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UNIQLO India Private Limited

My order shipped 10/13/20. It left Martinsburg WV on 10/20 on its way to Baltimore MD. Ten days later and still no package. I received a reply to my first email ( 10/24 )stating that they would look into it and get back to me. That never happened and they ignored 2 subsequent emails. I tried to reach out on live chat but I was in que from 2:20 until 5:30 when I finally gave up.

I cannot find a phone number or an address for this company. Apparently this is the norm for them as I have read similar reviews regarding Uniqlo. My order totaled over $100.00.

Country India
State Haryana
City Gurugram
Address Ground Floor, UNIT 3A, DLF Building No. 10A, DLF Cyber City
Phone 1-800-102-3800
Complaint Against a Service India

Shankey Varma

This guy is a thief.

He purhased marketing data for Australia for $300, and one hour after receiving did Paypal chargeback scam.

We have logs and screenshots showing he successfully downloaded our data.

Country India
State Nagaland
City Delhi
Address 26/815 Kalka Ji
Complaint Against a Service India

Kataria Automobiles


I had provided my car for a free service at 8 am and it was returned to me 7pm on the same day without service they gave a bill of 2318 but not one complaint was resolved the lady who called me said they would change oil fix the break and clean the car . Not one work was done by then upon that i had again wait for them to come and fix my car for break and to clean even after they coming they just applied wax all inside my car and left .

I dont understand why do you guys have to cheat the customer every time this has been done every time i give it for service. I have also sent a mail to the consumer court for your pathetic service along with proofs.

Customer Service

Behind Adani Pump, Nr. Makarba Railway Crossing, Makarba, S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
India – 380051
Complaint Against a Service India

Bestech Group

Bestech Business Tower Mohali Overcharges

Let me share the facts and our personal experience.

We started talking to Bestech Business Towers sales team to purchase office space about 2 years back. Post discussion and final negotiations, we and Bestech agreed on the final price.

They explained the payment process which was something like – they would accept 10% through cheque and 40% payment in cash with no accountability/Black Money. At that moment of time there was not talk about any maintenance agency involved or any extra overheads.

Post our agreement they suddenly introduced their Maintenance Agency – “Parkview Facilities Private Limited” . At that time Bestech’s Sales team committed that Maintenance charges will be starting from 12rs per square feet and as the occupancy goes up, these would be slashed. In the last two years Building occupancy has increased by 75% but Bestech Business Towers instead of reducing the maintenance cost have increased the maintenance charges from 12 Rs to 14 Rs per sq. ft.

When we try to discuss/ talk to Parkview, they do not respond back or entertain us. It is impossible to get a response on email from them. They ignore all messages.

Sales team never mentioned anything about their headquarters being in Gurugram and in any adverse case, to file a legal suit the involved party will have to do that in the court of law at Gurugram. In spite of the fact that they run their operation in Mohali and local Business are the ones availing their services. They are misleading rather than putting everything in White and Black.

Also Indian Govt. has passed law stating that only 1% percent can be charged as late fees and yet they charge 18% annually. Nothing was discussed at the time of sale from their end, they did not indulge anything about maintenance agency or the filing of court case only in Gurugram.

When we did put the money on the table, and made full and final payment, only after that, they disclosed about Parkview as their Maintenance Agency.

In spite of spending crores with Bestech Business Towers, you never own anything. Nothing at all. If you think you will own your office space within their premises even after spending crores, you are under the wrong impression. You Own Nothing at all – Your office is always Bestech’s Property.

So, we are just laying ducks for these people and nothing more. Their Sales team has already made you bleed and Parkview Facilities Private Limited is savoring you each day.

To Top it all, at this time of global pandemic, announced since 21 March 2020, Govt of India had declared complete lockdown all over the India. Business owners are losing business/revenue, employees losing jobs still Parkview Facilities Private Limited is busy sending Car Parking Charges even when no Car is parked since Offices are closed. They are sending out inflated Maintenance charges at 14 Rs per square and on top of that are charging late fee at exorbitant percentage for those who were not able to pay their bills last month due to huge losses in business.

So, you all can imagine what you can expect from Bestech Business Towers Management and Parkview Facilities Management if you ever wish to start your office in their premises.

Rather than offering any relaxation for enormous amount they saved on office maintenance, they still have inflated the Maintenance charges. And when we asked about them / put our concerns to them – this is the message, we got from them:

“There is no concession in CAM and Parking charges right now.”

Let’s come to Parking Charges:

In the period of lock down and all of owners not using Bestech parking but they still send you invoice of April and May Month. Even they can sell out your parking space to any other. Then you have approach Parkview employees.


Over Charges If you stay Extra in office:

Below is Parkview and Bestech Agreement lines:

Normal Operations (12*6): In case the second party opts for working 8 Am to 8 PM. Monday to Saturday excluding Sundays and all public holidays, the maintenance charges shall be calculated on the basis of actual cost + 20% markup which tentatively can be taken estimated as Rs. —– per sq. ft. per month and calculated as per article 5.3.

