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WoodSprings Suites — Didn’t stay but was charged 352.00

FROM: Lemuel N King
2471 W Edgewater Way, #1050
Chandler, AZ 85248

TO: WoodSpring Suites Colton
2050 West Valley Road
Colton, CA, 92324

DATE: OCTOBER 19, 2020

I was emailed one of your surveys regarding my stay that I did not do; and there was no space for what was needed to be said on the survey. I would be embarrassed too, if I was an employee trying to put someone in that room.

My brother was dying and I just wanted to get to his house before he transitioned; (died)

We made reservations to stay at the WoodSpring Suites in Colton because my granddaughter had recommended it and stated it was new. I live in Arizona and travel quite a bit. I never change from the Hiltons but since she wanted us to be close to her, I agreed. I made our reservations in advance as usual and thought my wife and I would be able to check right in since we made advance reservations.

1. The person at the front desk stated that we would have to wait because it wasn’t clean.

2. That was find, we travel a lot so we understood. We left and came back 4 hours later to give them adequate time to clean.

3. I requested a non-smoking room and they promised it would be.

4. I returned a little after 4p.m to get the key and complete the transaction for the room, expecting to stay at least 3 days.

5. When we got to the room, we could spell the smoke before we entered the room. Once we got in the room it was unbearable. It was nauseating. My God, I wouldn’t allow my dog stay in that funky room. The odor was senseless and not necessary if they had cleaned it.

6. There were cigarette holes on the top dark, dirty green looking spread/blanket, cigarette holes in the chair, we were to sit in, along with the strong cigarette odor.

7. We didn’t open the suitcases or unpack anything, we turned around and went back to check out desk. We just couldn’t stay there and/or handle the spell. And I don’t think you would have been able to either.

8. The guy at the desk stated that we would still have to pay just for walking in the room. We didn’t care, at that time, we just needed to get out and go find another Hotel. We ended up imposing on my granddaughter and her family until the next morning.

9. The front office told us that they had to call the police to put a guy staying in the room before out because he wouldn’t leave. He had been there for longer than he should without paying. And that said it all; the spell, the cigarette gross smell, the color of the bedcovers, etc.

10. I could have cried because my husband was grieving for his brother, we made reservations in advance and nothing went right.

11. I will never refer any body and I mean anybody to that Hotel; and we have lots of family that live in that area.

I don’t think charging us $352.33 was fair for walking in the room and walking back out. Didn’t sit, didn’t pee, just almost threw up. Didn’t even turn back the cover because of the strong odor and color of the reused blanket.

I’m sorry but this was not sanitary and real people just don’t live like that.

You all need to check with the State of California, Hotel Compliance laws because this hotel is not in compliance.

Because of the preparation of my brother’s funeral services, I will be sending this complaint after the funeral to the proper state department branch. I will need to wait until we return to Arizona because all this is too much at one time.

If you settle this complaint with our refund, before we return back to Arizona, then it will be settled.

I am requesting the total fee that I was charged. I will wait before I send this complaint to the next step.

Lemuel N. King, Sr.

Complaint Against a Service United States

WoodSprings Suites — The manager was drunk

So I was waiting in the lobby for my wife to let me in when a lady approached me very loud and aggressively and said what are you doing. Mind you she didn’t explain she was an employee and it was 1:30am I was tired and not feeling like socializing so I just ignored her. My wife opened the door and this lady screamed at me get out of my hotel you aren’t gonna disrespect me and think you’re gonna stay here this is my hotel. I was at a loss for words I had no idea she worked there and told her she could have just told me she was the manager and I would have explained myself but she didn’t want to hear anything I had to say. She called the police on me and the police showed up and told me that this was not a isolated issue they didn’t know the exact number but he said they had been here probably a dozen times for the exact same thing. They talked to her and she agreed that I could stay but I have never been talked to like this lady talked down to me in my life my phone number isv [protected] I will tell you more if you want.

Complaint Against a Service United States

WoodSprings Suites — Discrimination, service of room

Today’s Tuesday, November 24 I was locked out of my room yesterday November 23 came down to let them know I was going to pay the 140 that I owed… but then I get told by the Mansger, Sam, that I can’t get back into my room? Because I have to pay the 140$, which I understood! But then as the badgering of the money threats to call police? Not being responsible and reasonable? Sam, the manager not standing by her word and commitment? I realized I had been discriminated against I’ve been locked out of my room and trying to hold my belongings for money?
this is against my fourth amendment right… I’m a real estate agent and I know the law! I’ve also contacted a attorney in regards to this, situation, due to being locked out of my room… discrimination, my health?
I was not allowed back in to get food a coat and gloves and a pillow and blanket because I was forced to sleep in my truck!

