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WoodSprings Suites — Didn’t stay but was charged 352.00

FROM: Lemuel N King
2471 W Edgewater Way, #1050
Chandler, AZ 85248

TO: WoodSpring Suites Colton
2050 West Valley Road
Colton, CA, 92324

DATE: OCTOBER 19, 2020

I was emailed one of your surveys regarding my stay that I did not do; and there was no space for what was needed to be said on the survey. I would be embarrassed too, if I was an employee trying to put someone in that room.

My brother was dying and I just wanted to get to his house before he transitioned; (died)

We made reservations to stay at the WoodSpring Suites in Colton because my granddaughter had recommended it and stated it was new. I live in Arizona and travel quite a bit. I never change from the Hiltons but since she wanted us to be close to her, I agreed. I made our reservations in advance as usual and thought my wife and I would be able to check right in since we made advance reservations.

1. The person at the front desk stated that we would have to wait because it wasn’t clean.

2. That was find, we travel a lot so we understood. We left and came back 4 hours later to give them adequate time to clean.

3. I requested a non-smoking room and they promised it would be.

4. I returned a little after 4p.m to get the key and complete the transaction for the room, expecting to stay at least 3 days.

5. When we got to the room, we could spell the smoke before we entered the room. Once we got in the room it was unbearable. It was nauseating. My God, I wouldn’t allow my dog stay in that funky room. The odor was senseless and not necessary if they had cleaned it.

6. There were cigarette holes on the top dark, dirty green looking spread/blanket, cigarette holes in the chair, we were to sit in, along with the strong cigarette odor.

7. We didn’t open the suitcases or unpack anything, we turned around and went back to check out desk. We just couldn’t stay there and/or handle the spell. And I don’t think you would have been able to either.

8. The guy at the desk stated that we would still have to pay just for walking in the room. We didn’t care, at that time, we just needed to get out and go find another Hotel. We ended up imposing on my granddaughter and her family until the next morning.

9. The front office told us that they had to call the police to put a guy staying in the room before out because he wouldn’t leave. He had been there for longer than he should without paying. And that said it all; the spell, the cigarette gross smell, the color of the bedcovers, etc.

10. I could have cried because my husband was grieving for his brother, we made reservations in advance and nothing went right.

11. I will never refer any body and I mean anybody to that Hotel; and we have lots of family that live in that area.

I don’t think charging us $352.33 was fair for walking in the room and walking back out. Didn’t sit, didn’t pee, just almost threw up. Didn’t even turn back the cover because of the strong odor and color of the reused blanket.

I’m sorry but this was not sanitary and real people just don’t live like that.

You all need to check with the State of California, Hotel Compliance laws because this hotel is not in compliance.

Because of the preparation of my brother’s funeral services, I will be sending this complaint after the funeral to the proper state department branch. I will need to wait until we return to Arizona because all this is too much at one time.

If you settle this complaint with our refund, before we return back to Arizona, then it will be settled.

I am requesting the total fee that I was charged. I will wait before I send this complaint to the next step.

Lemuel N. King, Sr.



They won’t refund my money or exchange for the correct size. The shirt I got is a womans or kids large, not a mens large.

Watch out they are scammers

Country United States
State California
City San Diego
Address 4275 Executive Sq. Suite 201
Phone 1 833-919-1945

Raymour & Flanigan Furniture — Layaway

I placed a kids bedroom set on layaway at the end of June. I asked if all pieces were in stock, I was told yes. I asked if all pieces would be held and available once my layaway was paid off, I was told yes. I paid off my order at the end of October and was told my items were not available. I was informed that their normal practice is to sell what’s in the warehouse despite a customer already having it claimed. These items are no where to be found and there is no real idea when they will be available. I asked if I could have the set that was on the showroom floor and was told they’re not allowed to sell the set despite not being able to even get the items. I refunded the purchase extremely disappointed in the entire process.


Truworths — Watch not working

I have bought a watch from truworth it fell down but that’s not my problem now the problem is that it’s only works for 1 week I bought the watch December nw its January its not working?


