the part that they replaced and put back on my old part!  How ridiculous was that! I was furious!  After going back and forth, the service manager removed the additional $1,000 charge and for me to keep the part. Now a later,

I receive the Carfax for my vehicle and the mileage was over by 60,000 miles.  I called to see what could be done and was told that I have to bring my truck back in to create another service ticket and then they would record the mileage correctly!

This is another example of why I will never go to Capitol Cadillac in Greenbelt for anything! While waiting on my truck to be serviced, I had begun looking at purchasing the Cadillac truck but after that experience,  I purchased a Mercedes Benz SUV instead!

(240) 297-1685
6500 Capitol Dr Greenbelt, MD 20770

Complaint Against a Service

Howard University Hospital Podiatry Clinic

My rating is a big fat (0).   There is a Podiatrist doctor in the Howard U. Hospital who is running scams to get paid of a helpless patient.  This doctor was not even supposed to have been my doctor in that clinic. His name is Dr. William H. Rutherford.  He was watching me as I was limping on my way to the nurse’s office.

He was not alone in this hallway as I passed him and other nurses and a younger doctor on my way into that office.   Once I got in the office this doctor walks away from the others who he was standing next to and heard the nurse ask me some very important questions about my health.

He heard the nurse ask me if I had cancer.  I told her that have cancer.  She asked me what was my problem.  I said to her, I had a problem with my small toe on my left foot.  My daughter had stepped on it.

After she got my prognosis and medical history. She gave my chart she cheated on me and went toward the door,  I had seen Dr. Rutherford Still standing by the door.  He knew what the next step was.  The nurse gives the Medical chart to a doctor.  This con-artist doctor was not her choice.  She walked right past him standing outside the door and gave my new medical chart to a younger doctor.

The nurse placed me in an exam room.  The door to the exam room was open.  I looked out in the hallway and actually seen Dr. Rutherford asking the younger male doctor could he have me as his patient.  He agreed to and gave up my new medical chart to him.

This crooked doctor looked at my 5th to on the side of my left and called it a hammertoe condition.  That what he called it.  What he had no clue about is that I had seen (2) two other doctors before I had come to that clinic.

I had seen 2 doctors at Providence Hospital in Washington, DC. .This was for the same problem with the left side of my 5th toe.  I never knew I had a diagnosis.  They were so worried about me having cancer.

Note:  I was in my last stage of cancer.  The other two doctors saw how sick I was.  I was in pain constantly.  I tried not to show it.  That was eating me alive.

The Howard U. Hospital Podiatrist said that he would like for me to come to his office that same day I had seen him in the Podiatry Clinic.  I never even went to see him that day.

I was just too sick to even go to his office like he wanted me to.  Also, I forgot to mention this.  This doctor hands me inside the clinic scraping the skin from the left side of the toe where my problem was located on the lower left corner of my toenail.

When I finally came to his office.  His receptionist told me and he also told me that I had missed my first appointment in that office.  I told them both I was to sick to come.

He had already seen how sick I was when he saw me in the clinic at Howard in the first place.  He placed me on his book anyway.  After that.  I got to his office.  After I had called and made a new appointment for that clinic.  I see this con-artist doctor.

I was placed in this exam room.  He comes in and spoke.  How are you?  I said Ok!  Next thing he said to me in that exam room.  Isn’t life just a game?  I  had no clue as to why he said that to me that first time seeing him in his office.

In that office that day he pulled out a scaple from his pocket and looked at my foot and came to it and started removing more skin from the left-hand side of my 5th toe on my left foot.  He also had me to return to his office on the 2nd appointment in that office and removed more skin from the side of that same toe.

I said to him you keep on doing this you are going to see my bone.  It was so unnecessary for me to be in his office.  Note all I had was an ingrown toenail problem in the left-hand corner of my 5th toe on my left foot.  He looked right at it.  My toes were perfect.  I had no such problems with corns on my toes.  Whenever I got a corn on my toes I would file them off myself.  It would disappear.

He had me in his office many times trying to get me to have the so-called foot surgery that I did not need in his office.  He was highly upset with me on the last visit before my foot surgery to have my surgery in his office.  He had me placed in every exam room in that office.

He thought he could set the mood to cut the lights off in this exam room to get me to agree to have my foot surgery in that office he calls his office.  When I had seen his medical assistant Amber take a blue rag and knock the foot crust dust off that exam chair.

I said to myself, hell no, I am not having my foot surgery in this office.   They do not even sterilize the room.  I had my surgery in an in an out surgery center in Wash, DC.

This doctor did not even want me to bring in the left foot x-ray that I had received from the 2nd doctor I had seen.  I still never knew what my problem was.

The 2nd doctor was an Orthopedic doctor I was seeing for injured from an auto accident.  I had the surgery.  He didn’t want me to see my post-op X-ray.  He ducked me.  I found out after my surgery ingrown toenail

(202) 865-6100
2041 Georgia Ave NW Washington, DC 20001 b/t N 7th St & N Florida Ave

Complaint Against a Service

Clarion Collection Hotel Arlington Court Suites

Absolutely horrible experience. In town for a funeral at Arlington National Cemetery. Ran a 5K in the morning to honor our fallen brother

only to return and find that the water was shut off to the whole hotel for a planned construction project. We were given no warnings or notice.

That meant no shaving, showering, brushing teeth and using the bathroom. Barry Gilliland suggested he give us a bucket of water to refill the toilet tank after each use.

He was rude and unapologetic. We had to buy baby wipes and jugs of water to clean up as best as possible. It put such a stress on our group on what was already an emotional day. We won’t be staying there again for sure.

(703) 524-4000
1200 N Courthouse Rd Arlington, VA 22201 Court House

Complaint Against a Service

Arlington VA

This company is horrible.  First of all, they sell your move to other local companies. The person I spoke to was a man named Andre.  The rudest man I have ever spoken to.

The people that they gave my job to was MVD Moving company owned by a Ukrainian guy name Ross or Roc… There are MULTIPLE NAMES FOR THIS SO CALLED COMPANY.  They came to my house to move my stuff and had no protection to put down on the carpet.

Completely destroyed the carpet.  Secondly, they nickel and dime you for everything.  Tape $5, shrink wrap $19 for each item.  I had to call the police on them because they refused to bring my stuff into my house unless I paid them more money.

Oh yeah, you have to pay them before they unload your things. Once the police were called they decided that they want to act civil.  Yeah ok!  I would never use this company.  Save yourself the hassle and headache.  DONT USE THEM!!!!!!!!

(703) 436-8636
5820 Arlington Blvd Arlington, VA 22204