I am from Tennessee I just recently moved there I’m here because I have cancer just found out four months ago I have a skin condition called rosacea come to find out I also have skin cancer were supposed to get radiation every morning three times a week I missed it this morning because of the situation and my circumstances!!!
I slept in my jeep if anyone right now gets this and you’re in Indiana I’m in Whitestown Indiana it is raining and it’s cold I’ve attached a few pictures my ear is turning blue I see the Band-Aid on my face too I had a procedure done yesterday to have some cancer removed
I’ve had no food i’m cold I am tired and i’m hungry and I feel very sick I have a lot of medicine that I take which they took upon themselves to go in my room to only get my medication not my purse no coat no nothing they do not know how to run a hotel here they allow residents or guest that they choose and hang out with and do inappropriate things that they should not do

I’ve been discriminated against i’ve been told that half of this hotel owes money they are so backed up that I want money because i’ve been here so long i’ve only been here for a short period of time!
I had things stolen from me at the other hotel that I do not wish to discuss on this claim I should’ve not have happened and now i’m left out in the rain, cold, can’t get my belongings? And to be forced to sleep in my truck? It is the holidays and there’s covid-19? “which I am not using in this defense”… How can people be so cruel and then violate my rights and discriminate against me when you have half of this hotel it was a lot more money it’s not that I wasn’t going to pay
I have the money now I just couldn’t get it yesterday I had fraudulent charges done to me from the other hotel.

Sam, the manager said she would work with me until things got worked out with the money… I’m here only because, I have cancer and I have to have radiation I’ve contacted my doctor.
I contacted the Better Business Bureau this morning I’ve contacted the discrimination department.
I’m going to contact the news…
my email is BMartin [protected]
my phone number is [protected].

everything that I own is up in that room and it’s worth a whole lot more than $140!
so is my respect, my dignity, I am a human being I’m a human being with feelings I deserve respect as I give to you…

I hope to hear from someone within the next hour or so… I need to get in my room I’ve had no sleep. as I said I’m very tired, and I’m hungry, I need a bath, I need to clean my face everything that I need to clean my face is in my room? I need somebody, please call me.

help me with this because the GM here is not going to anything..
the owner John this is for himself!!!

I own my own business and I would never treat a client like this I would never treat a human being like this…
because someone doesn’t like me in there? that’s wrong? that’s discrimination!!!

I look forward to speaking to someone as soon as possible I’ve also contacted the news
Thank you


Complaint Against a Service United States

WoodSprings Suites — The manager John

I would appreciate someone from your corporate office to call me first thing in the morning. [protected] Heather
The manager, John Johnson, has not handled the situation since my stay despite my daily complaints. I am staying at the Woodspring Suites hotel in Castleton Indiana and I’ve been here for four nights and this is my last night. Your manager has not handled an issue that I’ve discussed with him every day that I’ve been here and tonight while exiting from my room, I was threatened twice by an older black woman who is staying in the room across from me. She just threatened to “beat my [censored]” because she thinks I’ve been the only one complaining on them. I’ve complained about them and 30 other people who come and go from their room nightly doors opening and slamming, baby’s and kids screaming all night, running down the hallways and planning inside. This is a very serious situation. I’m traveling with two dogs who need to go outside right now yet I’m afraid to leave my room until daylight. I’m currently in town from Nashville due to my mother being in the icu for 2 weeks now.
I have not been offered a different room away from these rude guests and I’m extremely disappointed with your managers attitude since my arrival and his inability to handle this issue as he’s assured me he would.
Thank you, Heather

