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Volkswagen / jetta 1.4l tsi – dsg 7 dq200 transmission failure.


I bought a 2011/2012 VW Jetta 1.4L TSI and have had a serious failure whereby it flashes D and I lost power in the DSG 7 Gearbox. Once I put it into park I am not able to start the car. The problem intermittently occurred until now it’s permanent. Thankfully it did not occur on the highway. 

I need your assistance and support as this is a VW known issue that has lead to the company recalling thousands of vehicles. There is a worldwide recall but Guyana, South America does not have a dealer for Volkswagen so I am pleading with you for assistance in this regard. 
Can you assist please? 
Kind Regards,  
Christopher Singh
Thank you.

Volkswagen Customer Care Service

Berliner Ring 2
Wolfsburg, England, Buckinghamshire
Germany – 38440+1 800 822 8987