Phenix City Municipal Elections

I was harassed at the last presidential election here in phenix city. I voted correctly and I used the pen they gave me to correctly mark who I was voting for. But they made me go back several times. The last time I said If I keep marking it will go through the paper. I noticed that nobody else didn’t have any issues but for me. So I will never vote in general elections or local elections.

They cheat anyways people wanted a new district attorney and I voted against ken davis. I had problems in 2016 with my ballot not going through the machine to be counted. Then this black police officer came looking under it so I don’t know if my vote was counted or not. Phenix city can’t seem to get a new district attorney like other counties cam. So I will never vote in this crooked corrupt town ever again. I was harassed with them telling me to go back and mark it correctly which I did.

Country United States
State Alabama
City Phenix City
Address 601 12th St. Third Floor
Phone 334-448-2720
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DeepDiscount — Backorder items that are never revealed as out of stock on the site | DeepDiscount Logo DeepDiscount

If you call the 800 number, you are likely to get one of the illegals (wetbacks) that they employ. All of them are very unprofessional and rude as well as useless.
The website will show items as in stock until you place the order. If you dont ask, they will not tell you that your order is on backorder. I had to chase them down and ask where my order was to learn that it was instantly on backorder upon receiving my order. I would not have placed the order if they were honest enough to reveal that there were none in stock.

Customer Service

740 Hilltop Drive
Itasca, Illinois
United States – 60143
Mon 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Tue 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Wed 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Thu 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Fri 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sat 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sun Closed
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CapitalOne — I received a statement and do not have a capitalOne credit card | Capital One

Name:Etta R, Hicks Address: 1401 Summit Avenue Jackson, Ms 39212 Today I received a bill and do not have an account with your company nor have I ever requested a cedit card. I have been unable to get adequate help by phone, so, I have mailed the statement back to CapitalOne with the instructions to delete my personal information. My name and address is above. Thank you for your immediate attention.

Customer Service

1800 481 3239 (USA and Canada)
+1 877 383 4802 (General Customer Service)
+1 800 227 4825 (Credit Card Accounts)
+1 800 867 0904 (Small Business Banking Products)
+1 888 810 4013 (Capital One Bank Products)
+1 800 289 1992 (Capital One 360 Products)
+1 800 946 0332 (Auto Financing)
+1 877 464 2151 (Home Loans)
+1 866 435 6299 (Home Equity)
+1 800 926 1000 (Personal Loan)
+1 855 780 5047 (Investing Products)
+44 800 952 5267 (United Kingdom)
+44 344 481 4814 (United Kingdom)
15000 Capital One Dr.
Richmond, Virginia
United States – VA23238


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Crowley County Sheriff

On August 2005 we seen a fertility specialist Eric Howard Silverstein. We felt he was rather weird acting but he was willing to start the IVF procedure right away. It was bizarre he could not wait of the appointment to get our $16000 but wanted it a week in advance. In November 2005 we had egg retrieval. The nurse called said they harvested 16 eggs. Six of the eggs were discarded and not developed right. Ten eggs were fertilized with my husbands sperm icsi method meaning using force with tweezers. The next day I got a phone call the nurse said 4 embryos were disgarded not developing right. Now 6 embryos left. The next day was implantation day. Two embryos to be implanted in my utero but when I asked about the other 4 embryos that is when things got weird. Eric Silverstein totally ignored me and his nurse Shannon Kirkpatrick got rude with me. The next day after implantation I got very very sick. I had to be hospitalized at memorial hospital in Colorado springs with hyperstimulation ovarian syndrome. I was over dosed on FSH female hormone producing too many eggs. I was sick for the whole 6 months of pregnancy. In 2006 I gave birth to a baby girl.

Approximately in the year of 2016 my daughter and I were having these recurring dreams of two boys and a girl. My daughter asked me if she had other brothers and sisters? I said of course not. We kept on having these recurring dreams. On January 24. 2020 at approximately 6:40 pm I got an anonymous phone call. They mentioned how my 4 embryos were sold off to the highest bidder. I have 1 son age 4 in Grand County Utah and another age 8 in Ordway Colorado as well as a daughter. The first week of February 2020 I went and made a report to the Colorado Springs police department just to be laughed at and ignored. A few days later I made a report with DORA department of regulatory agencies Colorado style.