Extra Hours: The services used by the second party beyond the Normal operational time shall be constructed as extra hours second party shall be liable to pay extra hours usage charges toward Air Conditioning @ .14 paise per sq ft per hour. This rate shall be determined by the first party @ actual +20% markup.

If you stay more than 12 hours in your owned office then they charged you @ .14 paise per sq ft per hour.

Suppose if you have 3000 sq ft office in bestech and you work more 5 hour a day then below the calculation:

3000 * .14 = 420 Per hour

5 Hour Per Day for 24 Days then it will cost you approximately 50k.

And if you wok 24 hours then it going to cost you 120K for Extra sitting.

Now we are based in Mohali and here you not need of Air Conditioning in Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, March & April. But if you still not use their Air Conditioning in these months then they still charged you for extra sitting. When we asked them, we are not using their Air Conditioning service then they said you can’t sit over in your office. If you sit, we will be charged you. If you will not pay the bill then we cut down your electricity.

So all over my feeling when you invest crores in Bestech but if you can’t use your office more than 12 hours, it’s not your property.


When you construct the office in Bestech Business Tower Mohali, they force you to use their team for the work. If we you hire someone else then they restrict their work. So, these people are running Parkview Facilities Private Limited solely for Profit without addressing the issue which office owners are facing.


Things to ponder :

1. If you wish to file any court case against them, better go to NCR. You can’t do that in local courts.

2. Maintenance Agency Never Listens to your concerns let alone resolve them

3. Why do they charge late fee than 1% against Government directives ?

4. Why do they not discuss or highlight Maintenance Agreement before selling out office space ?

5. They send bills through Email but if you revert to that email and ask anything for any clarification, they never revert back. It is just one way communication or rather dictatorship.

I do not blame any individual from Sales and Maintenance departments working on BesTech’s behest , rather I feel that the whole management team and sales team and Maintenance department are involved in defining these un just policies.

If you want I can give you contact numbers of Quite a few Office Owners who are currently running their business houses in BesTech Business towers and share the exact thoughts/concerns.

Just post your email ID and I will share.


Bestech Business Tower Scandal

Bestech Group Over Charging

Bestech Group Complaints

Parkview Complaints





Country India
State Haryana
City Gurugram
Address Bestech House Plot 51, Bhagwan Mahaveer Marg Sector 44
Phone 91-(124)-4540-000
Complaint Against a Service India

I bought a book. Paid the money. They sent me a link, where it is mentioned that “page not found”.

I contacted. But no response.

Country India
State Assam
Complaint Against a Service India

Complete about the unsatisfying service | Tata Motors

Respected sir,
I am the owner of tata’s TiagoXZ(MH 10DG 7981). I was purchased my car on 21st of January 2020 from Tata’s Showroom belongs to sangli that is JV Motors Sangli, Maharashtra. From the date of purchasing I have facing some problems in my car, & I have told about queries to the agent at the time of 1st servicing but they can’t help me well enough.
I hope you will satisfy me about this.
Problems are my car is as, 1) always vibrating the car when it gets speed. 2) After the car travel near about 40km her AC automatically shut down. Or not working properly.3) Dash Board noise is also very irritating..
Please sir, I hope it will be clear after this.

With best regards,

Tata Motors Limited

20th floor, Tower 2, One Indiabulls Centre, 841, Senapati Bapat Marg
India – 400013
Complaint Against a Service India

Times Internet


Times Internet Limited

CIN: U74999DL1999PLC135531

Express Building, 9-10 Bahadurshah Zafar Marg

New Delhi New Delhi DL 110002 IN

Sub: – Stop Spamming my email MADE_ASH@YAHOO.CO.IN

Hello, I would like to inform you that I am getting regular promotional emails from Times Internet Limited which I have unsubscribed 100 times before to get rid of but all in vain I am still getting regular emails which I do not want from Times Internet Limited

Many emails do not have any unsubscribe option mentioned in promotional emails. I do not remember signing up for any such promotional emails and would therefore request to get all details and records of my subscription with Times Internet Limited.

I have previously complained and emailed to several peoples to look into the matter and resolve and take corrective actions on the issues but till now no positive actions have been taken on my issue.

This is a LAST Email requesting to take corrective actions on the issue being faced by me. I am waiting for your actions on the matter which will guide my future course of actions on the matter.

Hope you will understand my concern and take all the necessary steps to rectify the same on urgent high priority basis.

​Asha Kanta Sharma M +91-9864272826 M +91-8471817972

Country India
State Haryana
City Gurugram
Address Plot 391, Udyog Vihar, Phase 3
Phone 91 (0124) 4187000
Complaint Against a Service India

Ellis prakash Arunachalam

Prakash arunachalam kindly beware of this fellow one of the great thief and fraud fellow and scammer he and his team ready to cheat a people in the market will give lot of assurance says he will deals 1000cr lot of stories he will say he have fraud team in around jinu jebaraj swetha lot of fraud fellow they are well planned to cheating people in the market kindly don’t believe this fellow prakash arunachalam belongs to tirupur and his name lot of complaints in tirupur stations

Country India
State Tamil Nadu
City Chennai
Address Ashoknagar
Phone +91 90949 32917
Website Na
Complaint Against a Service India

Sharan P. Khanna and Tapin Khanna

Sharan Khanna and Tapin Khanna conned me out of my office properties in Dalamal Tower in Mumbai, India back in 2011. The value of the properties was 1 million dollars. First, Sharan Khanna created a fake leave and license agreement that he never paid. Second, Sharan Khanna put me in a distressed financial situation where I could not pay the arrears for the office space so I tried to put the offices on the open market, but he wouldn’t let me.

