Complaint Against a Service Lithuania

Awesome Car Goods

I’ve ordered a notebook table ( from their website And it’s a total scam.

They advertise it on facebook to bait customer with a cheap deal. And when i bought it, the shipping was delayed with a fake shipping code. Surprisingly it arrived but when it arrives, it is just 3 pieces of wood instead of the one advertised.

And when questioned, they offer you a $10 refund instead of the $25.89 i paid. It’s a common scam technique used by all these chinese scammers. Thinking that people like us will not want to pay the delivery to deliver back the items because it’s so costly, they will just accept the refund. In the end they sold their cheap item at a lower cost.

When i emailed them to confront them, their email “jeremiancuxkql@gmail” was disabled by gmail. I was able to find their main shop email through paypal┬á

Just search the internet on their company name Shenzhen Haizhide and their website, It will be full of other scam reports. Unfortunately these scammers will just ditch these site and company names and create a new one again to start the same old techniques. Do not fall for these scammers.

Country Lithuania
City Vilnius City Municipality
Address 64-23, LT-02175 Vilnius