Complaint Against a Service Jamaica

M.H.Buckley and Associates Limited

Marvin Buckley is a cold caller and airbnb host for vacation rentals that others own in Jamaica. After I stayed at one of his listings he wrote me a 5 star review – then a week later he contacted me saying I owed him money. Not knowing what he was talking about and while waiting for airbnb to confirm this, he stalked me online contacting me directly with threats then wrote slanderuous comments about my archietcure and construction company. He made-up a story about my company working for him, doing shotty work. He also sourced fake construction pictures online stating they were my companies work to extort me for payment.

When I was notifed by google about his fake review, I texted him and he admitted to it stating “I’m ready to go all the way” “try me” etc.

After he realized Airbnb caused the payment processing error he apologized but kept his fabricated content online stating “I’m busy, I’ll get around to it”.

If this guy is capable of this level of illigeal actvity over a $200 dollar processing error, he should not be trusted.

You’ve been warned, hopefully you’ll see this before interacting with this person.

Country Jamaica
City Kingston
Address Hope Rd
Phone 1 876-549-5263