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Yanwen — Shipment# UC546760457YP Not Received


Please, look for my shipment and provide me with the correct reference (Tracking number that valid with Saudi Post) to refer to Saudi Post to receive my shipment, I do not want to lose my shipment.
This is the message that showing up when I try to track my shipment over Saudi Post portal: “No data matches entered tracking number”
Appreciate your help to find my shipment, and hope to receive your reply ASAP to my next email: [protected]

Regards, , ,

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Complaint Against a Service Saudi Arabia

LBC Express — scheduled pickup

Dear LBC management team,
I scheduled a pick up booking number [protected] for 12th of October 8:30am – 9pm i keep on waiting but no nobody come to pick up my boxes, they didn’t even call me just to inform they will not come and keep me waiting all day long, the next day I called the costumer service hotline and they told me to pick up my items that day but still no nobody come and they keep me waiting again then I called for the 3rd time and i went also to the lbc branch near me to inform them for my scheduled pick up but still nobody come they just promise me 3days of waiting for them and FYI i didn’t go to work for three days just for the scheduled pick up, I dont know what is the problem, To be honest you will loose costumers for that bad service experience and why you still have an online booking pick up if there is no one to pick our boxes ? Imagine 3days of waiting ? And 3 days of calling the costumer service and they just promise to pick up my boxes and by the I also went to the nearest lbc branch near me to inform them and they give me the cp number that no one is answering also😔😡

Complaint Against a Service Saudi Arabia

I would like to report a very humiliation , unprofessional and poor customer services experience I had in one of your store in Saudi Arabia , Riyadh – Olya branch in front of Jareer book – on Friday May 31st , 2019 / humiliation , unprofessional and poor customer services experience I had in one of your store in Saudi Arabia , Riyadh – Olya branch

Hello, , 
I wish my mail will find you in a good …

I would like to report a very humiliation, unprofessional and poor customer services experience I had in one of your store in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh – Olya branch in front of Jareer book – on Friday May 31st, 2019 
It was a very bad experience I went through not only for me but I believe for the rest of the customers whom was there as well and I will summarized it in the following:
1_ I brought a shoes in Atahliya branch and the staff there clearly told me you can returned it of change in in any of our branch, and so I did went to Olya branch to be able to find much more options.
Once I enter the shop I directly went to the cashier and speak to who supposed to be the supervisor there and he was an Indian guy his Name is “Aref” as what I heard the rest of the crew called him, and I told him that I want to change the shoes model and he directly said “No, you can`t you should go back to the branch you brought it from” and when I told him No I already checked out and it also written in front of the cashier as the return and change policy, he raged out and told me who told you and I informed him about the Tahliya branch and he went to called them then he came back to me telling me clearly ” you have to buy something in the same price or higher otherwise we can’t help you”.
And I refused to telling him i`m free to choose hat its ok with me and this not the company rules and I left him.

2- After so I continue shopping and he gathering his staff to told them if I ask for any size they have to tell me there is no size available, and so they did asked for more than six “6” model size in each 42 – 41 size and they said there is no size even without check the store or the system and directly said no size and when I confront one of the sales man there who directly said n size how did you know when you didn’t check the store or the system hi unprofessionally asked this supervisor “Aref” in very loud voice is there a size and that “Aref” directly said no .
Then I realized they are lying and I went there along with my Dad to confront him that you are lying and you just will said no size available in what ever we will choose and this confrontation was in the cashier in front of the customers and n a very loud impolite way which make the hole store stopped for the problem and the staff just was there in front of us, I believe it will be very clear in the security Store Cam.
3- After we confront him about his lie in the availability of the sizes we request him to go to the store room to check the size, he went there with one of his staff “Saudi guy”and we was staying in from of the store room, and this Saudi guy insult us loudly in Arabic saying “this Suddenness people is not good” and he use the Indian tong to communicate it to his Indian supervisor, we geared him clearly and so other customer also I believe it will be clearly available in the security cam as well.
4- After a big fight and a very unprofessional behavior with almost all the staff there who keep giving different rules and stories about the return and the company polices, we decided to get back our original shoes to go back to Altahliya branch to returned it for money, and then told them that I will report every one of them and I will keep check with the company for my complaints which is recorded and I asked each one of them for their names to report my issue with the names and all of them refused to give their name which was a very poor unprofessional customer services specially for a brand as Sketchers, I believe it was the same to the other customers exist .

