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Keith Decesare – Coventry, Rhode Island is a cheater & Lier


Keith Decesare – Coventry, Rhode Island is a  Cheater & Lier.  is a known Sociopath, Compulsive Liar, Drug Addict, Sex Addict, Narcissist who will use anyone to satisfy his Sex Compulsion and whatever else the Selfish Predator happens to need at the time.  He offers money for sex. Do not date this man!!! He is a narcissist and will cheat on you.

he has online amateur porn and his twitter profile link is

He will trash anyone that threatens to expose the Scum bag. He is doing it once again with a Vengeance.

Keith Decesare stalked several women including Prostitutes, Divorcees, single women etc. A few years back it was learned that his Wife left him (no wonder- I am sure she could not stand the controlling narcissist any more): It seems shortly thereafter, Keith Decesare began stalking us women through Dating websites and sex-related sites for some Sex-Fun- Oral Sex- and no Strings attached. Now one of the women he used for Filthy sexual acts has legal issues concerning a former partner. What kind of man has intercourse with a prostitute, married women, senior citizen? A man with no morality, restraint and someone who is plain addicted and crazy. Keith Decesare is always the persecuted one. A true sign of mental illness, no accountability.

Keith Decesare is going on various websites using this incident in an attempt to vindicate himself as if he never engaged in inappropriate or illicit SEX with this woman or any women for that matter. Also- Psycho Keith Decesare is trying to say that this one female alone is posting various messages about Keith Decesare’s Sick Sexual Lust- Pornography and other Vulgar Behaviors over the past few years. Do not buy into any of this. I have been in contact with the women in question as well as another one of the women Keith Decesare conned into this dirty bed for SEX and at this point, we may take this further if he continues to shoot off his vulgar lying scum bag mouth.

Keith is A lying Scum with no Morals, Manners, Self-Respect, Conscience or social graces. He is a selfish sex addict, Sociopath, sick human being who was addicted to drugs maybe still is. Keith Decesare’s behavior is quite a bazaar by any standard. He is an excellent liar. Keith would lie to JESUS with no problem at all. Keith has no self-esteem, he is Homely, a complete Dunce with no personality and his sexual practices leave much to be desired. Over the past few years contrary to whatever lies Mr. Ambler tells- He has had intercourse with various women (one night stands) Prostitutes and Helpless lonely senior citizens. If He wishes we can come forward and give our names. He is a liar and is attempting to use this legal issue with the women in question to get the focus off of his Immoral Sexual behavior and his responsibilities. It is not going to work this time.

This sick addict must take accountability for his abnormal and vulgar actions. Having intercourse with prostitutes, myself the women in question and someone’s grandmother is sick, vulgar and sickening, Keith Decesare should be locked up for his behaviors. We are sick to death of his lies and blaming others for his actions. Keith is 41 – I think and he acts like a 15-year-old scum bucket. A sick deranged liar with a serious split personality disorder and sexual obsession: He cares about HIMSELF only. We are fed up with Darren’s Filthy lies and his sexual behavior. Maybe the law should get involved:

If Keith is so respectable then why was he involved sexually with the female in question and many others. Keith Decesare should know the area of Brick Rhode Island very well. Keith is a PIG. Two females have suffered physical illness due to Keith Decesare’s various bed partners and LIES: He is a dork with no sex appeal and is desperate for anyone to sleep with him and his gross body and screwed up mind. If we are trash then what is Keith Decesare? We have done some research and found that Keith Decesare has done other things to other people which prove he is a scum bag sneak in everything he does.

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