Complaint Against A Cheater Turkey

Mac Cosmetics — Undelivered order, unethical behaviour, worst customer services ever

I ordered and paid for MAC products from official MAC website online on the 29th of Dec 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey. I NEVER GOT THE ITEMS! (today is 14th of Jan 2020) After 10 days customer service called me to ask why I returned the products. I didn’t! There was no calls or warning from the shipping company they work with. They said they were gonna send them again. saying sometimes the shipping companies didn’t deliver the products, just returned them?? I went to the shipping company myself to see what happened and there was no registration in my name. Those products were never sent. Noone explained anything, noone apologized. I e-mailed Turkish MAC customer services. They only said: We sent them again. Nothing else! I waited again and still do not have the products. today I called the customer services and the lady said that they have just sent them so I cannot track its number yet and I need to wait again. No explanation, no apology again. This is like a joke! When I reminded all these to the lady, she said: Ok, sorry, anything else? IS THIS THE MAC QUALITY? DOESN’T ANYONE TRAIN OR CONTROL THOSE PEOPLE? DID I PAY ALL THIS MONEY FOR SUCH A BEHAVIOUR? WILL ANYONE FROM MAC COMPANY ANSWER ME SERIOUSLY? WILL I EVER GET MY ORDER? Order no: [protected]

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Complaint Against a Service Turkey

Envato / ThemeForest / purchasing a theme of mwtemplates

I have purchased a life coach theme from this site but I saw that it was for HTML, not wordpress later on. I requested refund many times but they never tried to help me to replace the product or get the payment back. They always suggested a really expensive product instead, but I wanted to buy another wordpress theme which is not much expensive . They always rejected what I wanted to buy and never responded to my inquiry on what I could buy instead of that. and they declined refund request without any support. Now, I paid for a waste, I will never be able to use the theme which I bought… dont buy anything from here if you are not sure what you are buying. otherwise you wont get any support when you have problems with that

Envato / ThemeForest Customer Care Service

121 King Street
Melbourne, Victoria
Australia – 3000+61 83 766 284

Complaint Against a Service Turkey

Toyota Motor Corporation / Tokullar, your affiliate branch in Izmir, Turkey

Good morning, 
I am a loyal Toyota owner. But I should say that, your branch Toyota Otomotiv in Izmir Turkey is not reflecting your global quality and standarts. As I twitted (but got no response unfortunately), to you they can not even meet basic customer relations rules. Especially, their second hand sales staff. They learnt the value of my Toyota by calling mechanics, vendors outside. Also I could not make a test drive, even though they made me wait. I informed them already, but I think this branch needs a training or a feedback by you. Thanks.

Toyota Motor Corporation Customer Care Service

1 Toyota-Cho
Toyota City, CA
Japan – 471-8571+81 800 700 7700
+1 310 468 7814

Turkey / online hotel booking

I confirm the many testimonies (52) on the Complaints Board Website that Gala is a cybercriminal company to be absolutely avoided. During this New Year 2019 week-end, I have been stolen 813 euros by Gala

Their trick is to record a reservation for you in a hotel (in my case, it was a hotel in Amsterdam for three nights) with conditions “prepaid-nonrefundable”, which means that your credit card is immediately charged. In order to attract you into their deal, they propose as a complement a so-called insurance (to be paid in addition) for the case you would need cancellation of the trip.

They book for you the reservation via an intermediary webbooking company: in my case, I discovered later that it had been made via WebBeds-JacTravel-TotalStay. You can thus check with the hotel that the reservation has been made.

However, as soon as they have received the money paid via your credit card, they ask Webbeds to cancel the reservation without informing you. You thus find no room reserved for you when you arrive at the hotel.

When hotel desk managers ask Webbeds for the reason of the cancellation, the answer of WebBeds is “because of bankrupcy of their customer” (who was obviously secretely acting for GalaHotels) to whom they had sold the reservation. This is fully fake:
everybody can check that Gala is still active on the internet.

Back from my trip in Amsterdam, I discovered that, on diverse traveller forums, many customers have warned against Gala Hotels already since several years. This system based on a purely fraudulous chain is thus known since a long time but it seems that nobody has succeeded in (or has made real effort to) stopping it.

It appears to me that the following companies deserve to be condemned as acomplices of Gala Hotels because they are continuing to gain money from Gala Hotels throughout the fraudulous chain:

– WebBeds-JacTravel-TotalStay certainly knows since long that Gala Hotels is using them in the chain. They should be able to prevent the system if they properly check the identity of the customers to which they sell hotel reservations.

– Credit Card companies should know since several year that some of their customers have been cheated by Gala Hotel. Since long, they should have blocked all transfers of money toward Gala Hotel.

– Google is still offering prime visibility to Gala Hotels on the websearh pages (everybody can check) because Gala Hotels is paying Google for obtaining that visibility. Can Google be allowed to promote any activity, even purely criminal, on the simple condition to be paid for visibility in Google search engines ?