Complaint Against a Service Sri Lanka

Cargill’s Food City — Extreme bad talking to customers

I am Dr. W. Atapattu (I was the Director of Anuradapura Teaching Hospital). I went to Cargills Food City New Main branch in front of Urban Park in Anuradhapura in the morning on 16/04/2020 to purchase some goods when I had a little time to do that. I was in a hurry because of the patients that I am In-charge of.
As I saw a lot of customers waiting in the long queue, I was turned to go back to work since I could not waste much time. This is the time that the security of Food city Main branch saw me and recognized me as a Doctor. Then He asked me not to wait in the queue and go straight in to the food city. And I decided to do what he said. So, When I reached the entrance door, the Manager of Food city (Mr. Nadun gangewathta) was tough to me and used an inappropriate approach even he knew that I am a doctor who has patients to look after. Also he said me to go back to the long queue in front of everybody and in a high tone. and I said I only cut the queue because of the security said so, otherwise I won’t do such things. and the most disopointed thing was, he insulted me in-front of every body, telling I performed a wrong behavior.
That time is the most embarrassed and disappointed instance for me in my entire life also on Cargills food City. And I was so sad full of my service to patients in my country because of this kind of persons.
Herewith, I am placing a complaint to Mr. Nadun gangewathta of Manager of Cargills Food City New Main branch in Anuradapura, and I am requesting to stop these kind of bad behavior and service to customers in future. The security person is the best witness for this complaint.

Kindly contact me if needed.
Dr. W. Atapattu

Cargill’s Food City Contacts

Sri Lanka

Complaint Against a Service Sri Lanka

Seeling Damage Electronic Products and Not Delivery on Time / JVC TV and 24000 BTU AC

v Buy Abans sold me twice damaged not functioning JVC tv. Borh time i went to there place and handed over the product and 2nd time they said they don’t have stock so can’t replaced it now and have to wait. So, i wait some time and since they didn’t give me update then i again went to place and asked about it and they gave me the same response. I think they should have refund me but they didn’t. So i decide to pay additional amount and buy a AC yet they didn’t dilever it. When i call Aravinda, Buddika at Buy Abans they were saying various reasons and then not answering calls. I called hot line, a lady told it will be delivered today but it never happend. So please avoid buy things from abans and buy abanse.

Complaint Against a Service Sri Lanka

Suzuki Motor Corporation / wagon r stingray car issue – adjuster issue (they said)

I have brought a wagon r stingray car 2018 model one in march 2018 & it was brand new even though it categorized as recondition (it’s odometer just had 24 km when i received it ).
Now the odometer reading is 16400 Km & recently i felt this small noise which get louder when accelerating (at initially stage). later the sound felt just after starting & no need the acceleration.

I met the Agent recommended service team & what they said was the ”damp” ( they also said ”adjuster” ) is broken & there is no warranty for that. top of that they said that replacing one adjuster ( car has two) with original part would cost me Rs 65000 & as a alternative, they would repair the adjuster by them selves & replace the belt for Rs 30000.

And i came to know that my both adjusters were broken & it would cost me around Rs 130000 for the original part replacement.
Further they showed me the manufacturing dates of these adjusters & they are in 2017. They said that the part’s manufacturing quality is very low & it’s quality justifies it’s trait of ” it not lasting for long ”.

So my question is that, I brought this car around Rs 3300000 & even before 1 year use, am i supposed spend around 4% of the bought cost for repairs ?? and how reasonable is that? It is a known fact that brand new cars are repair free for at-least 3-4 years (in srilanka). even My previous Indian car did not have any technical repair for first 5 years.
This is a japan car which is manufactured for Japanese use .Still did not last for at least one year without a repair.
Pls pay attention on this point & at least try to give warranty for these kind of things.

I have no option other that going for a cheaper repair place. because i cannot afford to spend that much money when my annual insurance also on door step.

While i’m searching for a cheaper place to repair the car, many repair teams told me that this issue is a big concern in srilanka & many people come for them for the repair.
No doubt that you cannot expect a big demand for wagon r in srilanka in coming years as many srilankan aware about these issues.
I have attached a photo of defected part for your reference.

Suzuki Motor Corporation Customer Care Service
300, Takatsuka-cho, Minami-ku
Hamamatsu City
Japan – 432-8611
+81 120 402 253
Complaint Against a Service Sri Lanka

Ford Motor Company / ford focus cars equipped with dps 6 dual clutch power shift transmission

I tried to contact the below mentioned ford operations in Thailand via email:, but no reply has been received yet with regard to the matter. I sent the below mentioned email to that address on 3 Jan 2019.

Could you please forward this information to the relevant office in Asia pacific regional center.

Asia pacific regional customer care manager
Asia pacific regional center
Ford motor company

Dear Sir

Sub: extended warranty for ford focus cars equipped with Power shift dual clutch automatic transmission(DPS6).

According to ford motor company the warranty of Power shift dual clutch automatic transmission(DPS6) has been extended to 7 years and 160000 km and it has been circulated through a TSB to all dealerships. The warranty parts are clutch pack, TCM, input shaft oil seal and labour cost)

The owners of focus cars in Sri Lanka (model year [protected]) equipped with DPS 6 transmission aware of the issues with this transmission and expect an extended warranty as enjoy by all focus owners in the other countries.

I went several times to the dealership for clutch calibration due excessive clutch shudder during light acceleration, but the problem still exists.

However, according to the service manager ( Mr Anurada Sriwardana) of local dealership ( Future Automobiles Pvt Ltd, Sri Lanka) says that they haven’t received such a ford TSB with regard to DPS 6 warranty extension by ford motor company.

My focus car details are given below. It is maintained by local dealership with genuine ford pars. I purchased this car at a price of Rs 2.85 million ( equivalent to US dollars 21000).

First registered in 31 January 2014

General warranty (ie 5 years) expires on 31 Jan 2019.

Current mileage is 52500 km.

Vehicle VIN no : WFOMXXGCBMCC23451

Engine no: CC 23451

Focus, country of origin Germany.

I shall be much thankful to you if you could kindly look into this matter and grant the extended warranty privilege given by the ford motor company for DPS 6 transmission to my focus car.

Thanking You

Ford Motor Company Customer Service
P.O. Box 6248
Dearborn, MI
United States – 48126
+1 800 392 3673