5- After i threat them about the reporting they behavior become more cautious and you can tell they was afraid then the Indian Supervisor “Aref” went to the store room and get me the size of “42” in one of the models already choosed and asked for it and he and his staff twice said it’s not avail be, and suddenly after I told them I will report you and I knew the size is available and you are lying he went back to the store room and came back with the size “42” while he was said twice its not available.

As a summary It was a very bad experience for me and my family and very insulting way to treat a customer continued for more than hour and its all reordered in the security cam, and I asked for an investigation and feedback about the humiliation and insulting accident in front of the customers, and I really appreciate to read back from you and to see what actions can be taken against the supervisor and the sales man who insulted me.

Thank you, 
Thurya Hamid 
Email: h.[protected]@gmail.c
Tell: +[protected]

Complaint Against a Service Saudi Arabia

Viagogo / i haven’t received the payment from the ticket that i resell

I bought a two tickets from the website for the BTS concert last May5, 2019. but i resell the ticket coz i can no longer use it. I resell the said ticket in the same site where i bought it which is the viagogo website and the tickets were sold. After the concert viagogo sent me an email that they already started the payment transfer in my bank account, and they sent me an email again last May 10, 2019 stating “viagogo payment 2776749- You have just been paid” but upon checking my account the said payment hasn’t been send into my account. i want an email regarding this matter ASAP! i want to know how can i get my money. thanks

Viagogo Customer Care Service

Rue de Lyon 109, 1203
Geneva, DE
Switzerland+41 843 658 0829

Complaint Against a Service Saudi Arabia / I am complaining about the delivery man.

The delivery man call me to arrive within 10 min but I am waiting more than two hours. I try to call him but his not answering. Same mobile number who deliver my first order who ask for additional 20sr and this order he also add 20sr as he inform me prior to delivery. See attached picture about my order information. I have 3more order waiting for delivery if the delivery man same that he will come and let me wait more than two hours and ask addition 20sr from the agreed amount please cancel all my order. Thanks Customer Service

Rm101, Maple House 118 High Street
Purley, England, Greater Manchester
United Kingdom – M65FW+86 57 187 209 378

Complaint Against a Service Saudi Arabia

Country Club Hospitality & Holidays – Riyadh / country club false commitments to sell membership

Here I am complain about the country club membership – I took country club membership on 23/04/2018 by 8, 000SAR (one time full payment) with below commitments and facility.
• I will have the 2-3 night holiday package – My first request book 3 nights stay in Manama, Bahrain in the month of June-2018, but I did not get reservation. (Point was mention during buying the membership from Mr. Pankaj and Mr. Rajat and confirmed that they will give the booking)
• Lifetime free membership for fitness club – As you have only one fitness center in Riyadh, which is very far from my place I never went and take advantage of that. 
• Yearly 3-4 party hall booking – I requested to book Istraaha on 13/07/2018 & 06/09/2018, but I did not get any booking confirmation (email attached) (Point was mention during buying the membership from Mr. Pankaj and Mr. Rajat and confirmed that they will give the booking)
• Marriage function booking in my city – I requested to book one marriage function hall on Nov-2018 in my city Kanpur, but I did not get any confirmation. (point was mention during buying the membership from Mr. Pankaj and Mr. Rajat)

Mainly I became of member of country club just to take benefit for above highlighted facility, as per agreement and commitments, I had requested 4 times but I did not get any facility. I was following this issue from last 6 months to Mr. Pankaj. Each follow, he gave next date. Until now I did not use any benefit from your membership from day of joining. All the issues in this regards discussed with Mr. Pankaj and Mr. Rajat, You can check with them.
Now start sending email, but no response.

Kindly cancel my membership and let me know when I could get the refund of my amount SAR 8000
Can be contact me on +[protected]

Country Club Hospitality & Holidays Customer Care Service

6-3-1219/A, Country Club Kool, Begumpet
India – 500016+91 406 748 2222
+971 43 985 352

