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When I bought this program it was under the guise of a 30 day money back guarantee. I requested a refund within the 30 day limit. Purchase receipt clearly states the guarantee. After refund request was submitted I was contacted by Tiffany in customer support, she states in the reply “Despite the fact that I’m able to offer a refund for the purchase according to our refund policy, I would like to help you with the installation process”. I was assured of a 30 money back guarantee when I purchased the product. One of their own representatives clearly states that she has the authorization to provide me a refund in accordance with their refund policy. I tried their fixes several times to no avail, software will not work. I have repeatedly asked for a refund and I keep getting the run around.

Country France
City Garenne Colombes Cedex
Address 89-91 Boulevard National La
Phone 01 86 26 71 80
Complaint Against a Service France

GoldCar Rental — Car hire insurance

I booked a hire car from Nice Airport for my friend David Doncaster with whom I am travelling (Booking Reference [protected]) with full insurance via At the Goldcar desk in Nice Airport when I collected the car earlier today, the assistant denied that we had full insurance with this booking and insisted that we must purchase additional cover at the desk at a cost of some 192 euro if we wanted full insurance cover.

I did not have the relevant booking documentation with me at the time but, having checked the relevant documentation this evening, I have found that full insurance was indeed purchased and paid for when I made the booking. As a result, I have been grossly over-charged. Please refund the full amount of this over-charge failing which I will report the matter to

GoldCar Rental
Centre des loueurs Aéroport, Avenue René Couzinet,, Nice, 06700, France
Complaint Against a Service France — Dayallday

I wish to cancel an order but cannot see how to do this. The boots I ordered have not arrived and I have recieved no updates. I do not trust this company and wish to cancel my order now
I want to cancel my order
I want to cancel my order
I want to cancel my order
I want to cancel my order
I want to cancel my order
I want to cancel my order
I want to cancel my order
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Complaint Against a Service France

AirBNB — paiment withdraw for a reservation made 7 years ago !

Here is an email I just received from Airbnb

07/07/2012 – 07/12/2012
NDT4Q5 – Van Tran – Nice home nearby lake and forest

09/27/2019 – 09/29/2019
HMAMAKS4SZ – Jérôme Boucher – Nice home nearby lake and forest

You can view the status of your payouts in your transaction history.

The Airbnb Team

as you can see they remove 174 Euro for no reason. the system show that reservation “NDT4Q5 – Van Tran – Nice home nearby lake and forest” was canceled.
It was not!
Van Tran wrote me a nice review, and I did so to her as well.

I have been complaining to Airbnb since weeks, they just answer bla bla we will contact you bla bla .
I feel they are a den or robbers.

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Complaint Against a Service France

Homeaway / Unclean property & no internet

We booked this apartment in St Germain, Paris, and upon arrival it quickly became apparent that the property photos and description of the property on line DO NOT match what we found. There was active mould in many areas throughout the property, and nowhere in the property description did it say we would be staying in a mouldy property. Mould in most cases is easily removed with bleach, the amount of mould within this property would indicate it had not been cleaned adequately for some time. It became obvious very quickly that this was neither hygienic or a healthy environment to reside, and we had no option but to leave. As the Internet was also not working, we phoned the property managers who advised we were entitled to receive a refund as it was not a healthy environment in which to stay, which is of particular concern as I am an asthmatic.

In regards to the internet, we specifically chose places throughout our stay in France that stated they had internet connection. We require internet for work purposes, and no access to this also meant we would not be able to stay. We spent less than an hour in the property, as it was far below expectations of what most people would deem liveable. The property owner has refused to provide a refund as he said “you should expect mould in Paris”. This defence is not acceptable. When we phoned the contact in Paris, we were told that as it was not clean, we could leave and get a refund. We are extremely disappointed as we had to leave and make a last minute reservation elsewhere at considerable cost.

HomeAway Customer Service

1011 W. Fifth Street, № 300
Austin, TX
United States – 78703+1 877 228 3145