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AliExpress / Fraud by aliexpress

I have bought a dress from aliexpress. the dress was not as described. Aliexpress suggested me a solution for dispute. I spoke with their customer services and they told me if i am not satisfied with the dispute suggestion i have to wait until the deadline is finished and appeal again. I did as the customer service told me to do. the amount was 152.97 dollars. As the dispute finished i appealed about 6 times asking them for the refund. they told me send the seller the dress and we also pay for the cost of the shipping as you pay. After sending the package, again I appealed and ask them to check the postoffice cause the package was received by china post office. Instead they told me no we dont pay cause the dispute was finished!! They customer service misled me for saying that the dispute has to finish first and I have to appeal after that. Also deceived me by saying we pay you the mount for the shipping and refused again. I tried to file a complaint about the agent who misled me they did not do anything about that either. please help me to get my refund.

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