Complaint Against a Service Ireland

Etihad Airways — Seat change

Hi. I wish to make a complaint regarding our return flight from our honeymoon from abu Dhabi to Dublin the 13th of October 2019 ref QPTOCE. At the boarding gate we were informed that the seats that we had pre paid for were not available on this flight as the was a change of plane for our return journey home.

We were seated in ‘normal ‘ seats together in row 18. We paid extra for our original seating together in row 53 together as these are in 2’s only. The reason we pre booked and paid extra for these seats is that my wife suffers from fibromyalgia and needs extra room for her disability. She was in extreme pain after the flight as a result of this inconvenience. I wish and expect to get a full explanation and resolution to the matter and refund of costs from ethaid. Regards. Stephen mc Ginley

Complaint Against a Service Ireland

Lancome / Mascara

I bought the Monsieur Waterproof Big Mascara in Limerick, Ireland. I am extremely disappointed as the mascara is extremely clumpy, therefore rendering it useless. 
I am a fan of Lancôme mascara for years. Please issue a refund or perhaps an alternative mascara such as Volume a Porter (which was the mascara I previously had). 
Kind Regards
Fionnuala McEnery

Lancome Customer Care Service

29, rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré
Paris, NJ
France – 75008+33 969 363 388

Complaint Against a Service Ireland / Multiple Issues on 2 orders

Iv ordered 3 times from you, ordering a few items each time, and have literally stopped expecting to be happy with my orders at this stage.

My first order, over half of the items never showed up, my second order, one of the items that I received fell apart after being used 8 times – it was a back support you wear, and now my latest order, i was sent the wrong item.

Because of all of these issues with your suppliers, apparently Im flagged as a bad customer, because Im not willingly allowing you people to just keep my money for an terrible service.

Is there a way to speak to a human about my account at all? Every other version of contact with your company is speaking with a machine, which just keeps telling me because Iv experienced issued my account is flagged – great service. Customer Service

One Sansome Street, 40th Fl
San Francisco, CA
United States – 94104+1 800 266 0172