Complaint Against a Service United States

WoodSprings Suites — Front desk worker

My family and myself are staying at Colorado Springs location a gentleman at the front desk harasses us because we are other mixed race and he harasses other people that stay here of mixed races his name is Mitch I’m good myself and others have witnessed him and been harassed by him for not wearing a mask but when a white person don’t wear a mask including Mitch himself does not wear a mask he will harass people that are not white my daughter is mixed she is black and white my wife is black I am a white man but I look Spanish and he harasses me for instance I was getting in an elevator he was not wearing a mask he told me I have to wear a mask or I’m getting kicked out of the hotel I said okay I walked back to my room as I was walking away a white gentleman got in the elevator with him and was not wearing a mask he did not say one word to the white gentleman I’ve seen him harass a Mexican man for not wearing a mask then the manager that lives on the property her her husband and her daughter never wear a mask I said something to Mitch about this and he said there’s nothing I can do that he is who he is he can only ask them to put a mask on now what is right is right then he got into it with my daughter threw a masks on the floor and told her to pick it up and put it on while she had a handful of bags which is disrespectful in so many different ways and it is very unhealthy to throw a mask on a floor when we are in a pandemic then he came out of his office. In my daughter’s face and With cursing at her but right before this incident incident with my daughter the managers husband walked right past Mitch and did not have a mask on and he did not say one word to the managers husband about having a mask on another white gentleman walked right past Mitch and he did not get told to put a mask on but yet my daughter is of a mixed race and he flipped out on her through a mask on the floor which is unacceptable so how do we rectify the situation of a racist employee at your hotel discriminating against mixed races and people of different ethnicity now this is 2020 the racism needs to stop and he is very cocky and rude when he talks two people of a different ethnicity people now my name is Michael bleam my wife’s name is Stephanie Bleam my daughter’s name is Kiara Bleam we would like to know how we are going to rectify this situation I would rather go through Us corporate to handle this situation then me contacting an attorney and going above talking to you as corporate my phone number is [protected] hope to hear back from you very soon thank you very much.

Complaint Against a Service United States

WoodSprings Suites — Wrongfully evicted. Uncleaniness of the building and room. Stay really rude

When I check in Feb 10th, 2021 the room was filthy. I was to tired from moving everything in and really needed a place to stay for me and my boys. So instead of asking for another room I took pictures and clean the room for two hours. A leak was under the kitchen sink and they gave me a bucket to put under the sink instead of fixing it. There were a couple other things that were wrong. At this point the lady was tired of me complaint and after the 3rd day the lady at the front desk offered me a full refund. I choose to stay because me and my son work down the street and did not feel like packing back up and moving again. On the 4gh of March we was wrongfully accused of tampering with the smoke detector and was told to pay 1,000 dollars or they will call the police the get me out if so don’t want to leave. I left in a peaceful manner.

Complaint Against a Service United States

WoodSprings Suites — Service and cleanliness and prostitution

First of I had to clean my own room upon check to find damage and drug paraphernalia. Sencond I was approached my several guests asking me if I was a prostitute. Thirdly hotel manager called me a drug addiction locked me out my room blamed me for damage and kicked me out a day early. Last but not least there was a 250 fee charged to my account. I would like some resolution to my inconvenience of having to find a hotel room on a saturday night

Complaint Against a Service United States

WoodSprings Suites — Woodspring employee sex with my wife

San Antonio Texas woodspring suites south access I35 south..we have been staying at this motel for 6 months now
I left your employee that works only on Wednesday night ..was having sex with my wife my name Benito Lerma wife’s name cynthia 220 now I have audio recording of him coming in my room at 3 am while my son and myself are asleep hes screwing my wife inside the bathroom..he stay on 217
I need disepline to this employee of woodspring suites..or I will contact internal affairs..and the local news for my wife she should be ejected from the motel.if nothing’s done I will persue this matter to the news and our local number is [protected]..they also smoke marijuana in that 220 room

Complaint Against a Service United States

WoodSprings Suites — Manager

Been staying at Woodspring Suites off of Pat Booker in live oak Texas for about a month my wife and I and my two daughters got kicked out by the manager for the reason that one of my older son was warned not to go to the hotel he decided to go again and for that reason we got kicked out of the hotel I have no control over what another person wants to do he cheats on my wife with my two kids two little kids in the room from the room I’m at work my wife is plain to him about the situation of COVID-19 at a safe place at the hotel their manager did not care also he refuses to refund me my money my monthly stay by taxes adjustment was not given to me continue to charge me with taxes and when I asked to fix the adjustments he would charge me more very disappointed with management especially one that keeps our two little kids and a wife over something they have no control over

Complaint Against a Service United States

WoodSprings Suites — Smoking weed on non-smoking floors

People smoke weed on floors that are non-smoking constantly. Very annoying that management doesn’t do anything about it. I have complaint several times. This is the 2nd day in a row where the entire floor smells like weed and there’s nothing I can do about it. Front desk only says I will check it out but yesterday the same thing happened and the smell continued for 6 hours.