The first week of April I got a letter stating Eric Silverstein the doctor did not wrong. Throughout the months of march and april 2020 I made several reports with Jared Polis colorado governor, Phil Weiss state attorney general, and Colorado Bureau of investigations just to be totally ignored. I started several facebook and other social media pages called FERTILITY FRAUD IN COLORADO. I started documenting all things on those pages. I tried to get my story out but approximately 90% of southern Colorado felt I was mentally ill and there was no way such things could happen in the USA. I hired a private investigator out of another state because Colorado is biased. She discovered Eric Silverstein the doctor had 3 vacation homes Salt Lake city Utah, San Francisco California and the Florida Keyes and was running human embryo auctions selling human embryos out to the highest bidder. Human trafficking. I tried to make this public but no government agency cared to listen. The regular citizens of Colorado just made fun of what I was trying to educate them on.

I was receiving some weird phone calls from Ordway Colorado from a weird number. So I had this weird suspicion my kids are in Ordway. Ordway colorado is very small and it would not be hard to find a needle in a haystack. So on July 7, 2020 I drove down there to the school and purchased a yearbook. I paid $25 for it. As I got home my daughter and I noticed two children that looked like my children. I could feel it deep down in my soul they are my children. So I got on my phone typed in the last name that the children were using and followed it ordway colorado. Sure enough their address came up. I was highly upset that these children were using someone else’s name as ownership so I called the Crowley county Sheriff department. I told them everything and how emotional this situation is how one would even want to steal them back. How this hurts me emotionally. Ten minutes later this deputy called me back and said I KNOW THIS FAMILY PERSONALLY AND THEY WOULD NEVER DO SOMETHING OF THAT SORT. They are a very good family and they would not do this. Then he started provoking me highly making the statement that if you ever think you are going to come to my county and harm a child here I cursed him out and hung up. He then went to the school’s surveillance camera trying to harm me. Then someone from the school tried to call me and left a message that I purchased the wrong yearbook and that I need to go exchange it. I ignored all of this as it was a set up. Then he sent a lady who pretended to be my friend who was supposed to meet me in Pueblo colorado exit 92 to get me arrested. See all this was a set up. On July 8. 2020 I was arrested for a felony of kidnapping extradited to Crowley county. My bail was set at $10.000. I was served restraining order paperwork on the kids that I believed were stolen from me as embryos and sold by my fertility specialist. In the meantime I am highly upset so I posted the kids photos as well as the sheriff department photos on my fertility fraud of colorado pages. Well this led to my second felony arrest on July 17, 2020. I still have no idea where the wiretapping charge came from ROFL. Do I think the Crowley county Sheriff department is involved in the Eric Silverstein human embryo auctions? OF COURSE I DO.

Fact is the fertility specialist industry here in America is not regulated and these doctors do as they please. NO state agency in the state of Colorado investigates a wealthy doctor selling human embryos out on auctions to very wealthy rich people. It is a perfect crime yet when mothers like me recognize our children we are the bad ones and our powers to go out of there way to shut us all up!

Now the county where I live Las Animas county has checked out my veteran records. Both active duty and the Alaska air national guard. They have sent an investigator at least twice to my childs school to investigate. NEITHER COUNTY CROWLEY NOR LAS ANIMAS HAS INVESTIGATED ERIC HOWARD SILVERSTEIN.

Eric Howard Silverstein was a fertility specialist. He held auctions selling human embryos out to the highest bidder. He chose very wealthy families that were very desperate for a baby because they were able to pay the price he was asking .

The CENSORED family there are very deep rooted in the Ordway Colorado area. Ranchers well loved people. When someone is deep rooted in Ordway Colorado law enforcement will do anything to protect them like family. The censored family also has plenty of money. So when I went to the deputy Censored to turn in a crime he snapped at me big time and I snapped back. MY ONLY CHARGE SHOULD BE SNAPPING BACK AT HIM! The crowley county sheriff department loves the censored family like family. They hang out together. Sometimes the wife censored could be flirtatious. When I accused the censored family of purchasing my son over the phone from Eric Howard Silverstein this triggered something in deputy Winters from the heart. Eric Silverstein, the fertility specialist, knew these two now adults since they were children. Most of the sheriff department in Crowley county knows Eric Howard Silverstein as he comes and visits with them sometimes. So when I accused the censored family of something to the crowley county sheriff department I did not stand a chance. I have a feeling August 11th will be from kidnapping felony and intimidating a witness felony changed to misconduct and harassment. The only misconduct was cursing at a deputy censured after he verbally attacked me on the phone July 7, 2020.