He said, “I will buy the office space from you.” And, because I was in need of cash I wanted and also bring money out of India it made sense to sell to him because he had the financial resources for an immediate sale. The underbid the price of the properties, but I agreed to the sale. The total sum was arround $800,000. Yes, about $175,000 was sent to me in the USA.

The other remaining money was to be put in a Term Deposit at 9% but Sharan Khanna wanted to money for himself so he dissuaded me from that choice and coerced me to invest with him. He promised he would double my money. Misrepresentation. I was reluctant to make the decision, but he would not have it any other way.

I wanted to transfer the money to the USA, but he told me it was better to invest in India. That’s when the scam got worse. So I invested about $575,000 of my money in a faulty real estate property where I was not even given the proper documentation and trumped of fake share certificate. There was a real estate purchase I was coerced into buying in the city of Mysore, but who was the developer? It was Tapin Khann, Sharan Khanna’s son. So I paid at above premium prices for his son’s exit on the property deal which was another scam.

I try to contact Sharan Khanna, email him, call him, phone him, but he does not respond. He even promised to give me my full exit in India at 75 million rupees, but will not do that either. He is worth about 70 million dollars but he will not return to me the money that belongs to me. This is a true story of fraud, coercion, misrepresentation, and bad faith. I am still waiting for my money.

– Sean C. Mascarenhas

Country India
State Maharashtra
City Mumbai
Address 309 Dalamal Tower, Plot No. 211
Phone 91 98214 59596
Complaint Against a Service India

Honda Motor — wrv 1

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am the owner of a WRV CAR no [protected] which I bought on January 4th 2019 from Eternal Motors Bareilly UP243001.

My first and second service went off without a hitch and I was very happy with the service and the professionalism of the people I had to deal with especially Mr. Devendra who was the main person who convinced me to buy this car when I was changing my SX4 Maruti.

But the third service which was left me disgusted and totally unnerved at the way I was spoken to by Mr. Shivam Saxena. who was handling my car in the service dept. He had no clue.
Anyway…to give you the details …The girl Shefali made a couple of calls to me informing me about the due date of my service and my insurance. But since my husband was in for surgery and I was down with viral I explained to her and she was kind enough to understand. Finally, we got in touch and we settled the date and time…for 11:30.
As I was driving Shefali called me to ask and confirm and I told her I would be there in 5 minutes.
I reached your gate at 11:20…met with Mr. Shubam Saxena…and asked him how long would it take…and he told me 2 hours. …it was a routine service as my car was running very well and very smoothly.
We waited in the freezing cold…for 5 hours. I kept on asking them and they said it had gone to the wash.
Meanwhile I took my cheque book to your insurance counter and the lady with the glasses was rude impolite and had no clue. They said they had to call a surveyor…so I asked them todo so…but they said only after my car had been serviced…so I requested them to let me make the payment as from past experience, I know that even to get a voucher it takes about 20 minutes in this place.
She just didn’t know anything…and was actually chatting up a friend on the phone while I stood there.
Anyway…we tried to ask people to please speed up as I had an appointment with the Surgeon at 4 pm…but no one was bothered.
I spoke to the service manager who told me that it was written on my paper that it will take 5 hours…I was aghast! I asked Mr Shubham…and he told me some cock and bull story …until I lost my temper…walked into the workshop and told them..enough is enough …I want my car.
There were scratches on the bonnet…and I pointed that out…and the windshield was dirty…insides hadn’t been cleaned…two of my mud guards were missing…
But no one was listening…So I took the car and drove out…in disgust.
My car which was in perfect condition has been ruined. The noise in the clutch…the a/c makes a whirring sound which was so silent earlier…and there is some noise. I saw a young boy take something out of my right front wheel…but it was not replaced or put back. I stood there at the viewing gallery and watched my car just lying there with no one doing anything.

I called up Mr Devendra to settle all this but to no avail. No one takes the call.
I had taken my husband along to buy a sedan but now we are definitely not going to…and this has been put on the social media too.
There was no apology no nothing which is totally unacceptable to me.
I didn’t want to take up the matter with you but now …Eternal Honda has left me with no choice.

I just want my car fixed and running like it was…that’s all. If there is nothing done by the 31 st I will have to take action.
Otherwise, I will have to take this matter up with the higher authorities… or the consumer forum.

Thanking you
Ms. Anuradha Khandelwal
Near Jat Mess
Bareilly [protected]

Phone [protected]

Honda Motor
Ground Floor CB Ganj, Rampur Road Adjacent Jauharpur, Railway Crossing, Bareilly, 243502, India