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AC Moore Downingtown, Pa. Store / Manager ( Rachel ) – Bad Cutomer Service

Me and My Sister were shopping for Christmas gifts for our family and there was a sign on a basket of large monogrammed bags saying $1.00 and so we asked a worker on the floor if that price was correct, she checked and said was not sure but because it was not clear, please take the sign to the register and tell them this sign was on these bags and they would honor the price if it was our mistake.

Once going through the check out line the cashier called to Manager over for a price adjustment. And The Manager was very rude, saying These bags are $24.00 and I will not do an adjustment.

So we declined the sale. Initially as we got in line the Manager approached us asking if she could help us, with no explanation… Which felt strange ( “Racial Profiling” ) towards us.
I have been a customer for years and do a lot of business with A.C. Moore because of my Church. So I spend a lot of money at your store.

I’m very disappointed and feel very disrespected by the way my Sister and I were treated by this manager.
I’m considering posting this for the public to see, because no one deserves to be talked to or treated in this manner.

And if this is the way she treats customers, who knows how she treats her employees.
And if she was not able to do an adjustment that is fine, it’s just the way she disrespectfully treated us. Makes me feel if we were Caucasian this would not have happen.


Complaint Against a Service United States

Playtika / Not receiving credits for Plunder Bay with ticket NOT addressed

Debbie Thomsen: Print screens attached. I am trying to go this route because I have sent many messages via messenger/Bingo Blitz Complaints to complain about 3500 credits not received in the Facebook app bingo blitz. I have attached a print screen below of the ticket number that was issued.

I have been waiting since October 23, 2018 with no response. Since initially doing this I have sent many print screens that are in the Bingo Blitz complaints/messenger but to no avail. I have since won of the last item needed in Plunder Bay which is the woman pirate with the pirate flag but I still didn’t receive the 3500 credits.

This is a lot of credits to not receive it I wouldn’t continue sending message after message after message. I am trying a different way to get somebody’s attention. Please get somebody to help. Thank you for your time.

Debbie Thomsen

Playtika Customer Care Service
Hahoshlim St 8
+972 73 399 3800