When we had a hearing about putting the restraining order permanently I did not stand a chance. Every sheriff department employee was in the courtroom willing to testify against me. Deep rooted people in Ordway are well protected.

Eric Howard Silverstein fertility specialist only sold human embryos to very very wealthy people. So when I try to get my children back I am having such a tough time because I can not compare to any of his clients of wealth.

Country United States
State Colorado
City Ordway
Address 110 E 6th St #5
Phone 1 719-267-5555

SOCU Southern Kitchen and Oyster Bar

I read wonderful and delightful things about this place, from their Facebook page that I randomly found while looking for a local restaurant to dine in. I travel to Mobile for business often and I am a fan of their local dining scene. Before this gets misconstrued, please understand that I have no problem paying any amount in order to have an evening of great food and an enjoyable dining experience. In the case of Socu Oyster House however, that was not the case. To start, the pictures of the restaurant are not even closely related to the website, which portrays Socu Oyster as a swanky cozy beautiful place, full of class. When I walked in I had to ask if I was in the right building. The decor is cold, uninviting and obviously cheap. An obvious attempt to look classy on a dollar store budget. They did not skimp on the number of photos of the supposed celebrity chef (who can not have actually been trained anywhere other than a soup kitchen, because she walked throughout the kitchen, bossing her staff around with an air of superiority and arrogance, yet couldn’t pull her hair out of her face WHILE PREPARING FOOD. Even McDonald’s employees manage to have better food service training). I should have left when I saw that.

Unfortunately I thought I was being too judgemental. After an inexcusable wait time- far too long for the amount of actual diners inside, I literally paid for a plate of salt with a few inedible oysters, that had a pungent and sulfuric smell. This “restaurant” claims they use local seafood, and I must say, the local fisherman probably don’t need to find out. I have had fresh local seafood in the city multiple times, and it has never been anything except delicious. This wasn’t it. I politely let the server know that I thought the oysters were bad (I don’t know how she couldn’t smell the plate when she dropped it off) and she actually argued with me about it. In order to not cause any issues, I finally had to calmly let her know that I would just like her to take the plate from the table.

Apparently the manager was at the bar, which was visible from my table. He was busy on his phone, and seemed completely disinterested in the actual restaurant at all, and then I realized it was due to the fact he was drinking. At that point I realized I had already wasted too much time in this “establishment” and asked for my check. Not only would they remove the entree I never even received from my check because the server claimed it had already been put into the computer and started, she also never removed the spoiled oysters from my bill.

I was extremely hungry at this point, and just wanted to find food that was actually edible so I did not continue arguing about the bill. I paid the entire bill so I could get out as quickly as possible, and even tipped the server, since I’m sure she needed it if this is her typical style of service. Not only did I pay for an entire entree I never saw, spoiled food that would make a stray dog I’ll, but the next day, they had double charged my account. In case you’re wondering, it’s been a few weeks, and I’m still waiting on that refund. No one with any self respect could ever consider this place a better choice than captain d’s. They have lied about every aspect of the business, from the dollar general decor, to the quality of their food and service. And possibly the credentials of the “famous chef” owner, and then steal from their guests. Everyone that has ever had to work for the money they would spend in that disgusting sham of a restaurant should be spared from making such a horrible decision.

Country United States
State Alabama
City Mobile
Address 455 Dauphin St
Phone 1 251-287-6766


Scraped my registered cattery name and web site, claims to be a business partner, impersonating an actual friend. Has scraped other sites, adding eroneous information pertaining to Devon Rex cat.

Several people report to me of having been scammed for payments for deposits or payment in full for kittens. No kittens were delivered.

This person has a thick accent, thought to be middle eastern. He knows how to hide where he is.

Country United States
State Washington
City Renton
Phone 425 549 4106