Complaint Against a Service Saudi Arabia

Sunbulah / 100 % HONEY

Dear Respected Sir, 

Good Day ! This is to bring to your kind attention that in the in the month of March -2019 i purchased Al Shifa Honey from Lulu Hyper Market, Khobar . When i started using the product i noticed that the product is sub standard and i bring this issue to the Lulu Hyper-market and complained to them about this issue . At first they refused to entertained my complaint but after arguing with the supervisor they offered me the credit voucher of 44.95 SR and told me to go away as we already gave you the credit voucher and close the issue. I told them i don’t need your money i can buy 100 bottles of honey with my own money and i politely requested them that this issue should be noted down in complaint and in return they gave me customer feedback form which i fill and gave to them and as per them they told me somebody will call you from our end but nothing happened even after 02 weeks . Again i went to them stating the reasons for the follow up complaint they are saying Al Shifa people checked their products in all Lulu Hypermarkets about their product which they found after inspection is good but only the product which i purchased is having problems which they said they and as well as they cannot do anything beyond this point and they even tried to escape by saying it is not lulu brand . I refuted them and i told them i trust lulu that is the reason why i come over over here to purchase the product and both should be held accountable for this sub standard product which is not related to me and somebody has to take responsibility for this grave issue which is related to human health. Some Supervisor rank holders telling me you buy this product in Promotion that is the reason might be it is like this . I asked them if the product is in promo it is fake product or original product ? Lulu did not take any action but they gave me credit voucher which i refused to redeem it and i told them to give suitable compensation regarding your product which could endanger my health related problems and the 100 % Honey is turned out be 100 % sugar which raises serious concern about the quality of the product.

Furthermore last week i.e. one Manager from Al shifa has called me and told me to take the money and close the issue it is 100 % honey when i confronted him about the product he said it is crystal which is not possible at any case and i asked his name and he refused to reveal his identity as he was making an call from lulu khobar . When i told him i will take this issue to Baladiya, he told me do whatever you want i dont care and disconnected the call . I demand stringent action against them and my request for compensation should also be considered. I met Managers of lulu and Manager head too but no response and promised me the Lab certificate for that Honey still not yet provided and i wonder whether that report is original / fake could be possible .

Hence in this regard i request you sir to do the needful and what further actions can be taken in this regard . Attached are the pictures for your reference.

Thanks & Best Regards, 
Wasif Ali Mohammed, 

Complaint Against a Service Saudi Arabia

HDFC Bank / Communal and raciest behaviour of staff

SIMILLARLY I TRIED IT IN MAHARASHTRA NANDED, THERE ALSO STAFF behaviour was bad.and it took more than one month to open account. I think it is not a secrete training of bank to really not bank should train staff not to behave on communal line.and bank must employ Muslim staff in every branch.


1st Floor, C.S. № 6/242, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel
India – 400013+91 226 160 6161

Complaint Against a Service Saudi Arabia

Alia al mutatwera Est / payment not received

date agreement since 25/01/1439 we don’t have iqama and salary until today, we are very poor family here come for the work . but our sponsor Mr Fahad al zaharani give work but without salary without food . we come before here we paid more than one each 15, 000 into 3 people come from Bangladesh total we give him 45000 thousand Saudi riyals . we are total 19 people under him 16 people are local hire transfer only under his est. established name Alia AL mutatwera Est C.R [protected] OUR VISA NO [protected] . when we are asking our salary he get angry with us and make haroub (absent from the work ) and bring the police to catch us to send the jail . we are worried with him as a Muslim during the Ramadan time we don’t have food and home to sleep . before fahad is working as a driver in the hospital around 5000 thousand salary but hospital terminated him the reason was he is lair . now he make own house for him . how he make home without work .pls investigation about him. he is corrupted man . in the law of kingdom t not allowed corrupted man . before 5 month we work one online shopping factory as a par timer 45 days . the company give ch-ques for the paid our salary . but he get the chque under his name all document are attached. as a human being we want justice . pls help us last month he bring us police to catch us and send the jail at the time we are out from the room only one is there in the room sleep . during the sleeping time without clothe he catch him and send in the police station .after that we are complain in the ministry of labor . we cant save there also because every day he bring police . ministry of labor call us to go there we can’t go the reason was we are afraid and we cant speak Arabic English . he make hourab ( absent from the work total 19 people . now we are under the bridge sleep some time walking in the road . we don;t have iqama and money . pls help us total list we are upload 
thank you veru much 
this the number of our employer [protected]

Complaint Against a Service Saudi Arabia

Nissan Motor Company / nissan patrol


I bought a Nissan Patrol 2017 on promotion for Autostar (Eastern Ring Road branch) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on January 7, 2019, from a salesman named Khaled. He promised me that tires are covered under warranty by Nissan Alissa and hence there’s no need to check them. But when I went to Alissa yesterday after facing problems with the tires, they refused to entertain me. And when I went back to Autostar they also denied the claim. This has completely ruined my trust in Nissan. I need your urgent support to resolve this issue, please.

Nissan Motor Company Customer Care Service

1-1, Takashima 1-chome, Nishi-ku
Yokohama-shi, TN
Japan – 220-8686+81 120 315 232