Complaint Against a Service Mexico

MVB Real Estate Mexico

Found martin rake via website point2homes in cancun mexico. i thought point2 was a legit website that verifies realtors, however they do not. martin rake has no office, no co workers, no legal permits, and is not licensed in mexico.

he runs his shady business dealings out of the trunk of his car and his vacation home and doesnt even live full time in cancun. he does not even speak spanish. he has no idea regarding the mexican legal system ect. None of the other reputable show rooms, real estate agents in the area or anyone involved in real estate had even heard of him when i asked around.

upon further investigation I discovered his website is fake and that he posts fake / expired/ and or stolen listings, and just pretend to be a real estate broker. i have since reported him to the local authorities. hopefully they can put a stop to this scammer before more people loose money. after wasting half a day viewing condos with him I knew something was very wrong.

he didnt know any information regarding the condos , and he merely passed me off to the sales team. just sitting around expecting to steal money from me. After he returned us to our hotel, i went back to the same show room. I spoke to the builder directly, the manager told me that Martin Rake has a reputation as being the “white man who has no idea what he is doing” they also told me that he has no legal abilities to sell real estate and that they mostly just use him to direct clients to the show rooms .

the building manager also told me that all clients he brings, they realize that he is a scammer and that they end up buying from the show room directly and cut him out of the transaction because he is an idiot. I was able to secure my condo directly with the builder and i was able to save $50,000 .

I also puchased a piece of land for development with a reputable realtor who actually speaks spanish and has a law degree from mexico and knew all the legal details to help me with the process. with a REAL OFFICE, a REAL form of ID as a realtor in mexico ect . ect. one of the land listings mr rake had posted ended up having fake documents and being illegal for purchase. i am not sure if he was aware, or if he was merely ignorant since he doesnt even speak the language to review the legal documents.

Martin Rake is a scammer and more importantly a fraud. everything about this man is fake.


Country Mexico
Phone 1-702-755-6657
Complaint Against a Service Mexico

Minori Luxury Residences

Minori Luxury Residences (MLR) operates out of a restaurant in the mountains above Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We attended a presentation at the restaurant with MLR, arranged by David Montana (working out of Hacienda Encantada), to try to sell our timeshare membership in Mexico on 3 March 2020. MLR rep, Evelyn Aguirre, stated that they had a third-party buyer interested in purchasing our timeshare membership.

Evelyn asked us to provide a 100-percent refundable “good faith deposit” into an American escrow account at Fidelity National Title Services (FNTS). The agreement that we signed had a 60-day right of rescission. We placed five charges onto two credit cards, which Evelyn said was to avoid Mexican taxes. The credit card acknowledgments that we received stated a HOLD was to be placed on our credit cards by FNTS until we received our money from the sale.

Two days later, we found out that we had five charges made by CONCTPP*BOOZE CRUISE, not FNTS. Because we immediately suspected fraud, we contacted our credit card banks to report the fraud and initiate disputes. When we returned home, we attempted to access FNTS’s website, to not avail. We received a phone call from Robert Brown, an alleged escrow officer with FNTS, who provide his contact information (phone and address, no suite number). We discovered that the provided address for FNTS in New York City was a coffee shop on the first floor of a multi-story building. We also discovered that the alleged buyer was SFX Preferred Resorts, which we know does not buy luxury resort memberships.

We immediately contacted Evelyn via email to notify MLR of our desire to immediately cancel the agreement within five business days. That evening, we received a phone call from Oscar Garza, representing himself as an attorney for MLR. Mr. Garza attempted to persuade us to continue with the sales transaction. We again refused.

After many phone calls and emails from MLR and FNTS, Evelyn, in her last call to us, said that MLR wanted to refund all of our money; however, she insisted that we cancel the disputes first. Again we refused because we recognized a classic string-along operation. We stopped all correspondence with MLR and FNTS at the end of March, as advised by representatives of both credit card banks involved.

We provided all documentation that we had to our credit card banks and the New York State Attorney General in Brooklyn. We await a positive outcome from our credit card banks. Please note that FNTS is NOT affiliated with Fidelity National Title, a reputable American escrow company, and MLR does not exist in Mexico.

In conclusion, we implore you to not have any business dealings with David Montana, Evelyn Aguirre, Robert Brown, Oscar Garza, nor any other people associated with the non-existent companies MLR or FNTS.

Country Mexico
City San Lucas, Baja California Sur
Address Calle Miguel Angel Herrera, Libertad Cabo
Phone 52 624 132 2649